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Re: Massacre in Las Vegas. You know how your aunt thinks that you are the ultimate miles and points gangster and would be shocked to realize that there are many, many people much, much bigger and better at this game than you are?

Well, I think it's the exact same thing with us even batting an eye at this guy playing through millions of dollars in an evening. I would not be too surprised if there were thousands of guys in this category within a 90 minute drive of Vegas. And I am sure all of them wear dockers and don't look rich at all.

In other words, my point is the fact that this guy was a high roller in Vegas is not such a significant "clue" here. It's representative of a whole category of people.

Just imagine that ch"v a DDFer did a crime and the media made a big to do trying to connect the dots by discovering some of his "weird" behavior. "Well, it seems here that he once made $200,000 in purchases in one year at Staples!" You know how "suspicious" that would sound to most people and yet how absolutely irrelevant it would be to you and me. You'd be thinking, "Is that ALL?"

October 10, 2017, 10:19:36 PM
DansDeals Mentioned in NYTimes Weddings Section
About halfway down:
"The couple became exclusive after that. Then a trip was planned to Indianapolis using points, miles and a Hyatt gift card previously bought on, a website geared toward Jewish communities."

October 20, 2017, 03:52:22 PM
Re: WARM! MSI GE Series Dragon Fever Bundle - $28.46
whats this ?
we donít ask questions about mileagejunkies deals. They are always good deals.

November 14, 2017, 03:04:22 PM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting/random pictures thread
November 16, 2017, 08:29:22 AM
Re: Amazon started taking pictures of your products once delivered.
Ordered two packages same day delivery and on my Amazon account I see pictures of my package delivered sitting on my front lawn. Very cool.

Thats a lawn in Brooklyn... ;D

November 27, 2017, 09:23:37 PM
Prison Anyone here ever been there?
November 28, 2017, 08:39:33 PM
Re: Prison
Part of my hesitation to share relates to one individual here who at one point tried to use my story to threaten me (i.e. he threatened to post details, which are readily available online, but nonetheless embarrassing) because he disagreed with my opinions.

That is horrible! To explicitly taunt someone who did teshuva, which seems very clear in your case, over his past actions is the epitome of ona'as devorim and beyond the pale.

December 01, 2017, 10:05:27 AM
Re: Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Rechargeable Toothbrush, Qi - $32.50 ($150 drop)
This is not considered hot??
Who said that?

December 07, 2017, 11:06:03 AM
Re: Prison
You sure you want to leave that there? It's pretty identifying. I'm not saying because of the case - just that often people don't want to be explicitly identified on forums at all.
Instead of applauding her for her bravery, we get this. Anonymity is over-rated in these forums.

December 12, 2017, 08:43:16 AM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting/random pictures thread
Ignore the low tire pressure.  ;)

It's a jelly donut.

December 14, 2017, 07:17:19 PM
HURRY! Curb (Taxi App) $10 off Curb is offering $10 off any ride taken before 1/1 by using code 2NODWI
You can enter it in the app now to use later.

$5 referrals credit here:

December 20, 2017, 07:35:58 PM
Re: Random questions.
That makes more sense.From the little I have learned here that is not accurate. It seems they believe this only for good things.
No! No! No! Oy, you've been drinking chalav akum again, haven't you?

December 20, 2017, 09:33:29 PM
Re: What's your predictions for 2018? Crows are hunted to extinction.
December 27, 2017, 12:44:15 PM
Re: Do you Wake Up Early to Eat Before the Fast Begins? Get up? Or I'm still up?

December 27, 2017, 08:29:26 PM
free sams club membership (+tax) if you have this amex offer it will bring cost down to $20 + and if @Dan refers you (on DDMS) you get $20 Sams Club gift card = free membership
December 29, 2017, 10:35:08 AM
Why do some Jewish communities prohibit women from driving?
January 01, 2018, 01:23:00 PM
Re: Rubashkin freed from prison.
I just got hit with a data overage on my cell phone plan. I am usually a very low data user.

Talking to Verizon now, seems like it was Dec. 21 - had to do with celebrations for SMR.

