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Re: US Politics/2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread Has Trump completely lost his mind retweeting these conspiracy theories? Conway got it right.

August 11, 2019, 08:12:40 PM
Re: Rubashkin freed from prison.
We're not really arguing, the core points could be true but the way it was reported was clumsy at best, dangerous at worst.

As for point number 2, the Orthodox make up such a tiny part of the electorate, and mostly in blue states anyway. Rubashkin had/will have 0% affect on the vote. Attributing political power where there is none is classic anti semitism which has gotten thousands of Jews killed throughout the ages.
Would it be fair to say "words matter"? When you use words like this article (as you point out) or words like Trumps uses (as I constantly point out) it is a dangerous game that is being played?

August 11, 2019, 11:45:08 PM
Re: Impossible Burger 2.0 Who comes up with this crap. The reason they call it "impossible" is because it will never taste like a real burger.
August 14, 2019, 05:27:11 PM
Re: יש קונה עולמו בשעה אחת - Will Motti Steinmetz end up tipping Israeli Politics
@CountValentine are you able to play devils advocate or not here?
I can play anywhere but have not been following.

August 14, 2019, 06:28:44 PM
Re: Forex, futures and stocks trading
I am still in, it needs to take the $1535 high from a couple of days ago, then it will move much higher, if not , there will be a correction first.
Holding above 1500 was a good sign. It needs a breather.

August 15, 2019, 08:58:53 PM
Re: DDF DO: NYC Edition?
Me too, but who's giving them out if @CountValentine isn't in?
Maybe @jj1000

August 18, 2019, 05:32:33 PM
Re: Car Repairs Master Thread
Also got the nice old fashion 4awg or 6awg cable sitting in my trunk should the need arises.
Ding ding ding we have a winner!!!

August 19, 2019, 10:17:19 PM
Re: This Shabbos in a hotel- Letís make it happen!
Hotels don't generally give away conference rooms for free. I also can't see them inconveniencing their guests so a small group can swim.
True but people skills can go a long way.

August 20, 2019, 09:14:44 AM
Re: Avis Presidentís Club status When it drops to $9.99 PM me.  :)
August 22, 2019, 10:46:48 PM
Re: Marriott Certs Sale
When some wants to buy a Marriott cert on DDF, they are expecting a continuation of the main site - saving money without risk.
Then they are making a big mistake and ripe to get scammed.

August 23, 2019, 12:53:12 AM
Re: Random questions.

...but how many sheets used or at least the brand.  :)

August 25, 2019, 09:48:44 AM
Re: PC friday question of the day.

Please stay out of my thread with your crap.  >:(

August 25, 2019, 10:08:49 AM
Re: @DonZemmer Baseball Song Parodies Want to try the most requested concert song of all time?
Tznius Warning!

August 28, 2019, 11:25:39 AM
Re: "Why Does No One Care About Violence Against Orthodox Jews?" (Interesting Article Spli

Chris Hayes on the money at the end of this piece.
WOW!!! Posting something from MSNBC. Many here will think I hacked your account even if I don't watch MSNBC.
Now to the piece. What some refuse to accept is this is not a D/R or L/R issue. This is a racist/anti-Sematic issue. These type of people come in all colors and political beliefs.
You said earlier words matter but also staying silent matters. So everyone needs to speak up!!!

August 30, 2019, 07:47:17 AM
Re: How to make a hotkey for data entry? Autohotkey works and is easy to use.
August 30, 2019, 08:25:16 AM
Re: "Why Does No One Care About Violence Against Orthodox Jews?" (Interesting Article Split)
I don't mention in any of my posts that this is specific to NY, so where did you get that from?
From the numerous post in this thread. I should have separate my question from quoting your post.

August 30, 2019, 11:24:04 AM
Re: HVAC (heating and AC) question
I'm making a bathroom with a shower and I would like to put in a ceiling vent, but there's no easy path to the outside of the house. Are there any other options? What would happen if I connected the vent to the AC return duct? Or just straight into the boiler room?
No return vents for bathroom or kitchen. You ever walk into a bathroom and ask "who died"? You want that smell throughout the house?  :)
The humid air is terrible for your AC system.

August 31, 2019, 10:21:06 PM
Re: PC friday question of the day.
Two part question.
1. Elephants.

1 - yes
I forgot the other question.

September 06, 2019, 01:59:45 PM
Re: PC friday question of the day.
But I remember important or interesting stuff, not nonsense.
Who got the winning hit in game 7 or is that to painful to remember?  :)

September 06, 2019, 02:17:13 PM
Re: DeBlasio Tweets out fake false news, this time sticking up for the NYPD!
You seem to be fighting for DeBlasio this time around!
    One of his supporters?
Don't know the guy or care about him. Just trying to get the facts straight as they keep changing.

September 09, 2019, 11:08:26 AM
Re: Interesting Articles...
Refreshing contrast to the old witch.
You really don't like her.  :)

September 10, 2019, 08:01:09 PM
Re: Do you wash your chicken?
Not once you buy it from the butcher/supermarket
Not by the time you buy it from the grocery/butcher.
This is a first. Ask one question and instead of getting five different answers I get two that are the same.  :)

September 10, 2019, 10:58:50 PM
Re: DW gift ideas
yeah I want to get something thrill both enjoy
Certificate for a couples massage.

