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Re: joke for sheva brachot two woman were sitting quietly together.
February 16, 2014, 10:42:36 PM
Re: joke for sheva brachot
I think it's in perek 1 of brachos - עובר בחמישה קולות
that ain't a lav

February 19, 2014, 04:10:05 PM
New TV shows. Anyone watching "My Five Wives"?
March 16, 2014, 08:02:22 PM
Re: Funny Tweets
That's a bit extreme.

June 08, 2014, 11:05:03 AM
Re: Tisha Ba'v movies
How is that sad?
The Biur Halacha says regarding the minhag of watching movies on TB, that it doesn't necessarily have to be a sad movie, as long as it's not a rom-com.

August 03, 2014, 07:00:43 PM
Re: Your scarriest or scary moment
Happened 3 years ago. In short me and my wife went rafting in an isolated lake without life vests (I'm a lifeguard and wsi) . The water was gushing very very fast. Suddenly we hit a branch that was floating there and our rafting tube/boat busted and we were thrown deep under the water. We didnt know that the branch on top was a huge tree under the water. After getting some deep scratches and cuts i quickly freed myself. When i swam back up i saw my wife was not there!!!!
In the end i pulled her up and after being hospitalized for a week she was okay
WOW!  Waay scary!!
B"H you're both OK.

September 30, 2014, 12:15:02 AM
Re: Consumer Advocate Attacks Credit Card/Points Blogs
I see many people here are extremely delusional about Dan and his site. I too benefit from it but I don't think for a second that Dan is in this for me. He's in it for himself, to make money. Frum yidden in general seem to have a very Utopian view of their dealings with other frum yidden, which explains why so many get scammed by their friends, neighbors, and community members. Whenever I see commnets on the site lauding Dan (like Dan's the Man) and gushing over him and all he does, I laugh at peoples' naivete.
-1 while what you are saying is true just because Dan makes money off of it is not a reason not to appreciate it and I am very thankful to Dan even though I know he does it to make an honest living

February 05, 2015, 12:41:41 PM
Re: The truth about children - Warning: Controversial
February 26, 2015, 10:49:00 AM
Re: chase SHUT all my accounts
whats to fear ? people are gonna be haters let them, no need to let it effect you.
Hey welcome back! My feelings exactly.
We are all haters here and never help anyone.  ::)

March 06, 2015, 09:48:21 AM
Re: Evolution and the age of the universe

There are so many that I will need to sort them to find the best.
Still waiting. ...
Are you posting them?

April 12, 2015, 06:06:40 AM
Re: Funny Tweets
May 18, 2015, 01:20:36 PM
Re: Funny Tweets
May 18, 2015, 04:53:01 PM
Re: Investments/Partnerships
Established medical device company for sale.
15 years in business with 1 MIL+ yearly revenue and growing.
I couldn't last more than 15 minutes if I was in business with my MIL.

June 02, 2015, 10:40:32 PM
Re: Should I Change My Username?
How do you change your username?
DON'T EVEN THINK OF CHANGING YOUR USERNAME!!!! ChaimMoskowitz is one of the staples of DDF!

June 07, 2015, 12:12:02 PM
Re: Funny Tweets
June 14, 2015, 01:31:43 AM
Master Excel Template for keeping track of all Credit Card stuff Hey guys, so I recently got totally obsessed with Microsoft Excel, and learned lots of really neat stuff you can do with it. I saw that other bloggers shared their Excel templates to keep track of stuff, but I thought their's were too simple, so I made my own. I use it personally and I love it.

I want to share it with the DDF community, you can download it here.

The first tab contains the instructions. I included some of my own entries as examples so you will know what to fill in where.

I put in almost everything possible I could think of. Only thing I'm missing that I didn't get around to adding is the spending bonuses by category (e.g. travel, gas, etc.).

Enjoy. If you have any suggestions, comments, or improvements, Please let me know, I'd love to fix it.

