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Re: Free Sprint Unlimited plan (for 1 year)
Any data points on picking up the SIM card in a Sprint store?

Yes- This is the way I signed up for this plan, and I highly recommend it to everyone as the faster and easier way to activate. Instead of working with Sprint's fickle website and paying $13 for the SIM card and having to wait until it arrives, simply go to your nearest store and acquire the blank, unactivated SIMs there. Very often, they will give them away completely free in store, but even if they charge it's only $10. I went on 2 different occasions to get a SIM (since I decided later to add a second line), once I got the SIM for free and once I had to pay $10, so I came out way ahead. The only thing I'd recommend is- with Sprint, I was told that different phones require different SIMs, so make sure the store you are going to has the one you need- call the individual store to make sure and save the trip (Some stores actually don't carry SIMs at all).

Once you have the SIM, simply call the dedicated number for this plan, which is 866-782-8777. You can then complete the entire activation process in one step, with a representative, instead of having to deal with Sprint's website, wait for the SIM, and attempt to activate online. Here is the information you will need to have ready when you make this call:

-Your SSN
-Phone number you are porting in
-Your Account number to which your current, about-to-be-ported phone number is attached
-SSN and full legal name of the owner of that account, in case that's not you- this is important to obtain in advance
-IMEI of the eligible phone you're bringing
-ICCID of the SIM card you are now holding- this long, 19-20-ish digit number can be found on the package containing the SIM card, and also on the SIM itself.
-Your CC info, so they can enroll you in autopay on the spot and you don't have to worry about it later.

And that's it! With this info, the representative will activate your line immediately, and will give you instructions on how to complete activation by turning phone off/on with the SIM inserted, etc. I'd just caution to leave about 40 minutes for the call to make sure you have enough time and don't need to start over.

Also, as another DP- the rep informed me that they will take basically any number to port in, even prepaid, even if the line has only been set up for one day (as mine was, though it was post-paid). All you need to make sure is that you have the account number from your carrier, which hopefully should be possible to acquire even on prepaid, if not slightly annoying.

Good luck to everyone in signing up for this awesome deal!

July 24, 2017, 01:56:46 AM