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Re: Israel Master Thread: Things To Do, Places To Eat
There is.  Called yedidim.  053-3131310
Used them in the past.
Had a dead battery and the guy that came to jump me was in his late 60's, lives in Savion and drives a $100,000 dollar SUV.

September 28, 2016, 03:46:43 AM
FREE 45-Day Subscription to Hulu
October 09, 2016, 06:51:30 PM
{Updated New Survey} Can you please help me? It will take less than two minutes Hi guys, I need your help.
In the course of my MBA program, I need people to answer a 7 question, multiple answer survey that I made. It will take less than two minutes and will help me a lot.

Thanks guys, your'e the best!!!

December 02, 2016, 05:15:36 AM
Samsonite Upspin Lightweight Softside Set (21"/25"), Only $108.93 Link:

January 25, 2017, 03:00:35 PM
Re: Disturbing ad on Vosizneias
Before I get jumped all over on a Friday I am not saying this "guy" is legit. What I am saying is Forex trading is legit and I have used it in the past to lock in massive profits (no risk hedging). If you are a gambler you are better betting with them (flip a coin) then playing black or red on roulette in Vegas.
This is not Forex trading. You cannot buy or sell Forex with these sites. They use the name Forex specifically in order to deceive people into thinking they are investing in Forex which they are not!

What they do is let you bet whether a currency will go up or down and you supposedly win if the currency moves in the expected direction. The money never leaves the company! Ever! Unlike a risky but real Forex trade that involves buying a currency, hoping it will go up or down and subsequently selling that currency for a profit or loss, nothing is bought or sold here. You are merely betting on the direction the currency will move: up or down. If you are wrong, you "lose" the money and the company keeps it. If you were right, you "win" and are supposed to get the "profit" on your investment.
This is no different than betting hundreds or thousands of dollars on the flip of a coin.

Someone will ask: "so how is this different then a Casino where you can make or lose money?" The difference is twofold. First of all, with a Casino, the risk is clear. Anyone that walks into a Casino knows there is a high chance they will lose their money. With these "companies", they do everything they can to hide the risk and pretend they are an "investment". No one tells their friend or wife "I am investing $1000 in casino gambling" but over here were you are doing the same thing, no one will tell you that your  "investment" is pure gambling. Second, in a Casino no one coerces you to come in and gamble away your money and if you lose, they don't pressure you to gamble more money. With these "companies", ounce you put in a small amount of money, they pressure you and hard sell you to add more and more money to your initial "investment" and try to get you to leverage yourself which increases the risk exponentially all while hiding the risks and selling you dreams of huge profits. When you lose money, they try very hard to get you to double down on your investment and "invest" even more money.

I haven't even touched on the fact that with a lot of these "companies" it is impossible to get your money out even if you "win". They are registered in remote countries, have no psychical address or offices and you can never pin them down to get the money. Also, most of these trading platforms are rigged and don't really represent what happens in the real Forex world.

February 18, 2017, 12:57:46 PM
Re: Chase 5/24 Rule To Apply On Co-branded Cards? Anyone know the current Chase cards that don't fall under 5/24?
March 01, 2017, 06:25:45 AM
Re: WOW Air: TLV-NYC for $149 one way! I can't argue with other peoples experiences but I have flown multiple times on all the major low-cost airlines and never let them weigh or measure my bag.

If you do get caught, there are ways around it if you are savvy. I once escorted a friend to the airport and Lufthansa was giving him a hard time with his 12 kilo bag (instead of 8 kilo), his hatbox which they claimed was a carry on of it's own and his suit bag which they claimed was another carry-on. I looked at my friend , said "I got this" and stepped up to the counter. I took the hat out of the box, put it on my friend's head and told the lady that I was taking the box back with me. I then pointed to the suit bag and said: "He's putting that on right before the flight and putting the bag in his carry on". I than hulled the carry on up on the table, opened it and took out two gemaras (Oz vehader :) ) and said: "This is his reading material for the flight so it isn't part of the wight restrictions". I looked straight into the check-in lady's eyes and demanded: "Should I continue or are we good here?" Needles to say all the possessions made it safely on the flight.

