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Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
Now that they only let you do an offer once per ssn is there any reason not to have multiple cards on one login?

April 03, 2019, 12:08:30 AM
Re: Ba avios devaluation?!

April 29, 2019, 06:39:20 PM
Re: BOFA Alaska Airlines Visa Master Thread
How long after you signed up was that? Also how did you contact them? TY
About a month, by phone.

May 14, 2019, 03:46:08 AM
Re: Chase Sapphire Reserve
Is there a way to use lyft without a smartphone. (internet only on my computer)?

January 12, 2020, 04:00:04 PM
Re: Tweets, Pictures, And Videos That Are Coronavirus Related .
March 15, 2020, 11:27:33 PM
Re: Tweets, Pictures, And Videos That Are Coronavirus Related
April 01, 2020, 09:25:48 PM
Re: Antisemitism related to Coronavirus
Kurt Siegelin issued an apology:

I'll post the whole thing in case someone can't access.
This News 12 reporter just posted a long update on Facebook. Really worth the read. He writes how he looked into the whole school bus thing. He criticizes the prosecutor and a lot more. Here's a link, and I'll post the whole thing.

The school buses were on the road again today in Lakewood and Toms River. No kids this time, just adults. There were new signs in the windows and banners on the side. Inside, row after row of boxes of food. The delivery of the free and reduced lunch meals to Jewish students continues unabated. And so do the police stops. Two more buses were pulled over before dawn this morning as part of an ongoing Ocean County Prosecutor's Office investigation. Authorities continue to look for evidence of an open school in Lakewood. They've found nothing. They have only random videos of meal delivery buses and too much speculation from residents and those with other motivations about what the Jewish community is up to.

This morning we got the news of a funeral gathering in Lakewood. It seems, like Newark, the news about social distancing infractions originate daily from here. In fairness, these infractions should only condemn the indiviudals responsible. Somehow in Lakewood, it seems the entire Jewish community is indicted with each announcement.

Listen, we're in a pandemic. None of us have ever dealt with this. Unconventional measures are being taken everywhere. In Lakewood and Toms River, school buses are on the road delivering meals. Maybe it's as simple as there was no public awareness that this was going to happen. Something was missed and the announcement never went out. Honestly, I don't care where you live. Clifton, Lopatcong, Robbinsville. If you saw a school bus on your block every morning, you'd probably be curious as well. Schools are closed, so why the bus? Maybe that's all this is. Maybe Lakewood schools did a poor job of getting the word out. If our News 12 original story or my tweet Monday didn't alert the public, maybe those new signs and banners will. One can hope it was all as simple as a lack of understanding. Of course, it could also be something else.

I spoke to one resident who didn't want to give his name. "It's a cat and mouse game," he said. "There are people trying very hard to catch the Orthodox community. It's a handful of people who are doing this. Residents (in Toms River) are good people, but they're being fed misinformation."

Indeed. How about the sneakily edited video of a bus that aired on News 12 Monday? It was a black and white clip that only showed a child running to the bus. It was forwarded to the police as if to show 'Look, kids getting on the bus going to school'. Add the siren emojis! Well, had you seen the entire clip, you would have seen the child get off the bus with a meal, go hand it off and then return to the bus. But that's not what the cops, us or viewers got. Who knows what is in the heart of the person who purposefully edited the video that way and forwarded it on. Sadly, you can probably guess.

I've now seen all of Friday's video, Monday's videos and this morning's. These are the facts. In just about every instance where kids were present, they are the sons of the bus driver and not regular students. The only dropoff and pickup has to do with the meals as the buses follow their routes. I can tell you the ongoing prosecutor investigation should bear this out. As I write this on Thursday afternoon, there is zero compeling evidence of an open school. Nothing. Does something come up tomorrow? Next week? I sincerely doubt it, but the investigation continues and they have to do what they do. As of right now, there's nothing. The only evidence of an open school comes from the slew of videos posted online. Those videos show buses on the road. Again, indicative of nothing other than the meal delivery. Plenty of residents have questioned why they're on the road and they've made assumptions. There's your evidence. It's led nowhere. Police are asking for Ring doorbell and home surveillance video. Those videos will show the same thing. A bus going down the street, a kid or adult running out with food, the handoff and then them coming back before the bus drives on.

