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Re: Plenti Rewards Program
Has anyone earned points from buying VGC at rite aid?

Only during promos.

June 24, 2015, 02:22:48 PM
Re: Law School
A sister unit in my agency (NYC Department of Social Services) is hiring 5 attorneys to work in adult protective services and related litigation. The hiring level is Agency Attorney Interne at $60,755 per year. My agency generally promotes to Agency Attorney I after six months. Attorneys at my agency are unionized, typically work 35 hours per week with occasional paid overtime, and are very well treated (IMO). NYC residency required. The job number is 245827.

My unit is hiring another attorney. The job number is 276884. Feel free to PM if you or someone you know intends to apply.

The Office of the General Counsel is recruiting for one Agency Attorney Interne, within the Child Support Enforcement Term of the Support and Lien Recovery Litigation Unit to function as an Attorney Interne, who will:

Represent the interests of the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services in NYS Family Court litigation to establish paternity and orders of support for children in receipt of public assistance and Medicaid.

Appear in estoppel hearings and trials. Seek penalties on violation of support petitions.

Provide legal counsel and review with regard to negotiated settlements on outstanding arrears owed to the Commissioner and stipulate to orders of support outside of court based  on Office of Child Support Enforcement initiatives and pilot programs.

Draft legal documents, provide legal assistance to OCSE  by researching applicable statutes, case law or other material to resolve legal questions or problems, interpret the intent and legal ramifications of laws, rules and regulations related to the delivery of Medicaid.

Determine the advisability of presenting witnesses, admissibility of types of evidence and matters of legal strategy.

January 05, 2017, 08:55:40 AM
Re: Law School
Firstly thanks for taking the time!

Right so big law based on the requirements (top school, hours etc) is completely off my radar. The question is if it's worth leaving an ok living to go to school for 3-4 years for a non big law, law job.

Reading cases - Ya lol I was simply referring to that I seem to enjoy reading through the law and seeing how it's applied etc. Not that it's what you do most of the time, just an overall interest I would think.

I think you know my feelings on this already, but government work can be really great. There are plenty of government jobs that pay between $100k - $200k with fantastic benefits and work-life balance (and it's safe in a recession). And at least in the NY/NJ area they're mostly filled with mid-level graduates from mid-level schools. And there are a ton of different directions to go because the government does everything.

That said, I don't think law as a career is worth the 10+ year investment you need for school and climbing the ladder (or for Biglaw, the stress and hours). There are plenty of careers that pay the same or better without it.

May 13, 2020, 07:38:11 AM
Re: Law School
i'm surprised about your numbers and implied ease of getting govt jobs. i'm a partner in biglaw from a top 4 school but found it really hard to even get interviews at ny govt legal jobs without "knowing" someone (had friends who got these jobs with connections) and usually they start below 70K (albeit with great benefits).

Re the ease of getting government jobs, I think a lot of it depends on applying to lower-profile agencies. Everyone wants to go to the NYC Law Department or the AG's office, and those are really hard to get, but I spent years working at a regular NYC agency that staffs about 200 attorneys and we had to beg people to come work for us. The work is not as flashy, sure (I doubt many people go to law school dreaming of evaluating supplemental needs trusts or prosecuting taxi drivers) but once you're in the system it's easier to move around. Even now with the hiring freeze there are about 30 active attorney postings.

May 13, 2020, 08:19:06 PM
Re: Law School
can you give some examples of positions/agencies where there are decent lawyer jobs that are attainable? I was the idiot looking at NYC law dept/ag :)

Sure. These are entry-level and some are past postings.

Disciplinary counsel at the Department of Correction (litigation, hiring 5x)
Child support counsel at the Department of Social Services (litigation, hires on a regular basis
Contracts counsel at the Department of Environmental Protection (transactional)
Elected official counsel at the Queens Borough President (policy)
Procurement at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (transactional)
Special education attorney at the Department of Education (litigation, hiring all the time)

Entry-level pay is basically uniform across the City, but it goes up as you move up.

May 15, 2020, 08:19:08 AM