June 21, 2015, 06:43:54 PM
Re: Best Jewish newspaper for advertising?
k i need to advertise a new business targeting the frum community and all over the world. ive recently been looking into it and its expensive. what would someone suggest the most effective and cheapest way.
I've forwarded the ad to many people through whatsapp etc and asked them to forward it on aswell (i hope some of you have seen it)  :)
personally im very into sign hangings but thats not probable in all communities.
also am i allowed to post on ad here on DDF? is there a thread for it?
There's a neat website that reaches hundreds of thousands of frum Jews across the globe and has advertisers that have made back 100x their investment... to work something out.

July 09, 2015, 02:49:52 PM
Yehuda57's Brooklyn DDS TR June 2014 Like most good TRs around here, this is long overdue. Unlike most good TRs around here, however, this won't have any useful information in it.

I booked my ticket early, so as to secure a good rate. To pay, I left NYC to find a grocery store at which to buy a VGC using my Freedom card during the grocery store bonus period. I loaded the GC into Bluebird, with which I paid for a money order to pay with PayPal as an eCheck.

The long awaited day arrived! I took an Uber to the airport to pick up my SilverCar, which I had booked using 8 stackable coupon codes. The total cost for the day: -$17.44. Dan had already earned me more than $5.

I parked the car in Manhattan using the Icon discount from DDMS, and got another Uber to the Seminar. I was travelling with my older brother, who would think Noi Due is Chinese, Pardes is where only four have entered, and Mike's is probably a mechanic. But he was hungry, and so he settled for the closest food to the seminar - which was at some hole in the wall whose name now escapes (more than a year later.)

The salad he got looked like it belonged at this kinda table:

I got one of these:

It was good.

Then it was time to hit the seminar! As we arrived, we saw it was crowded. Chairs were being pulled out of everywhere to try accommodate the crowd. We were ready for this; it was time for our secret weapon: Plan B.

We went to the check in rep to show our tickets and explain our preferred seating requests, but alas, he had as much interest in our tickets or PR1 status as Dan has for Spirit miles.

At this point someone shouted out, "Does anyone have any cash? I need coins for the meter." Everyone laughed uproariously - I don't know why.

Before we took our seats we were shown the meal selection, which consisted of items such as these:

Looking for something to wash them down with, I made my way to the drinks table and was met with utter disappointment and horror. The soft drink selection was entirely Be'er Chaim. Angrily, I stormed back to the check in rep, who was still half asleep, and demanded he heat up my Pom BYOK. Instead of heating it up, he stared at me for a second and went back to playing candy crush.

I wasn't looking for short ribs, mac n cheese balls or a BLT, I just wanted a non kosher-brand soda. Is that too much to ask for around here?

My disappointment turned to jubilation as Dan graced the stage, and began to enthrall us with the tale of how he had booked his flight to NYC that very day AFTER the plane had already pulled away from the gate. Something to do with living in Cleveland, he can just meet the plane on the tarmac, or something. Oh, and he avoided the United close-in fee by <CENSORED>

The next few hours were filled with tips, tricks and knowledge, like how to <CENSORED> on Priceline and how to <CENSORED> on <CENSORED>, and then something about Avianca, but I don't understand Spanish.

I was upset that he didn't cover some topics, like RedCard, but I realize that's because Target doesn't have a seminar affiliation program. and he's only in it for the big bucks.

He also neglected to mention the upcoming Etihad glitch, though I got that message on 84 different WhatsApp groups anyway. Dan intimated that it was ok to fly airlines other than ELAL to Israel, which proves his inherent Anti Semitisim, and he also mentioned travelling with his wife - which I found inappropriate.

These misgivings notwithstanding, I truly enjoyed the main portion of the evening, and joined the crowd in asking for an encore. He gladly obliged us, though strangely by bursting into Yesh Tikvah.