May 15, 2017, 06:25:36 PM
Re: WOW Air: TLV-NYC for $149 one way!
If an ULCC wants to weigh your bag by boarding they will. And virtually nothing you say will convince them not to charge you. I have seen it dozens of times. Regardless of how creative you are.
May work on a carrier where fees are extra gravy, not when its their bread and water.
I beg to differ. If they catch you at boarding, you can always wear your clothing, put stuff in duty free bags, put stuff in your pockets, etc'. I have easily gotten away with 30 and 40 pounds of luggage as "carry-on stuff". I've gone on planes where I have an official carry on backpack on my back, another carry on bag in my right hand hidden by the huge coat draped over my arm and concealing it, another carry on in my left hand concealed in a huge duty free bag, another duty free bag with my extra stuff and also a bag of food for the flight which they don't give you trouble about. Ah, I forgot to mention that I pressed my suit bag to my back and than put an overcoat on top of it, therefore holding the suit bag in place and concealing it. What about the hanger sticking out of my overcoat at the back of my head? That's where the neck pillow comes in and nicely conceals the hanger. And yes, I did all this with ULCC that are dying to make an extra buck off luggage.

Creativity has no limits!!!

May 16, 2017, 10:12:15 AM
Re: Maldives Master Thread I don't use this Google thing you speak of cuz it is too Goyish. Now if they called it Koogle.....

Anyway, I was looking for experience not forecasts. If this question has been asked so many times, why is it not in the Wiki?
And finally, I was looking for flights and Turkish has the best flights and connections but..... Is it safe?

May 18, 2017, 08:43:20 PM
Re: Need help finding a ticket? Post here! Paid ticket edition (Master thread) Best I have is $990.
PM to book

July 03, 2017, 02:51:40 AM
Re: Is Royal Jordanian Safe?
dressed totally chareidi isnt a problem?
what about in the airport?
im flying 2 rj flights in 3 weeks
The satmerers at the Amman airport get upset if you are flying to the "medina". Just tell them you are there for the neturi karta convention and they will leave you alone.

July 04, 2017, 06:50:16 AM
Re: Alitalia
AZ North America to TLV in J is 48k OW (80k RT IINM), you can top off with MR. Terrible website, but if you happen to find availability (before you lose patience with the site), it's not a bad deal (and rumor has it that their J product is decent).
With Alitalia young (People under 25 or who claim they are under 25), You get back a 20% rebate of the miles you spent so TLV-NYC RT in J is 64k miles

July 17, 2017, 03:23:36 AM
Re: Eilat-Warsaw $33 RT!
Typically from VDA (Ovda).
They call it Eilat, but it's not.

I'd like to hear someone that actually traveled from and/or to that airport.

It is my understanding that only a bus travels to and from, no taxis, rental cars, etc.
I did travel from there mostly to see what it's like.
They have free parking and it is advised to drive there, park and drive back. The drive from Jerusalem is about 3:30 hours according to Waze.

I was planning to drive but my return flight was canceled and I was re-booked on a flight to TLV. Don't take the bus!!! There is no direct bus from Jerusalem as far as I know so you have to take a bus to Beer Sheva which isn't bad (takes about 1:20 hours) but than you have to take a bus that is meant for all the army bases in the Nagev and happens to stop by the airport since there is a base nearby. That bus stops by EVERY SINGLE ARMY BASE from Beer Sheva to Eilat and there are tons of those things! The ride from Beer Sheva to Ovda took us close to 3:30 hours! Mind you that near the airport means a 10 minute walk in the blazing desert heat with all your luggage. I think eventually someone saw us walking and gave us a lift.

The airport itself is pretty small, check in and security are relatively fast, there are a few duty free shops and you can keep on dreaming about a lounge. A cool thing about the airport is that they don't bus you to the plane but rather, the plane pulls up almost to the building, they open the doors and everyone makes a rush to the plane.

All in all, if you get a great deal and have a car and don't mind driving 3:30 hours each way, go for it. Otherwise stick to TLV.

July 30, 2017, 06:43:19 AM
Re: Eilat, Israel, Master Thread
Anyone been scuba diving in eilat recently? Going in january and want to make sure that u can still scuba for cheap without certification... Also for a data point, i confirmed that Queen of Sheba Eilat is no longer part of Hilton (thats why there is no availability...)
You can still scuba dive for cheap. It is called an introductory dive and costs 160-220 shekel for about an hour dive of which you are underwater for 35-40 minutes. Make sure to book in advance especially if you are a few people since they need to assign an instructor to every single diver and they may not have enough instructors if you simply show up.

