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July 20, 2017, 02:46:45 PM
Guatemala backpacking Just to start I’d like to stay that my trip didn’t consist of fancy spg hotels or the like, it was mainly decent “hostels” in which we got our own rooms and showers, so sort of did it as a backpacker but spent the extra dollar for a private room etc...

So if your looking for a nice/fancy or even family oriented trip report stop right here as you are in the wrong spot!

My trip started of landing in Guatemala City from which we arraigned beforehand a private taxi which drove us all the way to
San Pedro took us longer then expected due to heavy traffic because of a holiday.

There’s a cheaper way to do it and that would be through taking a shuttle (which makes a stop on the way)

San Pedro is a cool little town off of lake Atitlan (there are about 11 other towns surrounding the lake)

We stayed at casa de yag we booked the top floor room (most expensive one) which I believe costed $30 a night which has a great view of the lake and decent rooms
Great spot not much of a vibe but definitely worth the view (can always chill at other hostels which we did)

Trips to do in San Pedro:
You can rent a canoe for a $1 which is nice and relaxing can also stop at any of the tourist booths to do horseback riding canopying...

As well as take a boat to all the different towns around the lake.

Popular ones such as:

San Marcos- great for yoga and cool hippy vibes as well as a decent water jump.

Panajachel aka pana - has a park which has a cool zip lining and hikes

Oh and forgot to mention the chabad in San Pedro is awesome!!!
Rabbi and his wife are great people and fun atmosphere!

We spent a few days based in San Pedro and went to the other towns then we moved on to Antigua

Antigua is a colonial town which is more modern and has more of a city vibe to it
Chabad there as well is nice and from what we heard the main attraction is the accatenango volcano hike

We did it and it was incredible you hike up a mountain for 5 hours sleep there over night while seeing the volcano erupt every half hour and then hike back in the morning it is a tough hike but so so worth it!

So we spent three days in Antigua and then went to semuc Champay.

Semuc Champay is a far trip it takes about 9 hours to drive from Antigua
We took a shuttle arrived in the evening and stayed at a cool hostel which has more of a party vibe. If you want that.

The hostel arranges the day trip which includes a water cave hike plus some cool pools of water and nice water cliffs to jump from. As well as seeing the famous waters of semuc champay

This was a very quick summery of my trip I know it wasn’t so detailed maybe one day I’ll write it more lengthy but as of now this is it

So if you have any questions feel free to message me and would be happy to help.

Bless up and enjoy your adventure!

June 28, 2018, 04:35:50 PM