It was now time for the Q and A, which is where I got to have an impromptu DO. Something Fishy (I knew it was him - he was 13 feet tall, had a camera around his neck, and a Go Pro mounted on his forehead) was chatting with a couple of guys, and missed a question from the crowd that caused Dan and many others to laugh. He asked me what the joke was, and I managed to repeat it, though hopelessly gushing at the chance to speak to this DDF hero. I was too shy to introduce myself as the 57th Yehuda on the forum, but he wouldn't have recognized the name in any case.

Before I finish this TR, I want to say thank you to Dan for the seminar and DD - apart from the glitches I have taken advantage of - Expedia to Vegas,  Delta to LAX, Etihad to JNB (I booked but had to cancel Elal to TLV), My family and I have accrued millions of points which have enabled us to create family reunions and memorable vacations which we most certainly would not have been able to without DD. I seriously cannot thank you enough.

And thanks to all the helpful folk here on DDF for putting up with my questions, and sharing so much knowledge.

July 10, 2015, 01:10:58 AM
Re: Mystic, CT
Going to Mystic / Mohegan Sun Casino area with wife soon. Any suggestions on what there is to do in the area? Not interested in seaport/ museums.


July 14, 2015, 10:28:43 AM
Re: Funny Tweets
And... banned.

August 12, 2015, 01:50:56 PM
Re: Billion $ Ideas Or for people who eat breakfast cereal.
August 13, 2015, 03:09:11 PM
Re: Funny Tweets
August 15, 2015, 03:38:07 PM
Re: Anyone famous here?
Then there's always this guy.
Ha, if you only knew! :)

December 01, 2015, 11:01:25 PM
Re: Anyone famous here?
Except you misses a few deleted posts...they were the funniest!

Now accepting PMs...

December 02, 2015, 12:16:31 PM
Re: Elite Member Groups!
Any status for highest poster of the year? As the year is almost over I was looking around and I was blown away by David smith's  post per day count. I know he only joined this year but it's pretty impressive. (Could be there are others with higher ones but I didn't find any.)

My point is CONGRATULATIONS David to a great year Iy"h many more to come!

Post count per day (or period) is not something we want to be encouraging.

As always, quality > quantity except with $$$.

December 30, 2015, 03:31:18 PM
Re: Elite Member Groups!
You can find "garbage" posts not in JS as well.
And you can find some quality posts in JS.

December 30, 2015, 03:45:40 PM
Re: Welcome to the Forum
How about now?

It's called Whatsapp.

February 18, 2016, 10:08:12 AM
Re: The Funny/strange/interesting/random Tweets Thread
April 20, 2016, 03:32:22 PM
Re: Yehuda57's Brooklyn DDS TR June 2014
Well, hello there. Getting email notifications for this thread, are we?
Wait, you can do that??? I've been hitting refresh on this thread daily for the past year.

July 14, 2016, 02:37:30 PM
Re: 2016 Election Pick Your Poison Master Thread @JTZ - I apologize for the wall of text, but I feel this is important context to provide for the discussion.

Most of us on this forum are visibly Jewish. If we don't have beards and hats, we have kippas and tzitzis, etc. I would be surprised if the number of people here who have had an anti-Semitic experience is less than 100%. The stats show that Jews are on the receiving end of more hate crimes than any other group.

I've gotten middle fingers in Johannesburg, been spat on in Durban, and often walk over a swastika etched into the sidewalk near my in law's home in one of the Mid-Western United States. When I was in Yeshiva in Paris for a year, friends of mine where beaten up (This was almost 15 years ago - now it is MUCH worse).

I was spat on in an airport when I was 13. At least a dozen people saw it. The spitter was more than double my age. No one did or said a thing.
Those fist fights in Paris? Some were on full trains. Again, no one did or said a thing.

I have never reported a hate crime. No one I know ever has - and I know people who have experienced far more violent things then I have.