August 11, 2017, 01:56:57 AM
Re: HOT!!!! AC ERROR FARES!! I sent Dan like five emails with exact names DOB and credit card and he never booked my tickets!!!
August 29, 2017, 04:38:15 PM
Re: Has This Ever Happened To You With IBeria Airlines-Minors Bumped? Sheesh! I'm surprised by the push-back to the catchy title. I thought the DDF community was a little more savvy about the "world out there".
A bland title like "three children in Madrid were legally but not wisely denied boarding to a flight due to overbooking" will never catch interest. The whole point of the title is to lure you into reading the rest of the article!

Dan, you need to write the title with your target audience in mind and in this case your target is not yankel from boro-park. Your target audience are the writers from major news and social media websites that are supposed to "pick up" the story and run with it. That's way you should use a title that those people will click on even if your regular audience don't get it and would prefer something more bland or haimesh.

September 06, 2017, 10:53:31 AM
Re: 5 hours layover in Istanbul, time for anything?
Is there anyway to get in the tk lounge without anything?
They are very strict about people wearing clothing in the lounge.

September 19, 2017, 04:12:05 AM
Re: alitalia - hot?
Not hot at all! On Black Friday they had Y for 545$. That was warm. Last winter AF/KLM went for 499$!
Last winter Alitalia went for $480 and $360 after an AMEX promo.

December 05, 2017, 07:08:37 PM
Re: Lufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt
No. Not to DTW. Just DL. But I suppose we are now officially OT.
LH J is nothing special and definitely not worth going out of your way for. If you have Delta direct, take it.

February 19, 2018, 04:50:20 PM
This summer; Fly your whole family from SFO direct to Israel with points!!! SFO-TLV on United is available all summer with points in economy with at least 9 seats available almost every day!!!
You can take your whole family in July or August for just 42.5k per person.
You can also do plan B.

April 15, 2018, 08:04:18 PM
Re: This summer; Fly your whole family direct to Israel with points!!!
Perhaps add SFO to title. (You might get a few East-Coasters excited.)

April 15, 2018, 08:29:25 PM
Re: Ex-TLV Routes and Flights Discussions I find the comments about TA's pushing ELAL due to their commissions stomach churning.
I never pushed ELAL over a better competitor and in fact I got many costumers to try other airlines that offered a better price/product.
Some of my costumers used to be die hard ELAL fans and now hardly fly with them.
I will push what is best for the client, not the company!

June 01, 2018, 06:41:25 AM
Re: When you like to travel but your SO does not...
How many of said girls do you know and why are they not on DDF?
Basically all the ones I dated who had nothing interesting to say and were instead treated to endless lectures from me on the topics of miles, points and BRGs.

June 12, 2018, 01:52:07 PM
Re: 10 HT DO This Sunday In Brooklyn? I can't believe you came all the way to Israel and NO DO, NO FREE MEALS, NO SEMINARS, NOTHING!
I do believe Dan is an anti semite!!!

June 24, 2018, 12:27:23 PM
Re: Scam Alert Sungames Are we "almost at the end" yet?
June 29, 2018, 12:15:25 PM
Re: Air Marshals on flights
for some reason I read it as you not being able to sleep on the flight.
You try sleeping with a gun digging into your waist.

July 06, 2018, 03:44:15 AM
Re: Chase points and ElAl Devalue
Chase has nothing to do with Elal
There are two ways to use Chase points for flights:

1. Buy the flight with points thorough the Chase travel portal or by calling them. With this method every point has a set value of 1-1.5 cents per point depending on your credit card. You should be able to use the points for Elal that way if I'm not mistaken and the amount of points needed will correspond to the cost of the flight.

2. You can transfer Chase point out of Chase and into frequent flyer programs such as United air and British air. You would then use the frequent flyer miles to book an award ticket on United or British air or any of their partners.

In both cases the Elal devaluation has nothing to do with Chase points.

For someone who is not yet proficient in the use of award tickets using miles, the best course of action is probably to use your points to buy the tickets through the Chase travel portal for  set value of 1.5 cents per point.

August 20, 2018, 04:57:02 PM
Re: New Antarctica Cruise Raffle! Win A Superior Cabin
Same here
+1, 2 or 3.

