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Re: Sruly Dov - Traffic Court Representation - Scam??
So confused why this guy keeps getting recommended

He probably pays people for referrals, another thing attorneys are not allowed to do for non attorneys.

I have personally spoken with over 10 people over the last year who lost their licenses after being guaranteed by Sruly Dov and his other aliases that their ticket would be dismissed. I have heard many stories from attorneys locally about this guy and other non attorneys ripping drivers off with their promises. Everything from losing the case to simply letting the ticket slip into default conviction. While every traffic attorney may miss a court date once in a while, they will always hold themselves accountable in such a instance.

I would never speak bad about this guy if he was not outright robbing people. Someone should stop him.

The reason why guaranteeing is illegal for attorneys is because if the officer testifies appropriately there is nothing that anyone can do short of paying off the officer or harming the officer which I don't believe you get with your 1k retainer...

"Anyone guaranteeing you an outcome is ripping you off."

If you are tempted to buy a guarantee which is too good to be true remember that it probably is. The difference here is that the seller charges you 3 time the going rate to make it look legit.

Another lie being sold which people want to buy is the 18 month story. Do a little research and figure out why it doesn't work. See

September 14, 2014, 03:04:02 PM
Re: Moving Violation Tickets
Moving violations are open public records, so it's typical to get letters from lawyers. Keep in mind, if lawyers can see it, so can insurance, even if your state DMV doesn't assess points on out of state violations.
Un-convicted NJ violations are NOT public records. NJ attorneys jump through a loop of hoops to have access to that information. The letters are automated because they are hoping you will respond to the letter with a check.

If you have a NY license, the ticket will not be seen by your insurance company, as long as it is paid.

I got convicted today of a cell phone use violation from 4 years ago,  Back then I had some points on my license, I don't know how many The judge said my license will be revoked anytime soon, but I could appeal Any reference or suggestions on this?

Which court was this in?

If you were in NY, taking the DDC after the fact will not prevent the suspension from going into affect.

SIL got pulled over for speeding in Alpine NJ on the palisades. She was cruising within speed limit but was suddenly being tailed by someone so she sped up. It was a police.
She pulled over to the left.
The police gave her 3 tickets.

75 in a 55
Pulling over to the left
Not having insurance cars in the car.

The officer would let her drive her car and made her go with him in his car to the station and they towed her car. She didnít want to go in a car at night with a police so she argued for half and hour but he forced her to go with.

Is there anything she can do now about these tickets? Is there a way that she can say she wants 2 officers to go in a car with them?

As for the "police brutality" it happened. Horrible as it was, the odds of a large jury award is low, as is the chance that an attorney would take this on contingency.

As for the tickets, where is her license from?

January 21, 2019, 04:18:55 PM
Re: Moving Violation Tickets
That means a 4 point speeding ticket given in new jersey if paid or fought in court won't effect your insurance policy in NY?
 So points and the info don't transfer over. Good to know.

 Really no point in paying a lawyer for a 4 point ticket and missing registration, probably best to schedule a date in court and get the registration dismissed and pay the 105 for the speeding ticket and leave the points on for 3-5 years?
Assuming that nothing transfers from NJ to NY with info regarding a speeding ticket.
  I remember some people telling me that an out-of-state ticket will affect your insurance but will not affect your accumulated points or your count in NYC.
The only way for your insurance company to raise your rates based on the NJ ticket is if you get suspended for failing to answer, get suspended in NJ for too many points, or if you call your carrier to notify them yourself.

I personally saw an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) from someone with a NY license that paid multiple NJ speeding tickets, it was entirely clean.

Likewise (my own!)

January 21, 2019, 10:28:05 PM
Re: Moving Violation Tickets
Where can I find info on fighting a ticket in writing in the state of Florida or if that's at all possible?

Someone should start another thread for FL tickets.