I live in Brooklyn, a truly liberal and hip city (Hilary Clinton's headquarters). Swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti are common occurrences - in alley ways, on subway platforms, and more.  When a group of thugs threw rocks at a school bus filled with little Jewish kids it didn't even make local news. A Chassidic guy was left unconscious under a car one night after a spate of anti-Semitic events - it only made the news when a few hundred of us marched to the precinct the next day.

You know what made news? When a swastika was painted the day after Trump won.

Weird, huh?

That Muslims and Neo-Nazis beat us is to be expected. But, in a sense, you know what is worse? Leftist, liberal self-righteous hypocrites who find it ok to mock, ridicule and antagonize "Ultra-Orthodox Right Wing Fundamentalist" Jews - while throwing fits of rage at every perceived micro-aggression against any other minority or race.

For example:

Gentrification is a big deal. Neither I nor any of my friends can afford to buy a home in our neighborhood. Renting an apt is nigh impossible. But whenever you read or hear about gentrification in Crown Heights, you will find out about Chassidic Landlords (Slumlords) who are mistreating and pushing out the Black community.  Of course lower and middle class blacks are being pushed out. So are the Jews! But it is ok for the media to paint the Chassidic community with the broad anti-Semitic brush of being hook nosed landlords cheating the poor blacks out of their money and homes. In actuality, it is market forces being driven by young artisanal, hipster farm-to-table vegans which are responsible.

This anti-Semitic attitude directly contributes to the violent antisemitism I sampled above, just as Al Sharptons diamond merchant rhetoric led to riots and murder.

This is just one tiny example that I deal with in NYC, one of the largest concentrations of visible Jews on the planet, in the shining pride of Western civilization. In other places, it is far, far worse. (Look at Jeremy Corbyn in the UK for a start, and we can go from there.)

So that's why we don't care about hate crime stats. We know firsthand that they don't even begin to tell the story. That's why we are so skeptical of leftists and the media speaking of hate crimes - we have a long history of them not only ignoring hate crimes committed against us, but agitating and prodding those who do us actual harm.

December 07, 2016, 12:06:46 PM
Re: Random questions.
Has the like-giving in general slowed down or just my personal like-garnering? If the latter, did I perhaps set the bar too high for myself before?
What is it with you and the LIKES? Every time you post something like this my LIKES shoot up. Take my LIKES as I don't want them. For the 100th time STOP GIVINGING ME LIKES!!!  >:( >:( >:(

December 08, 2016, 12:32:09 AM
Re: Random questions.
Man am I dense. I just figured it out. Everyone that I have been explaining the UPS method to via PM is giving me LIKES.  :-[
*inbox flooded*

December 08, 2016, 12:58:09 AM
Re: Taharas Hamishpacha Article Discussion For The Married Folk... Little OT but you should all be grateful for Shabbos. It would do everyone a world of good to take a break from the every day grind.
January 08, 2017, 04:11:06 PM
Re: Taharas Hamishpacha Article Discussion For The Married Folk...
Let it rip.  :)

Firstly, the article is complete nonsense. You cannot take an abnormal situation (a fourteen year old bride . . . I mean, seriously?) and try to infer a principle from there.

Secondly, the whole piece about it being obligatory when both husband and wife don't want to that night. Totally false.

Thirdly, the laws of family purity are not meant to be convenient or easy. They force couples to connect in ways other that physical touch, and most couples who are committed to keeping the laws, discover the beauty in them.

Sure, they are difficult. They can create challenges. Children can also create challenges in marriage, but no one gives them up just because of that.

January 09, 2017, 04:05:58 PM
Re: DDF poker game
everyone should throw out what buy in amount they feel comfortable with and well find a common ground.

I'm thinking $10 buy in for the first tournament and take it from there but I'm open to changing it either way
1k UR or MR to make it sound high stakes.  :)

February 14, 2017, 04:54:44 PM
Panama TR- a Hidden Family Gem (w/AWESOME restaurants)! Before I get into all the details of our trip that we took for mid-Winter break.  I just want to let you know that we were traveling with 3 kids from pre-school to middle school so I wanted somewhere where we could both relax and do excursions but at a low-key, non-stressful pace and in a comfortable environment that all my kids would enjoy.