Email Dersh, maybe Trump can help

ETA: Also call Make a wish, maybe there's a kid can write a letter.

ETA: might want to check your kidneys

January 02, 2018, 06:26:25 PM
Re: Why do some Jewish communities prohibit women from driving?
That's what scares me.
Nobody could care less right now. OOT is nice like that.
We can only start to understand this problem when we understand why people are so scares to send their kids to school where a parent might wear different colored shirt, or have a longer sheital than their own mother wears.
Or where a women drives when they don't.
Etc etc.

January 07, 2018, 09:12:33 PM
Re: Would you have been better off if you never found DDF? Pretty much supported my family with MS/CC apps for a few years until I finished school and started a real job.

Just a lesson on how Hashem main gig at the time was Redbird. I had 13 cards and would buy prepaids for 5% CB and load 65k (5k x13) a month at Target. At 1% cost I netted around $2,600 a month. That together with other MS (and my wife's small income) we got by. Literally the very day I started my job, Target stopped allowing debit loads on Redbirds effectively ending the gig.

January 07, 2018, 09:56:58 PM
Re: Would you have been better off if you never found DDF?
Pretty much supported my family with MS/CC apps for a few years until I finished school and started a real job.

Just a lesson on how Hashem main gig at the time was Redbird. I had 13 cards and would buy prepaids for 5% CB and load 65k (5k x13) a month at Target. At 1% cost I netted around $2,600 a month. That together with other MS (and my wife's small income) we got by. Literally the very day I started my job, Target stopped allowing debit loads on Redbirds effectively ending the gig.

Darn how I wish you started your job a couple months later. Could have kept the redbird going for longer

January 07, 2018, 10:42:06 PM
Re: free books for kids
So thankful that I live in 2018, so I do not have to deal with these ridiculous issues.
A. No need to have kids in 2018.
B. No need to get books in 2018, all online, kindle etc.
C. Judaism is overrated, no need for it in 2018.
D. No need for free stuff due to Trumps tax plan for 2018 you can pay retail for books.
E. No need to read to kids in 2018, that's what tablet time is for.

January 09, 2018, 04:32:38 PM
Re: Chicago Master Thread
If my company is spending $2K to fly me in, $500 on a hotel and a couple of hundred dollars on meals, no I can't disappear for a day for the 4 days I come in

TL;DR Ergel will pay for the whole DO and expense it.

January 11, 2018, 04:33:44 PM
Re: How do U define yourself, what does it mean & how would you like to see your kid
"I strive to be a Lubavitcher." (That entire sentence is my own label for myself, and I hope it will always be).

You already are one you just don't know it.

January 11, 2018, 05:29:00 PM
Re: Signal Jammer Sick of people on their phones in shul?
January 18, 2018, 08:15:06 AM
Re: Signal Jammer Great way to stop ppl from going to shul.
January 18, 2018, 08:29:30 AM
Re: Signal Jammer
Probably not. Some of it will probably involve the Rov hounding repeat offenders.

Just want to point out that blocking signals doesn't mean they won't be able to use their phones at all. It'll eliminate the noise perhaps, and some people don't do much on their phones that doesn't involve internet connectivity - but it's not a full solution. The only full solution is not to have it in shul at all.

There's a guy I see in shul every so often that davens shmona esrai in a minute or two, and then sits down and plays some sort of candy crush type of game. And this wasn't a one time occurrence.
I'm pretty sure Reb Levi Yitzchok would have something to say about that...

January 18, 2018, 12:08:41 PM
Re: NFL Master Thread
Oh really! Why not?
They lost to the Patriots in 2011

January 22, 2018, 10:36:28 AM
Re: (plug) Tax deductible CC spend Opportunity--support the Israel Olympic dream thanks guys! Much appreciated. Just got back from Israel.  The team uniforms aren't as flashy as the USA, but i'll give you a sneak peak:

They're entirely polyester *shudders*

January 29, 2018, 05:27:26 AM
Re: Where Are You Posting From Now? Thanks all!!
What number kid is this?
4. Two Yankees, a Canuck and now a Sabra

January 30, 2018, 01:32:33 PM
Re: Random Posts I think you can tell the difference between a person with creativity and a person without, whether they only use squares when building with magna tiles or whether they make use of all the pieces.
January 30, 2018, 02:02:32 PM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting/random pictures thread
I regular use both data and data.
Not sure why.
I usually say data but if I'm talking to someone who's saying data I might respond in kind.