Are there any specific lawyers that deal primarily with speeding cameras? I have clear proof that I was not speeding and that the ticket was issued to the wrong vehicle, I submitted the proof and my evidence to the department of finance will see what happens, and if it comes back that I'm guilty I would want to hire a lawyer to see what he can do for me but then again the Ticket is only $50 so don't know what his gain would be?
I think you answered your question. There are attorneys who represent trucking companies who get thousands of dollars worth of tickets, and they litigate some cases. There are also attorneys who offer memberships for retail clients who get a lot of tickets for about $250 a month. But for a single $50 ticket its hard to see why you would hire someone.

if I get a minute I can post a video for you guys and you can see for yourself and you tell me what you think.

basically I was driving down Coney island avenue in Brooklyn while me being in the left lane I was following the flow of traffic ahead of me going around 35 miles per hour which is 100% legal, you're allowed to go 10 miles over the posted speed limit without having a camera flash.

Not correct. The speed limit is 25, and you are not allowed to do 26. You are conceding that you were speeding, but you are arguing that you should be charged with 35 MPH. Is the fine different for 35 MPH that 40 MPH? If not, you are basically arguing that you are guilty.

Bump please 🙏
"I have a u turn moving violation in NYC. I already pushed off the hearing once hoping it would make the points not affect my insurance but then I read the wiki here 😢. The hearing is coming up again. Should I just plead guilty online and pay etc or is it smart to miss the hearing and hope the cop doesnít show up either (or that wouldnít help if I donít show)? Any guidance = greatly appreciated and a like 😊"
There is no point in pushing off, if you are planing on just pleading guilty in the end. I would suggest that you plead guilty on December 30th, so you save a year on the insurance. If you plan on fighting it, you need to show up yourself, or pay someone to go for you.

They also have an affidavit for where they hold a hearing in your absence. I never heard of anyone winning that way.

I got pulled over in Montvale literally a block away from New York. Didn't think of it at the time but wondering what would have happened if I kept driving. Anyone know?
They can issue and file a ticket based on the original place of occurrence, and chase you down to wherever you run to serve or arrest you. They would also tag on charges for failing to obey an order and fleeing.

18 months later, I got a court date, 3 months out, but no deposition. I called the courthouse about it, they told me to mention it to the judge. ... I very respectfully turned to him and said - 'excuse me officer, can you remind me what the statute of limitations is for a moving violation in NY?' He looked down at the date in my ticket, and then turned back to me and said - 'this is your lucky day'.

In NY (upstate) its one year Statute of Limitations for charging a violation. CPL 30.30(1)(d). In NYC its administrative, so the CPL doesn't apply.

If an American living in the States also has a foreign license (i.e. Israel, U.K., etc.), if pulled over would giving the officer the foreign license instead of the U.S. license avoid points? Be illegal or cause legal problems? Would the officer have any way of knowing that the driver lives in the U.S. (assuming he doesn't tell him)?
Officers will often look your info up to see if you have a NY license as well. It is a traffic infraction to hold 2 valid driver's licenses in NY.

A friend of mine 😉 got pulled over in CT. Gave the cop his Teudat Zehut (Israeli ID card) which is mostly in Hebrew. The cop asked for his name and DOB - and let's just say the cop was given the correct information with minor typos. Of course, the cop didn't find him in the system. When the cop asked why he doesn't have his passport, he told the cop that he wanted to keep it in a safe place.
He was issued a ticket which he never paid.v the address he gave the cop wasn't his own, but rather somebody he new.
Eventually after not paying the ticket, his driving privileges in CT were revoked. Of course the name and dob is incorrect so that won't make any difference.
Unless the DMV connects the files and they arrest you for driving with a suspended license. The Department of Homeland Security is updating the DMV software to detect duplicate IDs. The DMV regularly combines files and does not give you notice.

Need some advice. I got a ticket for making a right turn when there was apparently a sign that said no right turns during certain hours. While he had me pulled over, he grabbed another 6 cars that did the same thing, some of them taxis. Any point to going to court and arguing that the sign was obviously not placed properly if 7 of us made the same turn in the span of 5 minutes? As an aside, the copy of the ticket that he gave me has such light writing that I honestly cannot make out even one word... Not sure if that is an argument
They are phasing out the hand written tickets. The judge will probably be able to read it.