With Panama, I basically found a place that has the ease of vacationing in Miami or Scottsdale but with the adventures you can get in the rainforest and beaches of Costa Rica and Brazil.  On United or Singapore it is also only 35k RT in Economy or 60K in J, with tons of flights out of NY, LA and other markets. Since there are no direct flights from where we live in Denver we booked the outbound through IAH and on the return we did a two night stopover in Cancun.  Because we knew we were going to Cancun we did not make the effort to visit some of the amazing beaches and islands they have in Panama, although I'll try to still provide info on them.

Ok here is it goes (and before I begin, thank you to @Yehuda for helping me with the pictures)...we arrived late on a Sunday and thanks to this AMAZING app called Kosher PTY we had awesome sushi and pasta waiting for us at our hotel!

The app is in spanish but a lot of the words are the same and y'all have google translate so you should be able to figure it out!  Also, they do NOT accept payment over the app, it is just for ordering so remember you need to be there at your delivery time (so you can't have food waiting at your hotel for you).

We stayed at the Hilton on Avenida Balboa, and I would HIGHLY recommend it!  Because hotels are so cheap, I actually decided not to waste any points and just paid for the room (Panama City would be a great place to spend less points by booking with your Sapphire Reserve although I will also have info later on one hotel that might be the best possible use of your Marriott 7 night cert in the whole system).  Since it cost less than two rooms, and I don't like being crammed with our kids into one room we booked an Executive Master Suite.  It was HUGE, over 1100sqft. with a full kitchen and 2 bathrooms.

Here are some pics:

Kitchen, Living and Dining Area

We had a huge bedroom and Master Bath and another full bathroom with shower although my pictures of those are loading her upside down so if someone wants to help me figure out how to post them correctly, I can add some pics of them too!  ;D

Most people don't know that Panama City has more skyscrapers than any city in Latin America (yep, more than Rio and Mexico City) and it has a truly stunning skyline...

The hotel lobby was also just gorgeous with stunning two story windows and views of the Pacific Ocean and Bay:

This is a picture take from our suite of the Waldorf Astoria, one block over (sorry it's showing landscape and not portrait).  You can see it is a row back so it doesn't have water views from most rooms or the pool.  The pool also looks really small.  Because of those reasons and also no breakfast or lounge, I decided to book instead at the Hilton and was very happy with my choice.  The Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Le Meridian and InterContiental are all super close and in what I think is an excellent location.

Since it was a long day of outbound travel and we were there a full week, we decided to make the first day a lazy one.  That morning got up late and went to the Kosher Coffee Bean literally a block from the Hilton and enjoyed some awesome pastries and empanadas and they have beautiful salads and sandwiches too (and all those wrapped goods had a hecsher on each product, in addition to the teudah on the store). I have a picture from here but that one also is loading upside down so it's not included.

We then walked a few blocks more to the Multi-Centro Mall to the HUGE Deli K Supermarket.  My kids actually had fun picking out stuff from Israel and all over that we can't buy in Denver.  They also have a sit down meat and dairy restaurants (we did not order from those though).  For those of you that keep CY, they even had shelf stable CY milk.  We didn't do any overnight or extreme excursions while we were there but if you were you wouldn't have to bring anything from the US and I would pick up everything here.  I regretted packing any snacks as they really do have everything!

After our little shopping trip and laden down with bags we decided to take a cab the almost mile back to the hotel and it was a whopping two bucks and I didn't even have to bargain (try that in Israel or Cancun where you better be ready to battle the cab drivers over fares)!

We then headed down to the gorgeous Hilton Pool, it's on their 12th floor, with great views.

Hope you enjoyed the beginning of my TR, my apologies for newbie photo or other errors and hopefully more is coming soon!