October 08, 2018, 08:17:09 AM
Re: Re: NEW: Qatar Airways Qsuite I went in August last year and it was wonderful!!!
We Had morning showers some days and now and again it would rain for 10-20 minutes but then it would pass. Besides, you're wearing your bathing suit most of the day so the rain is no biggy.

The worst part is that while we were on the dock to board the boat to the seaplane, we got hit with a 10 minute tropical storm. I have never been more drenched in my life! We were pelted with huge pieces of hail and it rained on us so much that I had water pouring out of my shoes since they were overflowing. We had no time or place to shower and change so until we got to the lounge at the airport, we were wearing wet, cold, clothing.

I would not hesitate to go back anytime of year!

October 19, 2018, 06:55:52 AM
Re: Maldives Master Thread Any place that does catering and can double wrap in aluminum foil.

I would suggest you label the meals using numbers such that the three pans marked number one are chicken, rice and green beans. Number two is Schnitzel, potatoes  and and broccoli and so on. That way you can easily tell the hotel staff to defrost and heat up meal number three or four without having to guess what it is or having them read Hebrew.

You can also bring a small sandwich presser and Chofetz Chaim deli and bread so that you can enjoy hot deli sandwiches for lunch or after a swim without going through the hassle of contacting the kitchen and having them heat something up.

Don't forget that if you are going for Shabbos you should take grape juice but not wine!!! The Maldives are a Muslim territory and you can get in big trouble for trying to bring in alcohol.

You might also consider bringing drinks from Israel if you want to save a few dollars per drink or if you want something like ice tea that won't have a hechsher there.

Don't forget to bring plenty of snacks and candy for in between meals.

P.S: Bring lots and lots of sunscreen or you will need to shell out $30-50 for a bottle.

November 18, 2018, 12:36:54 PM
Re: Alaska Companion Fare Code 1 $99 code available.
Asking $30 OBO.

November 20, 2018, 05:58:53 AM
Re: El al flight arriving close to Shabbos - again For those asking about the lawsuit, there are two reasons for it:

1. If ELAL gives them hush money or settles out of court, WIN!

2. If you know Israeli mentality at all, you will realize that the best way to avoid another Shabbos fiasco and anti Charedi smirch campaign is to make it hurt for the company.  Every time one of these stories comes out it does real damage to our community.

Not everyone here follows the Israeli news closely so allow me to elaborate: Whenever there is a Charedi vs "normal people" story happens (and you wouldn't believe the garbage that qualifies as such), it is the within the top five news stories of the day. In Israel! the land of wars, terrorist attacks, rockets, dead soldiers, wounded civilians, rallies, politics, corruption, government shout-downs, strikes, supreme court battles, organized crime, etc' etc'.
It could be the middle of a war, the government can collapse, the economy can die and somehow one of the top stories of the day will still be some altercation between two random civilians just because one of them happens to be Charedi! Oh and forget about any sort of objective journalism.
It is enough that someone writes an anti Charedi post on Facebook and is deemed credible. No investigative journalism is necessary at all. If the network wants to protect themselves from a libel lawsuit they will say "this is a post that appeared on Facebook" and then they will spend the next 15 minutes discussing the story like it was the gold standard of an investigative journalistic news report.

We can't control the lies and selective facts that people use to create inflammatory, anti semitic/charedi posts on Facebook but we can try to make it hurt for the companies or networks that use those fake news stories to further their own agendas, boost their viewership or to shift righteous blame away from themselves.

November 21, 2018, 02:51:43 AM
Re: Poker house games Israel
In the first instance i would say yes. The social cost of those "some".

10 million "somes". It disproportionately affects the poor. Winning the lottery is a "retirement plan" for 40% of Americans.

Ive been around compulsive gamblers for 8 years now. I see what it does to people. I've dealt with kids who come home from their time in Israel and their parents are devastated. They carry over those behaviors into their family life.
Would you ban Alcohol?  Addictive non prescription medication? Big gulps?

