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JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More It's hard to imagine I joined DDF over 10 years ago, of course this was after I made the first comment on DDMS 14 years ago and joining ctown forums after that.

I really can't begin to count the memories I have here on DDF, one that comes ot mind is the first major DO where @Dan @AsherO @BrooklynCPA @Mikeoracle @Smirk @MOSES @whYME @yare @Avid Reader @Chachem Balaileh @mancunian @yid @SuperFlyer all had an amazing time.

Picture of the DO:

Back at that DO no one really knew who I was, besides that I was the guy who started the jokes thread, which I must say was one of my finest additions to DDF ;)

Since that DO I have made countless friends and received countless favors from DDF members, who truly are like family.

Some that come to mind.

@rots5 and @moish putting me up in Israel while @moishebatchy offered my friends and I extra sheets for our stay, this was of course when we went with the first El AL glitch tickets. @SamKey For hooking up his apartment for Pesach and @Emkay for some awesome kugel, that I am pretty sure had an ok hechsher. @Chaikel for setting up a sweet Jamaican honeymoon.

@steve2 and the fights other new comers used to love to pick like @AJK when he was a total troll back in the day and @HelpMe who IMO had no idea what he fell into when he got here, and I'd like to think was very happy that he stayed.

@TimT is always there to offer some advice and is obviously the best searcher on DDF, @AsherO and @aussiebochur used to be that helpful guy until he got too busy for us ;)

Of course there was @JEWDA who it's still hard to believe isn't here anymore, going to his widows house the day after my Lchaim/vort with my then fiance will always be very special to me. The way DDF comes together when someone is in need (@SBS thread) is so heart touching it's hard to explain.

@mileagejunkie @Marco Polo @myi @YossieW @stooges44 @davidmal @Yaalili @B.D.Da'ehu @ben89 and of course @Davidthebest are my 100 HT club peeps, and have helped ignite the great deals we post every day to help tens of thousands of people save (and maybe spend) money every day. I really appreciate every deal that's sent to us and that's posted on DDF.

I couldn't possibly remember all of the countless nights I stayed up to argue with someone that was wrong about the most random things imaginable. @churnbabychurn @ExGingi @aygart @ChaimMoskowitz and of course many others can always be counted on for some good popcorn when it's needed. And @sky121 can always be counted on for a balanced and positive view on any subject.

Some dude coming along looking to sell a stinky old fish tank has drastically improved the trip reports and photography skills of DDF, hats off to you @Something Fishy.

@DH Data Recovery practically owned the tech deals on ddf at one point, and he @chevron and @txtmax4  are always good for a wine recommendation.

Wrigley softball DO with @SrulyS @Moes Tavern @Redbull3 @MosheD @EJB @chucksterace @Bentch @grodnoking @AJK @Yitzshpitz @Dan@Yodai Dooma @ShmulieCFS @JTZ

One day I may even meet @henche though that is likely IMPOSSIBLE.

Big shoutout to @BAHayman, @Eli, and @Suave for making DDMS/DDF able to run and be what it is today thanks to them!

The first DDF shidduch was super cool @Lou Bob @MC to many more, spending shabbos together in Aruba on the Hyatt Price Mistake was awesome.

Crazy to imagine there are over 300 members with 1,000+ posts so my apologies, I'm sure I missed many memories.

I made a thread asking what I should do for my 10,000 post, and I will try to do most of them below.

Enjoy :)
A typical day in the life of Dan:

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Dan wakes up from an amazing night's rest on his W Hotel mattress. and tell his Echo Dot which he got for free to turn on the Breville Coffee Maker plugged into his smart plug.

Get into hisNissan Altima and take the quick 2 minute drive to shachris.

After davening, @AJK texts Dan that AA has a Price Mistake to LA in F for $5, if they buys it in the airport and flies today. Naturally Dan just heads straight to the airport and boards the flight to LA. On the plane there is a dog next to him, which was strange at first until he realized it was just @meshugener flying in F as well.

