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Re: Global Entry
   What I really wanted was to get Nexus as I go constantly from the u.s. to Canada but being that in YYZ there is no availability for an appointment up untill Oct 16th, I tried in the past walking up today agent asked him if I can take an interview he told me I have to book it in advance online so that takes care of that, I guess we'll have to do with GE until I can get Nexus, and lastly find a seller for 15$ to get the ge application fee, or find a freind of mine who has an au who never made use of the credit yet.

i had the same issue. People cancel all the time but unless you're constantly refreshing the page, you'll never get the dates you want because the way the website works is that the next person who signs up will automatically see the first available slot, which is the cancelled one.

Instead of checking myself all day, I wrote a program that checks every 2 minutes and texts me when a slot on a specific day opened up. Once i set it up, took less than a week and I was able to get interviews at YYZ for both wife and son on the day I wanted, within 30 minutes of each other.

PM me if you have specific dates in mind and want me to set it up to alert you.

September 26, 2018, 09:51:39 PM