November 26, 2018, 10:14:05 PM
Re: What the heck Amazon? A trillion dollar company cant get their story straight.
To be honest, these stories are a lot more fun when they happen to Dan, because the ending would've looked something like this:

So I hung up the phone, and changed all the links on DDMS to go to Jet instead, and Amazon's stocks subsequently crashed, and Jet gave me unlimited access to their forums.
If only I were Dan........
"As I hung up the phone I realized something odd. The Echo Dots had gone up to $199.99 but the classic echo suddenly show'd up as $0.99. I tried adding 100 of them to my cart and sure enough the total was $99.00 (insert screenshot here).
Amazon is currently running an "Echo Bananas" promo where you get 12 free organic bananas with every purchase of a classic echo so I added 1200 bananas to my cart as well
I paid $5.99 for express one day shipping and the next day my poor UPS guy, who already despises me due to the infamous UPS method  ;) shelped 100 boxes into my house. (insert picture of sweaty UPS dude).

Now I just have to find 100 nieces and nephews to give Chanuka gifts to.
Who would you give an Echo to? Hit the comment section below."

November 28, 2018, 02:23:56 PM
Re: Egypt Air

They only have 2 planes and only fly to Israel.
They aren't a "real" airline. They belong to Air Egypt who don't want to be too overt about the fact that they fly to Israel so they created a "new" airline. The route is sometimes serviced by Air Egypt livery planes.

January 03, 2019, 05:56:58 PM
Re: Elal airlines
i booked a flight using matmid points, how can i upgrade to premium economy?
You sure you don't mean Masmid points?

January 08, 2019, 04:53:02 PM
Re: Nice Story Chaim Walder himself writes at the end of the story that he made it up to help raise awareness for the cause of bone marrow testing.
January 30, 2019, 02:33:32 AM
Re: Is it safe flying with Turkish Air
I have passed thru Istanbul quite a few times on the way to and from Israel at times even sleeping in the airport hotel
I definitely didn't feel as comfortable as i could have being somewhere else and although i didn't experience any open hostility there was definitely times when very negative "vibes" were sent my way.
I have gone myself and with other adults but i would think twice to bring my kids thru there.
They usually have riots and coup attempts that spill out onto the tarmac but if you stay off the tarmac you will survive most of the time.

February 07, 2019, 02:55:33 PM
20% off Alitalia flights. TLV-NYC from $425 econ $837 Prem Econ $1845 Business!! Must be booked on Alitalia's Israel website. Use code RED20IL by checkout.

Enjoy 20% discount on your fares from Tel Aviv to Johannesburg, Havana, Mauritius, Malé, Santiago, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Tokyo, New Delhi, Mexico City and USA.

Book from 7 February 2019 at 9:00 until 11 February 2019 at 23:59 for travel from 19 February until 15 April 2019* last return to Tel Aviv

Read the T&C carefully before asking questions:
For purchases on the e coupon code can be used exclusively for bookings with only 1 single adult passenger.
For reservations with more adult passengers it is possible to use the discount several times making separate purchases for single passenger.
If you need to make a booking for adult passengers traveling with children/infants, you are kindly requested to contact our Web Assistance at 03-7960766 service offered in English 24/7.
The 20% discount applies to all inclusive air fares purchased for travel in Economy or Business Class (The discount is not valid for Economy light or Young tickets).
The e-Coupon discount code can be used only on the Alitalia Israel website.

Sample dates
TLV-JFK Feb 20-26 economy - $425
TLV-JFK Feb 20-26 Premium economy $837
TLV-JFK Feb 27-March 6 Business class $1845

Some of these flights can earn up to 450% miles on Alitalia's program as explained in this post:
Beware of Alitalia's expiration rules for miles earned.

February 10, 2019, 03:54:08 AM
Re: Is it safe flying with Turkish Air
  I wouldnt trust advice with a name like that!!
Would you like it if you responded to a question about feeling safe in Israel and someone replied with that?

DDF welcomes people from all ethnic backgrounds and religions. I for one will not tolerate racism and neither should anyone whose people has a background such as ours.

Do not to others such that you would not like done to you!

February 10, 2019, 12:35:31 PM
Re: "hocker" is a thief! I paid him thousands of dollars to fly in Benny Friedman to sing at my chupa and all Benny did was talk about points and credit cards.

February 22, 2019, 06:18:01 AM
Re: AMEX now transfers 1:1 to CX Asia Miles
Whats the best way to search for avlblty? having no luck on is there a better way to search for flight avlblty? calling them an option or a partner site which has the whole calendar view-able to see what avlb?

  Or better how would i know if the fly a specific route? LPA-NYC(ewr/jfk)
Try Qantas.

February 22, 2019, 06:20:12 AM
Re: ISO Shabbos Sudah Jerusalem Edition
Open for tonight. Please pm.
I heard this guy drives on Shabbos and eats treif (or aguda) so I would stay far away.