February 16, 2018, 09:53:28 AM
Re: So Big Bang theory needs.....Emunah
Has it changed over time?
Well it's changed by over 30 years just during the time that I remember.
I remember when they said it was 5,745 years old. Now they're saying 5,778.

March 04, 2018, 09:19:31 PM
Re: YWN Toronto Airport Agent Takes Apart Jewish Travelerís Tefillin
What a complete waste of 2 minutes.

Nothing to see here.

ZZZZZZ i thought they broke upon the batim...
A waste of time opening this thread
Mods need to up their act in making sure thread titles actually mean what the thread (or at least OP) is about.
worst thread ever.
Seriously guys? I didn't think the title needed any editing. It said "YWN" as the first words.

What did y'all expect, I thought that was the best disclaimer a thread could have.

March 13, 2018, 09:07:59 AM
Re: RIP/BDE Master Thread
You must be really enlightened. I am just so. so happy he his dead. He was a hater of israel- am yisrael and eretz yisroel. He should rot along with all the others.

Dude, you are out of line. Delete your comment and apologize.

I am the one who started the objection against Hawking even being mentioned in this thread.

March 14, 2018, 12:28:27 PM
Re: Stuff Your Kid Tells You There is a house under construction behind us.
3yo: the workermans don't have a mommy right mommy?
DW: why do you say that?
3yo: their mommy wouldn't let them climb up on the roof

March 27, 2018, 09:05:58 PM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting/random pictures thread
Am I the dog in your moshol? What is the house? What does it all mean??
The little bird is Yisroel
The vultures are our foes
The painful wound is golus
Which we all fee and know
The nest is yerushalayim
Where we yearn to be once more
And the eagle is Moshiach
Who we are waiting for

It doesn't always pay to spell out the nimshal.

March 28, 2018, 02:40:53 PM
Re: The funny/strange/interesting/random pictures thread
I put them on myself. That's all

Get them checked.

March 28, 2018, 03:09:53 PM
Re: Chilul hashem on AF Golus is becoming way too comfortable for us. We feel entitled. Some of us will blow it for the rest of us.

If someone's psak says not to sit next to a woman under any circumstances, he really needs to limit flying to almost never. It means being ready to ask politely once, and if not forthcoming to walk off the plane and forfeit the tickets.

April 18, 2018, 03:09:53 PM
Re: Gentlemen: Charge your shavers! Once a Lag B'Omer celebration was being held in Jerusalem. Several yeshivah students from overseas joined the gathering. They had grown beards during the Counting of the Omer, but had removed them on Lag B'Omer. The Gaon, Rabbi Yeshaya Osher Zelig Margolis of Jerusalem, told them: "Throughout the days of the Omer, you restrained yourselves from removing your beards. Today, on the day of Rabbi Shimon's celebration, you too are joining in the rejoicing. But how are you are marking his holy day? By trampling on his words. This recalls the words of the Megilah: 'Would you assault the queen while I'm at home?!'" My words bore fruit and the students resolved never to touch their beards.

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai taught (Zohar, Vol. III, p. 130b): "Woe to those who extend their hands against the precious, sublime beard."

The Chafetz Chayim writes: "Removing one's beard (even with scissors) brings about destruction and blemishes [in the spiritual worlds] Above and removes the image of G-d [Tzelem Elokim] from one's face. By doing so, one uproots the channels of holiness from Above... as explained in the holy Zohar and the works of the Kabbalists.... Accordingly, any person with a sensitive heart should be in dread of this severe and bitter sin. If he transgressed, he should hurry to repent and should not pay attention to his foolish friends whose evil inclinations have overpowered their minds" (The Chofetz Chaim in his Kuntres Tiferes Adam, Introduction, sec. 1; ch. 10).