As for everyone doing it, everyone violates the law. You can check out the street on google maps to see if the sign is visible.

About what percent of moving violations in NYC are found not guilty if you use a decent lawyer?

all they do is push it off and hope that the cop dosnt show up which usually never happens in NYC (NYPD cops are really board) or for 18m and then they plea guilty and u pay the fine. i never heard of anyone that received a plea in NYC

The real lawyers take the tickets to trial. If the attorney is just pleading guilty, you will be guilty 100% of the time!

+1, though the strategy is generally to push it off so much, so that by the time one is found guilty, the points are ready to fall off almost as soon as they appear (they aren't there until one is found guilty).

Not true. Please see the wiki. You still get the points if you are found guilty, even after 18 months.

So, at least in theory, delaying a guilty verdict for any amount of time in New York does not help the motorist. ... But it still doesn't help with the DMV points and potential suspensions, in any event. (Unless the ALJ who rules on the tickets guilt specifically waives the points for such an old ticket. A good lawyer can help in that regard.)
The ALJ cannot waive the points, as they are assigned automatically by the DMV. The ALJ can waive some suspensions based on points.

The last I checked a handful or two of years ago, NY points only transfer to out of state licenses issued in Michigan, Ontario and Quebec. (I may be off by one state/province, but definitely not NJ.) It's been like that for many decades but possibly changed in the last 5+ years. Similarly, NY will (unless it's changed) only count out-of-state points for NY licenses issued by those three state/provinces. ...
Not correct. NY reports moving conviction to all 49 states. Some states use that report (like NJ) others do not (like PA). You are correct about NY not recording points except from Ontario and Quebec. NY does not record points from Michigan.

Is there any point in trying to fight an improper turn ticket for failing to signal before turning? The guy had me turn on my blinker to see that it's working and then went to the front and back of the car to have it recorded with his body cam  ::)
Its worth 2 points. There may be another defense.

Monroe township
Disobeying traffic sign
Am I ok going to court myself?
Clean record
Monroe/KJ NY
thanks, was looking for an answer in regards to this court specifically.
I know in Ramapo all they will usually change it to a parking/pump ticket
Hoping that's the case here as well.
You can go yourself. They will offer a parking ticket.

If I had a cell phone ticket in 2015 shouldn't it be off the record by now? I went to see how many points I have before I pay the above and I still see 5?
Its 4 years from the date of conviction, the date of violation is irrelevant for falling off the 3 year record. See the wiki.

April 23, 2019, 06:44:47 PM
Re: Moving Violation Tickets
my driver drove up to the holland tunnel on NJ side with a vehicle not allowed in (has a small propane tank), the cop stopped him and ordered him to turn around, along with 3 tickets for obstructing traffic, reckless driving and 1 other thing (cant remember).
any ideas? lawyer?
The tickets were issued to NY or NJ?

Anyone know if a driving without a registration ticket in New Jersey for a NY license will do anything to my insurance? Itís a no points ticket..
The NJ ticket will not affect your record in NY.

Wouldn't he be even better off pushing it off until the beginning of January rather than the end of December?
See the wiki. Points fall off on January 1st after 3 years.

I don't believe a police officer can chase him into a neighboring state or arrest him once he left the state the officer is deputized in.
Next time you are being chased, run! Seriously, you can see the state police doing hot pursuit stops at the NY/NJ border ever day.

It's an infraction to have both a U.S. license and a license issued in a foreign country?
NYS VTL 509-10

Their software is programmed to look for foreign IDs to match up with the same person's U.S. ID?
No idea how it works, but it seems to work some of the time.

But does New York record traffic convictions from the other 49 states unto the motorist's DMV record, even without assigning points, where that the insurance carrier will see non-NY traffic convictions on a NY DMV record?
NY does not.

Is there a guide as to which states record New York traffic convictions?
No one would write such a guide, because drivers only care about their own state.

May 02, 2019, 02:57:01 PM