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Re: Useful Bookmarklets (browser bookmarks that do cool things) My favorite bookmarklet is printerfriendly.

I like to print out longer article rather than read them online. Typically the print function has large fonts and tons of pictures. Printerfriendly allows you to change font size, remove pictures and remove sections of a webpage just by clicking on them. Helps save paper and makes things easier to read.

March 13, 2016, 07:25:38 PM
Re: Site Suggestions IMO a better design would be having the Like button on the top right near the quote, and highlighted message about the actual likes. I made this in Paint so someone could definitely do better but that's the basic idea.

August 30, 2016, 09:48:38 AM
Re: Site Suggestions
you're not the only one

I was just making a visual of what I thought it should look like. Didn't mean to invalidate your previous comments.
Does this mean that in the future we'll see more posts of people fighting for likes on their original post like they do now for Hat Tips?

August 30, 2016, 11:42:42 AM
Re: Pay your rent with MC through RadPad for 1.99%
That's a big red flag with PayPal from what I've heard no?

It's a red flag, true but with this dead and PPDG basically dead, what else is there with paypal? I'm just transferring my balance to a new paypal account I created and then I'll cash that one out. Don't care if the new one dies.

October 13, 2016, 02:59:48 PM
Re: US to Southeast Asia Business Class Starting at $1500 dead
November 22, 2016, 11:20:31 AM
Re: Staples Master Thread (Visa Rebates And Other Major Deals Need Their Own Thread)
save on clothes, shoes & accessories

spend $50, save $10
spend $100, save $25

with promo code STYLE

Unless Staples completely changed their product line, I think you meant this for the Target thread.

December 06, 2016, 09:05:07 AM
$25 Off Your Lyft Premier Ride To or From the Airport (new and existing) $25 Off Your Lyft Premier Ride To or From the Airport


$25 off airport transportation

Valid for new and existing Lyft users on Lyft Premier rides to or from the following airports: BUR, LAX, OAK, SFO, SJC, IAD, DCA, MDW, ORD, FLL, MIA, PBI, JFK and LGA, subject to terms below.

Redeem by: Friday, December 30, 2016

December 21, 2016, 11:14:48 AM
Re: Site Suggestions I actually wrote a python script that pinged the site every minute (sorry dan) during the day and checked for new posts. If there was a new post that had certain keywords in the title or matched the categories I specified, it sent my wife and me a text message with a link to the post. Worked well during those price mistakes.
December 22, 2016, 02:19:31 PM
Aerial Dag's trip to Tanzania & Rwanda As I sit here in a tent in the middle of the Serengeti in Tanzania I realize that if I don't start a trip report now I'll probably never get around to making one. I'm not sure if people will find this useful since I didn't book anything with points other than the flights but there seemed to be a bit of interest in my non-points stay at Huvafen Fushi in the Maldives. Well anyway, let's take a step back.

6 weeks ago
My wife and I came to the sad realization that despite taking several trips in the Fall, for the first time in about 5 years we didn't have a single trip planned or in the works. With Zika going strong in many warm places we decided to dust off our Africa trip research and take a second look at that idea. We quickly realized that this was likely the last time for us take such a trip before future "little obligations" entered our life.

We contacted two travel agencies and quickly got to work. Booking trips in Africa is typically a long, slow ordeal but since my wife had basically done all her research about places to stay and areas to visit in advance, we fed the agencies this information and asked them to come up with itineraries. There was some back and forth about the itinerary but we were pretty set in things we wanted. After playing the agencies against each other to bring the price down, we pushed them to move as quickly as possible and had a trip booked and paid for in about 10 days. We made a few people uncomfortable doing it so quickly but we're from NYC and I guess they smelled a quick sale. We probably broke some sort of record.