May 02, 2018, 11:59:49 PM
Re: US Politics/2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread lol
May 10, 2018, 12:11:50 PM
Re: Kosher Meals - Can we do better?
Me too! It is part of the experience :)
Me too. I actually go to high end restaurants and and ask them to cook my meal the way Borenstein does because I love it so much.

May 17, 2018, 07:57:55 AM
Re: One day or two
"איין טאג"
-Rav Farkash
Can I get a HT?

May 21, 2018, 01:01:03 PM
Re: NBA Master Thread LeGoat!!!!
May 27, 2018, 11:04:29 PM
Re: NBA Master Thread
While we are on the subject of burner twitter accounts.... What should be done to those with burner DDF accounts??
Ban them for life!!!

May 31, 2018, 10:45:02 AM
Re: Things To Do In Israel Master Thread
Dan, We are also planning family trip in August with kids ages 2-8. If you already made plans, can you share some kids friendly activities in Israel and especially in Jerusalem. Thank you
I hope @Dan can recommend a great old city tour guide..... ;)

June 04, 2018, 03:00:51 PM
Re: Best (Affordable) Area Near Manhattan for Young Couple?
The frequent long commutes that people consider normal totally blows my mind.
Totally unheard of in LA

June 08, 2018, 12:39:47 PM
Re: why does DD's hate Elal Does a parent hate a child that they critique and tells him how to get better?

If DD "hated" El Al they wouldn't have spent hours on the phone explaining exactly what to improve, change, and how to actually make money like some US airlines.

They have so much potential and seeing them shooting themselves in the foot makes it so much worse, being that they are Israel's airline.

June 19, 2018, 11:00:17 AM
Re: Price mistake....Wholesale Boutique Woods Backpack-$9,243,420,156
we will be starting a gofundme page for ben89 who recently fell into tremendous debt

But dan on the other hand....that commission

June 27, 2018, 09:50:49 AM
@TimT ?
IMO it should of bin announced on the DD main site that due to the latest waive its highly recommended not to keep large amounts of UR.
Maybe would it be a good idea Dan to post on the main site about this crazy wave, and what can possibly be done to get protected, also recommending folks to transfer UR especially if someone know that he lets say just needs the UR for UA he should transfer it and not risk it. you can be sure the comments will be Would I know before.......
And don't forget HT: ilherman, via DDF :)

June 28, 2018, 03:59:24 PM
Re: Amex 2014 Terms and Conditions Here are some sevaras I'm thinking, although again, haven't really looked into this and many here have probably thought about it more than me.

1. CB, points on generic spend, seem akin to a rebate, which means you just paid less for the potatoes you were buying. Hard to see that as taxable.

2. Same with FF miles you get for flying. You just paid less for your flight.

3. IRS Announcement 2002-18 was about business travel. Your employer pays for your flight, and you get miles. If was like scenario 2, the employer would get the miles. So this is more like your employer giving you additional compensation in miles, but IRS was mochel it.

4. Points or miles you get from deposit bank accounts, seem most like interest income. Hard to see it as anything different.

5. MS from buying groups.  If you treat it as having paid less for potatoes, like under scenario 1, then your basis in the potatoes is less, and  you had a profit when you onsold it to the buying club guy.  So seems like either business income or short term gains (with various nafka minas).

6. MS from GCs. This is the weirdest one, because it seems irrational to say that your basis in a $500 GC is only $492. However, I can get past that weirdness, especially considering that you can trade GS below face value all over ebay.  So hagah atzmecha: If I buy a Target GC for $475, and then buy $500 worth of potatoes at Target, do I have income or gains of $25? That seems like an insane position to take.  But that's where the usual theories would seem to take us.  If you have a business, I would think very hard to argue that the money you are making wasn't made. But seems nuts that you have income everytime you buy a GC below face value and then use it.  At some point it may just come down to the optics.

These are just some boich sevaras--no idea how IRS thinks of this or what law is.

July 05, 2018, 02:30:20 PM