Toms River police were towing the county proseuctor line today. Their statement: "The invesigation is still being conducted through the prosecutor's office. There are multiple sources being investigated at this time including witness statements that we are trying to corroborate. We want to make sure the investigation is complete before releasing additional information."

Honestly, I would have liked a lot more from them, either on or off the record. They wouldn't budge. They continue to see no problem with the statement they issued Monday. I would hope they have a problem with the firestorm which ensued. What's baffling is they didn't foresee how the media would react and, in turn, the public. The outrage. The vitriol. The blatent anti-semitism which emerged all across social media as the story made the rounds. Police will blame the media. Ok, but I laugh. They send out an email about an open school investigation, make no mention of the meal delivery and wipe their hands of it? Ok. Did they really not think the media would not do a story on that? Nice job living your tone deaf life. In fairness, Toms River cops can't go far from the county statement, but it sure puts Chief Little and his officers in a difficult position. They didn't start this. Their part in this was strictly at the behest of the prosecutor. But they're getting the phone calls right now too. They're getting the manipulated videos, the erroneous eyewitness statements, the evidence...of nothing.

Another email this afternoon went to the prosecutor's office. I asked for an update. Crickets. They don't owe us anything, but after this week and what's transpired, maybe they owe everybody a lot more. And the sooner the better.

Meantime, the buses roll on. At one of the stops in Lakewood this morning, a cop came through the doors with a flashlight. He looked quickly around, flashing his light towards the back. He saw no kids, only food boxes. The adult volunteer asked the officer, "I hear a lot of people complaining?" The officer paused at the bottom of the steps, "Yeah," he said. He then mentioned someone on that block who's been calling them, citing the coverage on channel 12. He might as well have named me. Well, I can tell you, I'll post the update when the prosecutor announces it, but this is the end for me. I'm tired. I'm angry. I'm done. I'm tired of the animosity seen on social media this week. I'm angry to think a hate group may have orchestrated all of this. And I'm done because I'm convinced of what happened and more importantly what didn't. Just as the prosecutor's office should be very soon now.

(Some of the evidence I've seen this week that the buses are only being used for food delivery. These are all stills from videos. And the newly marked up buses.)

April 02, 2020, 10:20:42 PM
Re: Corona virus and your shul Just wondering

I see how some people are really listening to the Rabanim about no minyanim, closing the shul....

Do these same people listen to the Rabanim with the same zealoutness when it comes to other things?

April 06, 2020, 12:56:18 AM
Re: Tehillim for people with corona virus
R' Don Blumberg
Don ben Golda
Improving B'H, still hospitalized.

April 06, 2020, 11:17:46 PM
Re: Antisemitism related to Coronavirus News12 reporter Kurt Siegelin has a follow up on the school bus story. He bashes the AG and more. Great read!


One investigation ends. And there likely won't be another one. Jewish residents in Lakewood reacted cynically today to the first bit of news. I can only imagine how resigned they'll be when the second part becomes evident. Resigned that there won't be any justice. Resigned that the divide and mistrust will persist. The Ocean County prosecutor couldn't heal that divide and, if they tried, it's lost on those who live here. Now, the state Attorney General seems to be taking a pass.