Next were our flights. I had enough of each UR, AA, TU, and MR for J. I was hoping to take advantage of the AA Qatar multi region allowance for Africa but unfortunately I couldn't find any availability so close to my flight time. In fact, I couldn't find much business class availability anywhere. I was getting pretty desperate (I had even previously put a hold on economy just so the travel agency felt comfortable I had at least some flight reserved). Thankfully a few days after searching, some new availability opened up and I booked EWR-FRA-ADD-JRO for the way to Africa and KGL-BRU-MUC-EWR for the way home. Not the ideal flight route but it got us there in J so I was happy enough.

We took a 6pm Lufthansa flight to FRA and sat downstairs in a 2-2-2- config. We tried to sleep as much as possible so I can't really comment on the flight more than to say that the beds were fine, though they make for an awkward configuration if you don't know your neighbor. When I have a better wifi connection I'll upload pictures. We arrived in Frankfurt at around 7am pretty tired despite our sleeping attempts. We had a 14 hour stop over in Frankfurt so we decided to make the best of it and joined a walking tour which started at 10:30am. We got to the city, grabbed some coffee and met up with the group. The tour is run by a married American couple who have been living in Frankfurt for a number of years. It was interesting and touched on important parts of the city but does involve two church visits. Overall there just isn't that much to see so despite being over 2 hours, it was one of the worst walking tours we've been on. Also it cost 14 euro a person.

After the tour we visited the Frankfurt holocaust memorial site at the Jewish cemetery. I found the memorial to be simple yet effective. From afar you see black stones stuck in the wall surrounding the Jewish cemetery but as you get closer you realize that each stone actually has the name and information of every Jew from Frankfurt that died in the Holocaust.
We then went inside their Jewish museum which gives a history of the Jewish population of Frankfurt. The museum was new, heavily staffed but very informative. I love learning about how Jews lived in these Western countries back in the day and the museum did a great job explaining it.

After the museum we still had several hours to spare so we headed back to the airport. We went through security and went to the Lufthansa lounge. Our next flight on Ethiopian Airways wasn't for a while so we went to the sleeping room and took a 2 hour nap. The beds in the lounge were super comfortable and since they provide pillows and blankets I could have stayed the whole night. But alas, our flight was boarding so we quickly made our way to our plane and boarded the Dreamliner. Ethiopian was running a 2-3-2 config which surprised me. My wife and I sat in the middle section but the seat next to us was empty. It was comfortable and we slept the entire way.

Almost there...
We arrived in ADD and immediately headed towards the lounge. It was super basic and reminded me of the lounge in Sri Lanka. They had a sleeping area which was nice but the place was lit up with tons of natural sunlight which was not so nice. After trying to sleep for an hour or two we eventually went to our next flight to JRO. I'll put up some pictures of this flight but it was only 1.5 hours so not much to report.

We finally arrived in JRO. The arrival terminal was very similar to small Caribbean countries where you are ushered to a small hut like location where you have to get your visa. Since we were in business we were first in line to get the visa. After handing the agent the form I was pretty surprised to hear him say that we had to pay $200 in cash to get our visa. At first I thought he was trying to play us but I confirmed it with others. Luckily I brought USD for tips so I had the money and paid him on the spot. I later learned that visas are $50/person except for Americans who are charged $100/person. Great. After that little setback, we met our driver who was to drive us to our first stop, the Arusha Coffee Lodge in Arusha.

For that, you'll have to wait for my next post!
FYI I'm going to break this TR down to 4 or 5 parts. The first part, an introduction. Second part will go through Lake Manyara, Ngorngoro Crater and Ndtutu. Third part will be Serengeti. Fourth part will be gorilla treking in Rwanda. Fifth part, if necessary, will be the conclusion and other info. Also, next post will start with actual pictures so stay tuned.

February 11, 2017, 02:28:02 PM
Re: Host A DansDeals Seminar?
It's actually coming together nicely now that I spent some time on it today.

Don't forget to post it in the proofread thread before the presentation!  ;D

April 06, 2017, 10:02:20 PM