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Have you ever missed a flight? They say if you haven't missed a flight you haven't flown enough...

I've missed 4 so far:

- HA LIH-HNL-KOA, due to a flat tire (really :D). Went on standby for the next pair of flights and made Shabbos (two days of it) in the nick of time.

- AS YEG-SEA-JFK, due to the clerk at the RV return insisting on 17 copies of everything and oblivious to the fact that I need to. leave. NOW. Ended up getting refunded by AS and booked AC YEG-YYZ-LGA instead.

- SK OSL-TRD-BOO, due to not being as big a maniac as Dan. Got put on the direct OSL-TRD instead while Dan got to add TRD and a rare 737-600 to his lists.

- AA LGA-XNA, due to missing the baggage cutoff by 2 minutes. Took the afternoon flight instead.

August 28, 2017, 01:39:18 PM