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Re: 7 Night CAT 1-4 / Platinum Elite / EXP 10/1/2019 $450

Okay, I just sold one of these last month and the reps had no idea how to "gift" the certificate, so I simply added the buyer as the guest and told them they'd be the one checking in. That worked fine, but if you want it done another way you'll have to tell me how to get it done because when I called they didn't allow gifting it, but they didn't care who checked in as long as I told them the name.

The status on this certificate is Platinum Elite, but who knows if you'll get the benefits of that when you check in... most people say yes, some say no, so all I can say is don't definitely count on it.

I will accept payment via PayPal if you ensure I get $450 after fees if you pay with a credit card. Alternatively, you can simply buy a $450 Amazon E-Gift Card and I'll accept that code as payment as well.

First one to contact me with the 7 night stretch and hotel you want gets it. If you want, just tell me the hotel and dates and I'll verify availability. Then I'll need at least the name of the person checking in, and a phone number would be beneficial, but not required. After I book it and forward you the confirmation, you can pay.


In English- you are selling a category 1-4 7 night certificate for $450. pay by paypal or amazon GC

January 30, 2019, 12:02:51 PM
Re: Weddings in next few weeks people are definitely pushing off weddings
March 15, 2020, 08:50:10 PM
Re: "it's just like the flu"
In Israel the flu was worse. Period.

In the USA COVID (death rate not sick rate) was worse. Period.
In Israel they didnt take the same precautions with the flu and it was worse. Period.

In the USA COVID was worse because they didnt take the precautions Israelis did. Perio


May 15, 2020, 09:00:57 AM
Re: Faroe Islands- with a day in Manchester and Copenhagen Despite the early morning flight, we hit the ground running. There are only a few car rental companies in the Faroe Islands, and only a handful of automatic cars. We weren't brave (read stupid) enough to drive manual for the first time on the hilly, windy roads so we paid a hefty sum for the automatic. The rental was through Unicar and all communications through email. We paid 2210 Danish Krone (~$350) for the 3 day rental including fees and opted for full damage insurance for an extra 100 Krone/day- we probably could have used credit card, but due to remoteness of island I didn't want to deal with that possibility.
After landing we walked into the parking lot and followed the directions they gave us:

We had a busy first day planned. First stop was the hike that inspires most travelers to venture to the Faroe Islands: Sørvágsvatn
I followed the directions I was given by a local on Reddit: "Drive to Miðvágur, then take a right just before the church. (I believe there are signs that say "trælanipa") drive a bit up the mountain, and you'll get to a gate." Basically just parked my car at the end of a dirt road and hoped we were in the right place.

The directions for the hike itself were no clearer. They were something to the extent of hike until you see the lake, then you'll see a skull (or was it a box?!) and continue to the left. We took the upper path as recommended and the sights were amazing. We didn't see more than 3 people during the 2 hours we were there, but saw many sheep. The Faroe Islands are not set up for tourists, no guard rales, signs or anything else that would both help and keep tourists safe. But this is part of the draw, the nearly untouched beauty. Although the view posted earlier in this thread looks insane, you have to get fairly close to the edge of a 300+ foot cliff and its definitely not for the faint of heart. We were warned that the week before we arrived 4 tourists had serious accidents and 1 fell to his death.  I crawled on hands and knees to ensure I wouldn't slip on the wet grass to get the pic below and wasn't willing to get any closer.

More pics from the hike

After spending some time admiring the ocean and jagged cliffs we hiked back to the car so we could make our 2:30pm boat for the Vestmanna Bird cliffs. The GPS worked fairly well there, but there also weren't many roads to take. The drive to the cliffs was 45 min. We stopped along the way to run into a grocery to pick up water.

I don't recall much about the boat trip other than the magnificent scenery and new species of birds (which I miserably failed to capture)

After a long day we were off to our airbnb. The owner lives upstairs and was very friendly. He told us we can lock the front door if we would like, but if we do the neighbors will just know he is having guests :)  It was nothing special, but a good deal at $192 for 2 nights:

The first night was a misery, we had forgotten our melatonin and when I woke up at 12am it was still light outside and I thought I would never fall back asleep. Fortunately 2-3 hours later  I finally did. Pro-tip make sure where you stay has black-out shades there. You will need them! Up next, day two: Northern islands and Kalsoy.

