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Re: Rome Master Thread I spent two days in Rome. I landed 8AM and the next day had a 6:30 pm train to catch. In Paris and Rome many museums are closed on Monday.

I took the Leonardo Express from the airport to Rome main train station. My credit card did not work in the machine. I went to the ticket counter to pay for the train but I was aslo able to get a 24 hour  train/bus pass to use in Rome. I walked a lot but when I was tired I took the bus back to the area near the hotel. The hotel was St Regis. I got the room around 10:30AM which was real nice after a long plane ride.

I did the underground tour at the Coliseum booked on the official website. The tour was ok. You do skip the security line and enter the other entrance which has a short line. I had to pick up my ticket. Make sure to go to the shorter line and not the longer line for people buying same day tickets.  You cannot start to use your ticket till after the tour. I was early and went to Palatine hill. My ticket did not work; but the person was nice and let me in. After I took a taxi ride using mytaxi app for 10EUR to the Jewish ghetto to tour it with David at 2 pm. He is expensive but he does know his history. The shul and its museum were impressive. For winter tours the museum closes at 5 so we were rushed. Other people could go back to the museum tomorrow, but I had a train to catch that evening. One thing he did tell us is that the water fountains are safe to drink from.

I recommend Alice pizza and Alice pizza again and again for price and taste.

March 07, 2019, 07:34:49 AM
Re: Air Serbia $275 NYC-TLV I called Chase travel today and got a refund.  The trip was on Air Serbia to TLV on9/21. You just need to get the right representative who knows what to do. Maybe asking for a supervisor will help or just try again. Called around 5 PM EST.
July 22, 2020, 07:27:56 PM