March 15, 2017, 01:52:28 PM
Re: I've Been On DD/DDF So Long That I Remember... When Dan used to answer PMs
March 15, 2017, 04:19:00 PM
Re: "כאלה"

Seriously explain to me how this started. Why not pick any random word to sing along with. Is there a deeper meaning?
it is common for many azla geresh's
They say that a baal koreh once came to the Satmar Rav Z"L to complain that his income is not enough for him to make ends meet. The Satmar Rav asked him, "and the kehilla never helps you out??!". The man replied, "Yes, twice a year, by katonti and by halo heima..."

April 20, 2017, 06:41:25 PM
Re: &quot;כאלה&quot;
I'm a BK and use reviis just for that! Mesora for me to unnerve people...  ;D The expression on the faces is just priceless!
You should really look inside when you lein, not on people's faces

April 21, 2017, 02:57:08 AM
Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications There are currently hundreds of rental apartments looking for tenants in Lakewood. Basement rental apartments have been particularly hard hit. There are dozens of units that have been vacant for more than six months, and some that haven't had a tenant in close to a year. Some homeowners have given up and have stopped advertising their vacant units. Consequently, rental prices have crashed to levels not seen since the 1990's. Three bedroom apartments with central air, high end kitchens etc. can be had for under $700 a month in some developements. The crash is filtering down to townhouses as well, where prices have dropped substantially.

For several years the demand for rentals outpaced supply, and rental prices rose to the point where the rental of a townhouse and basement apartment would fully cover the mortgage and taxes plus a hefty profit. Many homes were built with two rental apartments and investors bought homes by the dozen to turn into rentals. Low interest rates help fuel the building boom.

The supply of rentals began to outpace demand, yet hundreds of homes were in the approval/ construction phase and were completed adding to the oversupplied market. At this point, despite the massive oversupply of rental units, there are still hundreds of additional units being built including large scale apartment buildings, and even more in the pipeline in various stages of the approval process. It isn't always feasible to pull the plug on a project that is underway, even though the fundamentals have changed. Eventually the market will balance itself out as the natural population growth helps absorb the excess supply, but judging by the units in the pipeline, things are likely to get much worse before they get better..

What are the implications of the rental implosion?
The most obvious will be the impact on the home construction/ real estate market. With the rental income potential drastically lower and the financial incentive in place to rent there will obviously be an impact on demand and consequently prices. The Toms River and Jackson markets stand to gain in the short term since most homes there do not have a rental basement making their lower price point more attractive than a higher priced home in Lakewood with a rental.

Will there be even more young couples moving to Lakewood to take advantage of rental prices that are a fraction of what they will find in almost any other market?

Will it be easier for parent to promise support for young couples since they will be spending thousands less on rent each year?

What are some of the other potential implications? Thoughts?

May 01, 2017, 07:41:30 PM
Re: Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications
How much is the mortgage on the same townhouse? In some markets your monthly mortgage bill (after 20% down) is less than rent on the same property.

If renting, I'm not building equity and my rent might go up if the market tightens.
rental income for full townhouse should be min. $1600 and for basement Min. $800    should almost cover a mortgage if someone put down 20%.

and a side note is that people need real lessons in finance to explain that you can't buy a house with an assumption that you will have a basement renter for 12 months out of a year.  way to many people make that mistake and get into problems...

May 02, 2017, 10:16:46 AM
Re: Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications
and a side note is that people need real lessons in finance to explain that you can't buy a house with an assumption that you will have a basement renter for 12 months out of a year.  way to many people make that mistake and get into problems...
Many basement rentals in Lakewood are 3 BR apartments, not 1 BR dumps. They're suitable for young families, not just newlyweds. It's not so unreasonable to expect a degree of stability once you have a tenant.

May 02, 2017, 10:24:58 AM
Re: Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications
rental income for full townhouse should be min. $1600 and for basement Min. $800    should almost cover a mortgage if someone put down 20%.

and a side note is that people need real lessons in finance to explain that you can't buy a house with an assumption that you will have a basement renter for 12 months out of a year.  way to many people make that mistake and get into problems...
A year ago it was a given and all the agents were selling high ticketed houses with that sales pitch.