In LAX Dan visits the United lounge, which he has free access to with his lifetime membership and his JMPRCC. He picks up his rental from Silver Car and heads to Tierra Sur for the Lunch DO.

In LA @Yehoshua @Cholentfresser @Yaalili @PlatinumGuy @yehuda @D93 @etech0 @ilherman and @David Smith all meet up for the DO.

All of a sudden Barto walks in and instinctively, the group makes a beeline for the door. But before they can bail, he stops them...And says he planned the AA Price Mistake in order to get a face to face with Dan after all these years.

Barto has realized after years of being the bad guy, he just wanted to hang out with the cool kids on DDF from the olden days like @Drago @Saver2000 @Cbs @Q274 @MarkS @aussiebochur , @chuchem and @myb821, he said even though it's @noturbizniss but he left his old job and as he was leaving he reinstated all the damage he's done over the years, returning millions of miles to their rightful owners.

Everyone was very happy and had drinks all around as well as
grilled to perfection.

After Lunch Dan drives back to the airport and rushes to catch his flight home as he realizes it is almost time for his UPS delivery. On the plane he uses the on board Wi-Fi to make some posts and read DDF (this is actually what takes up 18 hours of the day every day, besides shabbos).

He makes it home just in time to receive his UPS delivery of US Mint coins. He had set up delayed delivery back in 2009 and every day since then he has been receiving a $10k shipment of US Mint coins shipped via the UPS Method. To date this has netted a cool 30,000,000+ SPG points.

At the end of the day he reflect on life and remembers what is really important and what he is thankful for.

Now it's time to count to 10,000 and fall asleep.

(This is a fairly typical day)

Just some simple tricks for car rental status.

You can get free Sixt Platinum status when you sign up with this link. Once you confirm your email address you can login and instantly get your card online that shows you as Platinum.

Then match that status to National and hopefully get Executive elite, possibly Executive. (Can also apply here directly for executive)

Then email Hertz Simply enroll in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program then provide proof of your identity and proof of status with other car rental companies via email to

And apply for Enterprise Platinum here.

Avis you can try via social media or calling sometimes.

Fell free to add more matches in the comments.
A quick chazara of all my posts: Your attitude is what decides your mood, not what's going on. You can have a trip ruined if something goes wrong, or it can become one of the most memorable trips of your life. Roll with the punches. Always have a healthy dose of cynicism. Understand that someone with beliefs to the right of you or the left of you aren't wrong, just different, a rainbow would be pretty ugly with just one color. Enjoy life and always cherish what's most important to you, and try to keep that in mind every second of every day.

As a last note I'd like to do a small giveaway. just comment on this thread and I'll choose one winner to get a Google Home Mini and another winner to get the best card games IMO being Codenames and Monopoly Deal.

I can't thank DDF enough for giving me all the opportunities life has to offer, from making friends, traveling the world, to supporting my family, I couldn't do any of it without this truly amazing community.

Just to end off with a special thanks to Dan for starting it all and giving me the opportunity to grow the site and live the blessed life that I do.

July 09, 2018, 12:46:34 PM
Re: Master Thread of Pet Peeves I just tried it and my hamburger doesn't fit :(
July 09, 2018, 06:10:18 PM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More
Sorry he's saving 10,001 for someone special.
What a great way to start the morning learning that your third son thinks you are someone special!

July 10, 2018, 09:18:09 AM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More Good morning JJ and "Dan" and all of your "friends"!

July 10, 2018, 09:20:20 AM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More

Were quotation marks around "friends" really necessary? I almost felt good. The "Dan" one did give me a good laugh.
You are absolutely right quotation marks were not necessary for most of you!  I will reserve those for the few haters. Moms do not tolerate criticism of their children very well.

July 10, 2018, 10:24:56 AM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More
Good morning JJ and "Dan" and all of your "friends"!
What was it like to be the mom of the ElAl deal guy?