September 11, 2019, 11:19:00 AM
Re: New Coin Deal
Is this a misprint: "for a profit of $2.55 per order"?

September 11, 2019, 03:54:23 PM
Re: Pictures of a country or state license plate Master thread!
i have all 50



September 12, 2019, 10:25:35 PM
Re: Do you wash your chicken?
Sometimes I just want to learn instead of getting cryptic answers  >:(
You are on the wrong forum.  :)

September 12, 2019, 10:52:15 PM
Re: DDF Demographics.
Is not the purpose of the avatar for people to know who you are?
That explains your posts.

September 13, 2019, 12:01:09 PM
Re: Whirlyball
We need an option between "greatest sport ever" and "Henche"
How about "you need to get out more"?  :)

September 16, 2019, 06:28:40 AM
Re: Whirlyball
How could bumper cars and "Lacrosse Basketball" mixed into one game be boring???
I guess if you were 10 it would be a blast.  :)

September 16, 2019, 04:38:02 PM
Re: Whirlyball
Meh. Can't compare to a team sport.
There is no comparison, so we agree on that.
Please don't call this a sport. It is a kids game played by grownups. Why did you think you had so much fun?

September 16, 2019, 04:49:11 PM
Re: Whirlyball
We will take this off the "sport" list as he is missing the "skill" requirement.  ;)

September 16, 2019, 05:10:03 PM
Re: Whirlyball
So whos putting the DO together?
I want to see @Something Fishy in a go-cart

September 16, 2019, 05:11:02 PM
Re: Whirlyball The skill level is off the charts. Is there timeouts because they all look out of gas.  :)

September 16, 2019, 07:23:25 PM
Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
If I had to guess he's your identical brother!
Have three brothers but no identical.

September 16, 2019, 11:34:07 PM
Re: Whirlyball
What do you call Soccer?
In the US, pathetic.

September 17, 2019, 01:03:47 PM
Re: I need Electric Help... Any electricians out there?
In other words, since another outlet will be running off the same breaker isn't a bunch of connected power strips the same except in aesthetics?
Simply put H*LL NO!!!

September 19, 2019, 01:06:25 AM
Re: 2019 Israeli election I thought our elections were messed up. This has my head spinning.
September 19, 2019, 08:53:31 AM
Re: US Politics/2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread YES 100-0!!!

September 24, 2019, 05:16:39 PM
Re: Honestly, honestly do you feel smartphones have improved your quality of life? I was recently without service/smartphone for a couple of days. Quality of life goes up without them.
September 24, 2019, 10:04:13 PM
Re: US Politics/2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
"No quid pro quo" will become the new "no collusion", "locker room talk" etc.
Anyone that ever dealt with Trump knows exactly what this was. Other than that the right/left all have their talking points.

September 25, 2019, 01:10:57 PM
Re: Honestly, honestly do you feel smartphones have improved your quality of life?
Just curious what boundaries people here have?
Instead of four battery packs only two. Or instead of three phones only two.

September 25, 2019, 11:18:37 PM
Re: Honestly, honestly do you feel smartphones have improved your quality of life?
retiree.... Do you know the difference between email and voicemail? :P
I had a cell phone before most here.  ;)

September 26, 2019, 12:46:21 PM
Re: Car Repairs Master Thread Everything but gearbox/rack I have replaced many times. I once had the same issue as you and it was a defective rebuilt power steering pump. An air pocket in the system can cause what you are describing also.
September 26, 2019, 10:18:59 PM
Re: US Politics/2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread
How come you can't find the video of fat Jerry vowing how wrong it is to impeach Clinton?
Jerry who? Send it to me and I will post it. There are enough hypocrites to go around on both sides.

September 29, 2019, 12:46:46 AM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting video thread...

October 02, 2019, 02:49:33 PM
Re: 2019 Israeli election
Everyone is expecting the outcome of the hearing to be a game changer.
You want to borrow one of my hotkeys?  :)


October 03, 2019, 12:57:23 AM
Re: What do you eat before a fast? A big juicy steak.
October 03, 2019, 07:20:49 PM
Re: Boycott Kaporas?
Let those idiots waste all their time energy and money.
You are swinging a chicken over your head and they are the idiots?   ::)

October 07, 2019, 03:59:46 PM
Re: Boycott Kaporas?
This morning, as I was turning onto Kingston Avenue, I saw someone standing with two dogs on a leash emotionally removing "I Love Kapporos" stickers from a traffic light control box. I found it amusing and felt bad for the idiot, but didn't want to stop traffic to take a video of they guy (though I would have loved to get one of those stickers on his back, just for the prank).
You have one mean streak.  :P

October 07, 2019, 05:56:17 PM
Re: Credit Card For Beginners
Are you 100% sure?

I am 100% sure he is wrong. Does that count?  :)

October 08, 2019, 02:42:24 PM