August 27, 2020, 10:26:14 PM
Re: Faroe Islands- with a day in Manchester and Copenhagen A map of the Faroes for reference:

The blue was day 1, yellow day 2 and blue day 3. It was easy driving between the islands, but gas stations were only located on certain islands. Conveniently they all have microwaves which we used to heat up our meal-mart meals.

On day 2 we got up very early to make an 8am ferry to Kalsoy. There are no reservations, and they only run every hour of so in the morning and we didnt want to be late. Locals told us not to worry, but I wasn't willing to take a chance. Fortunately we got there when we did as the ferry filled up and people had to wait for the next one. Once on the island there was a ~15 mile single lane road to the end of the island which is where the puffins live. Most people take a hike to a lighthouse on the mountaintop, but due to weather we didnt feel that was safe. We ventured out a bit to see the puffins and it was amazing!

Our car was 3rd to last on!

Both the ppl and cars were tight, but sights were amazing

Tunnels every so often cutting through the vast mountains

One lane everywhere, even in the tunnels. I would practically hold my breath until got out! there were pull-outs in the large tunnels that barely fit a car with reflective arrows guiding you there

At the end of the road

I see puffins!

More puffins

Could go closer to the crashing waves

somewhere behind me is the start of the hike ot the lighthouse. Again, there is no marked path, just hike on the crest of the hill/mountain and you will find the lighthouse!

Day 3:
Started the day early in Torshavn- the capital- to get a coffee and walk around. We were told the country has 3 stop-lights and they are all located here.

Went on a short hike in the city to get a view

Drove North to Gjogv a town with beautiful scenery

Gjogv sign

napping in Gjogv

Drove South to Tjørnuvík a small town nestled between mountains with a magnificent black sand beach.

We made sure to stop at the Fossuriní Fossá (waterfall) on our way to Tjørnuvík

The real locals have the right of way ;)

Can see the town from miles away while driving in

1/3 of the population right here  :D

The Giant and the Witch are visible to the right. Some folktale about them

scenery near black sand

city views

side of road stop

The road to Saksun is a long drive in a valley with a picturesque river running for many miles. Once you get to the city you are welcomed by the grass covered homes and a deeper valley. We started by climbing down into the deeper valley which is filled with majestic black sand. Depending on the tides the flood can be covered with water, or a path opens allowing you to venture out to the ocean. We didn't plan around this, but were fortunate to get there in low tide and were able to walk out to the ocean  (Cant find pics of this).

The river from the valley drains into the ocean

Portions fill with water during high tide blocking the pathway to the ocean

Possibly my favorite picture

From there we headed to Gasadalur for the last mandatory picture in the Faroes

Múlafossur waterfall in Gasadalur

Then off to the airport and our flight to Israel. The Faroe Islands are an enchanting place. I don't think I could live there with the gloomy weather and isolation, but it does seem like a wonderful escape right about now.

August 28, 2020, 03:29:49 PM
Re: What could Trump have done better?
He's doing great he doesn't need your advice at the moment
C'mon man- that's malarkey

October 26, 2020, 07:12:25 AM
Re: New Coin Deal
I just spoke to someone at US Mint. The charge is placed on hold for 3-5 days (which it is technically 5 days by now...) She claims the order is still processing, & I will get a shipping confirmation once shipped. Wishful thinking! I think whoever placed their order 12:04 and on, order is in jeopardy.
Based on?

November 10, 2020, 08:36:19 AM
Re: South Florida Master Thread
Wow, I wonder what was different. I had them twice and they blew my mind. Same for others I heard from.
BIL had them 2 nights ago and said they were amazing and unique

November 26, 2020, 02:56:01 PM
Re: South Florida Master Thread
Meat bar is the conservative bet, their chef's special is always spot on great steak, and other items are good as well, space is nice and staff are good.

Street has the potential to blow you away, with some really amazing items, especially the specials that David the chef makes (tell him JJ sent you ;) ) but sometimes service can be annoying and they can be busy.
Overheard someone last night say " @jj1000 sent me" the waitress was a bit confused  ;D

November 27, 2020, 09:32:27 AM
Re: Chanukah Donut Crawl Sesame. and then call it a day
December 11, 2020, 10:45:56 AM