July 10, 2018, 10:27:18 AM
Re: JJ1000's 10,000 Post Featuring: A day in the life of Dan, Giveaway, & More
You are absolutely right quotation marks were not necessary for most of you!  I will reserve those for the few haters. Moms do not tolerate criticism of their children very well.

More than his encyclopedic knowledge of all things mileage and travel, and his incredible ability to dumb down and explain even the most complex redemptions to ensure anyone can take advantage of a good deal, I most respect @Dan for his positivity, mentchlichkeit and the way he deals with "haters".

As someone who put himself out there with a real name and picture, he's had to deal with everything from mild critique to hate-mail in a very public way. Some of the comments on the site and forum are downright creepy. Yet he's handled it all in the classiest way. I think this is a a huge testament to you and how he was raised.

So while we're all singing JJ's praises, L'chaim to you, and keep on enjoying the tremendous nachas I'm sure you are having.

July 10, 2018, 02:58:03 PM
100 Hat Tip present from Dan (itís awesome) I havenít had time yet to do what @davidmal did but this will do for now. Huge thank you to @Dan for this awesome amazing present that you brought over. Itís hard to get dan to come to your house but when you bring him Quaker oatmeal squares from Canada thatís a different story. Totally unexpected and unnecessary but thank you so much. So can anyone guess how much the amazon gift card was? Hint: Dan doesnít play games.
July 11, 2018, 09:12:12 AM
Re: Why I travel on Shabbat
I understand that a lot of people here on the forum are more observant than me and I can appreciate it.  I come from a Sephardic background and as Shabbat travel is Rabinical my upbringing has been not to ask a Rabbi but to do what I feel brngs me joy and being a proud Jew and know our traditions.

I decide to travel on Shabbat even to and from Israel for the following reasons:

1 The car service is operated and driven by a non Jew and we are saving our carbon imprint by not driving.

2. The car service has been prepaid and the app is hosted on a web server and to tip and rate the driver gives him Parnasa.

3. San Jose CA airport is owned by the city as is LAX and SFO the workers for the most part are not Jewish.

4. Alaska and United have non Jewish piolots and staff flying and working on the plane.

5. My ticket was prepaid and checkin for both flights were done before Shabbat.

6. Kosher snacks and beverages are served.

7. The lounges are operated by non Jews and have Kosher food items and drinke.

8. The flight to TLV flies at 9:40 PM going just after Shabbat. On the return its on Shabbat.

9. Ben Gurion Airport employs non Jews on Shabbat.

10. I will say Shabbat Prayers on Friday night in both CA and Israel.

11. I am traveling to Israel and in my tradition that is a major Mitzvah and in my personal Jewish following adds to the enjoyment  of Shabat.

12. I requested the Kosher meal and its heated by a non Jew flight attendant.

13. My tradition allows me to clear customs and leave the airport for any flight delay and ride in a car home under Pikuah Nefesh as Shabbat at home is safer and a hot meal is better with family.

Anyone else here folow my approach? I look forward y
to a productive discussion  . I am proud to be Jewish and love our traditions  I celebrate the  major holidays and family simchas
Let’s hope that you’re a troll, but if you’re not:
I could reply to each reason and tell you why you are wrong but we both know this would be a waste of time. I’ll just tell you that having grown up as the only religious family in a community (abt 70% sefaradi, 30% ashkenaz) taught me one thing. It is that it’s “okay” to not be observant  as long as you recognize that there are laws and that you are just not interested in them or it is too hard for you to follow them. The moment that you start justifying your actions and saying that you’re doing it the right way is when everything starts going downhill. So while you may be very proud being Jewish, the odds of your children marrying Jewish are small, and the odds of all your grandchildren being Jewish are non-existent considering your view on religion. I’ve seen people with your reasoning again and again and I can show you the results, there are even Muslims in some of the families now.

July 13, 2018, 08:29:40 AM
Re: How many sheitals does your wife have? 0 & 34 years
July 14, 2018, 09:47:41 PM