As predicted here several days ago, the county prosecutor investigation into whether schools were secretly still open in Lakewood proved fruitless. That investigation was nothing if not thorough. The prosecutor concluded (statement in a lower post) there were 85 buses out on the streets. My original column pointed out that every one of those buses was delivering meals. Yes, there were kids on board. In most every case, those were the children of the bus drivers. They were helping pass out the meals. There never were schools open in Lakewood. The prosecutor's office did what it had to do to gather evidence of that. Besides boarding countless buses, they had access to hours of on-board bus camera footage which bore it out. They had Toms River police scour neighborhoods for Ring doorbell footage. Nothing. They even went so far as to tail bus drivers in unmarked cars when they left their homes just to see where they were going. All to make sure. You may call these tactics aggressive. I'll be polite and call it thorough.

The prosecutor's office conclusion: "Subsequent investigation revealed that approximately 85 different buses from 4 bus companies - Jay's Bus Service, Masoras Avos Bus Service, Semon Tov Bus Service and Harnett Bus Service - were being utilized to deliver food to various residences in Lakewood, Toms River, Brick and Jackson, where residents were attempting to follow the Governor's stay at home orders."

In short, it was only ever meals. No schools. The reaction from the Lakewood schools attorney. Michael Inzelbuch?

"We appreciate the Prosecutor's statement. We will CONTINUE to insist that all buses delivering food CONTINUE to have appropriate signage and to avoid any further misunderstandings, at best, CONTINUE not have any children helping deliver food. HOWEVER - we are not withdrawing, at this time, the request for an independent review. Surely, no one should live in fear for doing their job as required by law in accordance with the law."

And he makes a good point. A driver I spoke with late last week wants to quit. He feels he's being harassed. Not just by the cops but by people in Toms River who still don't believe he's carrying meals. He's got people videotaping him at every corner. He's got strange cars following him. He feels threatened. He even took the step of delivering meals in his personal car because the bus had become such a visible target. So, yeah, re-read Inzelbuch's last line.

Rabbi David Rosenthal didn't mince words on facebook today, "The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office should be protecting the citizens of NJ, not serving as agents of bigots to harass the law abiding citizens of Ocean County. New Jersey OAG we demand an investigation!"

Rosenthal, Inzelbuch and thousands in Lakewood want the Attorney General to get involved. That request is just an ask. It doesn't have to be honored and the word I get from Trenton is that it will not be. The spokesman for Gurbir Grewal sent me this when I asked if the AG was going to follow up. "This was investigated by the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office. We do not have any further comment." I thought that vague. So I followed up and asked if they're just referring to the OC prosecutor's investigation and that's it? Alas, there was no response. So, let's just guess!

This type of communication comes as no surprise, frankly, because as has been the case with law enforcement since this began, you don't get much information and the information you do get can be interpreted different ways. Remember, it was the curiously-worded police email to News 12 New Jersey Jim Murdoch that got this whole thing started 8 nights ago. And now it appears to end prematurely.

One investigation is over, but I do maintain a second one should be opened -- into the probable cause of the first investigation. We've known police were sent an edited video. It wasn't edited for convenience. It was edited with intention. It was meant to create a fictional narrative so as to indict the Jewish community. Did the prosecutor's office finally see that for what it was? So why not investigate that? You want to root out hate in the community and establish trust between residents? Maybe that video is a good place to start. As for the phone complaints to the prosecutor's office, were they people just unaware of the meal mission? Or...not? Who's not suspicious of everything that led us to this point?!?

When I pressed Toms River police on the phone last week, I asked them what they were doing? Keep in mind, I'd seen all the relevant video clips at that point. I'd talked to people who knew. I put it out there point blank on the phone, "You guys have nothing." Today we saw that to be true. The process ran its course. There were no apologies today for the investigation, its shaky origins or the tactics used which only heightened the distrust.

Suspicion and distrust at such a time. The Governor daily speaks of the "New Jersey family." The hashtag "In this Together" is making the rounds. There's a pandemic and we can't seem to get neighbors in the same town to trust each other. "In this Together", huh? I guess there's a reason you have to sell it. In some places, it's sadly just not true.

April 08, 2020, 07:54:07 AM