February 23, 2019, 04:06:27 PM
Re: Maldives Master Thread
Nothing except the inconvenience, logistics, and perhaps safety concerns.
A simple Google search brought up several websites that offer private speedboat transfers to the hotel of your choice. You input your flight information and they meet you at the airport same as the hotel does. No hassle.
As long as it is an established company with good reviews what safety concerns are there?

I am just trying to understand why anyone would pay $600 a person for two 20 minute boat rides.

June 25, 2019, 02:48:26 PM
Re: TLV -> MSP ->
One way/Round trip: Round trip
Non-stop/Maximum stops/Any:Max 1 stop
From: TLV
Departure dates: September 28th
Return airports: TLV
Return dates: October 13th
Class: Any
Seats: TWO adults + ONE three year old
Alliance/Airline: No preference

Please post the best price you have found: $3175 for the 3 of us.
That seems to be the best price.
If you prefer to book with a travel agent at that price you can PM me.

July 29, 2019, 08:34:46 AM
Re: TLV-CLE Nonstop Flight Mi keamcha yisroel! Amazing work @Dan!

I hope no one is thinking that the kosher eaters could have just "waited a few hours" or "found some kosher chips". There could easily be people on the flight who are diabetic, pregnant or just small children who can't just wait it out for 10 hours. 
I remember one time when my wife was pregnant and a flight change resulted in us not getting Kosher food. It was very difficult for us until some kindly chasid gave us his KSML instead of eating it himself.

It is unbelievable that United would completely ignore its customers special needs and not care for them and it is even more unbelievable that when someone volunteers to do their job for them, they refused to help!
(BTW in this case the KSML passengers were the ones that got messed over but the same idea applies to people who are Vegan, Muslim, people with heart conditions who can't eat certain foods, etc').

August 01, 2019, 04:04:03 AM
Re: I Survived Long Haul in Y
The worst airplane smells ranked:

3) Air India long hauls - curry and long flight BO make for a killer combo.
2) Dakar. I don't know what it is, but when the ground staff get on to do the pre-USA-strip-the-plane-bare-security-check, the odor is literally suffocating.
1) As you near the end of a 16 hour long haul - where you have switched time zones, fallen asleep for 4 minute increments about a billion times, had your back, neck and leg muscles twisted in every which way, endured crying babies, been spat up on, and used the same 2x2 lavatory a few hundred other passengers have for the past 1 hours - towards the end of all that, the lights come on and they bring out The Egg. The infamous KSML breakfast omelette that exudes such a noxious fume that I'm surprised Zyklon B isn't the first listed ingredient.
Well put except for 4.
I have a guilty pleasure where I love airplane food. My favorite plane food is the soggy omelet and I get very disappointed if they serve blintzes instead.
I have been known to trade a ride from the airport for a breakfast omelet fresh off the plane.

August 07, 2019, 02:08:39 PM
Re: TLV-EWR Direct round trip flight (possibly) $422
I literally clicked pay and then boom, price goes up
Trying again
I already booked a few of these.

There is a trick I use sometimes with where you select "other form of payment" and choose "Pay in person". Choose either airport counter or united ticket office and click on the purchase.
Effectively, this places the ticket on hold for about a day and issues a PNR number.
Once you have the PNR number, you can find your booking under "My trips" and click purchase now. You can then pay by CC without the price changing.

October 27, 2019, 05:52:02 PM
Re: TLV - JNB $1000 Business Class with Alitalia @Dan I think the real value here is the fact that you get back almost as many miles you spend booking the trip so you end up with an almost FREE trip!
That definitely beats paying $500 for ELAL with no bags!
Besides some dates on ELAL are significantly more then $500.

Additionally, the flights offer a free stopover option in Rome for as long as you want so you can build a side trip into it.

October 28, 2019, 03:31:57 AM
Re: Cancelled flight from Tel Aviv with a twist Based on what you say, you are entitled to compensation.
Many airlines try to get out of paying and use a million different excuses to do so.
Often you have to sue them in small claims or regular court to get your money.
Unfortunately, Israeli courts don't seem to believe in punitive damages so the airlines use what is know as "שיטת מצליח" where they deny everyone and hope that most people won't put up a fight.

November 24, 2019, 07:08:58 AM