May 02, 2017, 10:37:14 AM
Re: Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications
At best the mortgage payment would be a wash even after factoring in equity, more likely a losing proposition vs renting. As far as the fear of being squeezed down the road by rising rent prices, rent prices are almost certain to rise but that would only factor in to your rent vs buy calculation if you think house prices will be rising as well. If you think the market is softening (which in all likelihood it is) then it makes sense to take advantage of the low rent prices now, and then buy when rent prices start to go up....

From an economic perspective, the average Lakewood family living on a budget should definitely be renting at this time.

Iv run the numbers, it makes zero economic sense to purchase new construction now...

May 02, 2017, 12:38:40 PM
Re: Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications
being unable to pay your mortgage payment can be very effective in getting people to adjust

If everyone acted rationally and was financially responsible 80% of Lakewood would be wearing hand me downs and the Voice Of Lakewood would be a whole lot thinner...

May 03, 2017, 10:49:03 AM
Re: Rental market implosion in Lakewood- implications
Is this the start of a trend where we will see newlyweds/young couples living in 5 bedroom 3 bathroom homes?

If they can afford it it'll leave them a lot of room to grow.

May 04, 2017, 12:22:38 AM
HTs for sale - $5 each - NO FEE UNLESS YOU GET HT! I will forward you links to cheap stuff on amazon, which you can post here.  I ONLY GET PAID IF YOU GET A HT!

examples of cheap stuff

May 11, 2017, 10:08:14 PM
Re: Amazon DD Bookmarklet: Have Chrome Make A DDF Friendly Link On Amazon
Nice! Now I can help 2 causes while I shop online!! What a world we live in!!
3 as DD gives tzedaka on earnings as well :)
Thanks for your support!

June 14, 2017, 11:13:25 AM
Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem-Honesty Story In light of all the recent negative coverage of the frum community I thought its important to make an extra effort to make a kiddush Hashem- especially in all honesty related matters.

Sharing your Kiddush Hashem or honesty story is in itself a Kiddush Hashem- and you are encouraging others to do the same.

I will start with my little story which occurred this week:

I dropped my Keurig water container and some of the parts fell off. I couldn't figure out how to reassemble the parts so I called Keurig customer service and the rep said as a courtesy they will send me a new water reservoir for free. (Cost about $30 on amazon) She asked for my shipping address and I actually cringed a little when I specified Lakewood as my town.

She said it would take 7-10 business days to arrive but I wanted a coffee now :)  so when I hung up the phone I tried again and was able to figure out how to snap back the parts and my Keurig was back in service!

My initial thoughts were- great! I fixed it and I will also be getting a free backup in case it breaks again! Surely a huge company such as Keurig won't care, and at the time it was really broken- so totally legit!

But then I thought again about all that's going on and remembered cringing when I mentioned 08701. I said to myself even if legally and Al Pi Halacha I'm perfectly entitled to take the free water container, I will still make an extra effort to be 1000% honest and in addition though there's only the slimmest chance I will get the same rep, maybe somehow it will get noticed and I can make a Kiddush Hashem.

I called back to cancel the free part and lo and behold I got the same rep! She said I remember you and thanked me for reporting that I had fixed it myself- and yes, she did cancel the free part shipment- but I'm still very happy I took a small step toward impeccable honesty and making a kiddush Hashem.

I hope this will be one of many stories to come.

July 06, 2017, 06:14:44 PM
Re: Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem-Honesty Story A wholesaler received a delivery which included several items he had not ordered (or paid for). He contacted his salesman who told him to keep it! He refused to keep it and sent it back- he didn't pay for it and did not want to keep it.
At the company's trade show the salesman went around introducing him as the most honest guy in the business!

July 06, 2017, 06:43:46 PM