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Next Vacation - Ideas Would like to go on a week or so vacation in April 2013 and am looking for ideas.

Some options we're considering are:

1) BOB
2) LHR + VCE
3) HKG + BKK

(Note, we don't want to go to Hawaii in April as we plan on using a free one way to get there on the tail end of the April trip using either AA or UA miles. Yes, I realize that BOB doesn't work so well with this.)

So, what were your top 2-3 vacations (aside from HA)?

Any recommendations on our potential picks?

October 11, 2012, 10:20:29 AM
Re: Couples Stuck in USA - Rent on Israeli Apartments
There's a huge attitute problem amongst the young couples in Israel.

Most them are young kids, freshly married spoiled brats from well to do homes.

Israel to them is a "Camp". They sign $2,000-$3,000 leases while having 0 income (daddy pays).

They don't understand what a utility bill is, they can't wrap their immature heads around the concepts of Vaad Baayit or Arnona.

They treat it like a game. Which landlord can they screw next. I started vetting more and more but noticed that even the uber-rich don't care.

To them it's not an apartment, it's a honeymoon suite. Well if I can play games with Hotels I'm entitles to same here too, no?

There is a yid whose name is well know in the world, a level wealth on the richlist, probably the wealthiest chareidi family on earth (not American. Way wealthier than Scheiner Rechnitz etc).

His grandkids take apartments in Jerusalem by flashing the brand name. Tachlis, the rents do not get paid and you can't talk to any Dayan because no-one can go against these guys.

I think this might belong in the wedding thread, but sending off kids to Israel needs to way regulated past Corona.

/end rant

I'm a manager for an family office CRE company, I help manage the luxury assets in the Jerusalem Chareidi submarket, due to background with this clientele.  I am not a broker and don't see why a broker would care about this. Most apartments are in the new development's that have sprung up in the past few years in the northern neighborhoods. A few are in Rechavia. A full 50% of these clients are not committed to honoring exact lease terms and agreements. They sublease for Sukkos even though we don't allow, and a whole host of other issues regarding damages when the leave the apartments.

You are renting out ultra expensive luxury apartments that are obviously targeting the ultra rich. You then go and badmouth most of the young couples in EY as being spoiled brats and dishonest. I suppose most couples are honest and responsible. You choose to deal with that segment because you want their money yet you are complaining when you get caught in the strings that are attached to that money.

April 23, 2020, 12:36:42 AM