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Re: BOGO Tuition Scam why is paid over 12 months? simple. the first 2 months money is paid out. So if you gave 10k the school will get checks of 1666 for 2 months. Everyone will be screaming I TOLD YOU SO IT'S LEGIT etc. a few more spots will "open up" and thousands more will give. Then Mr Monsey hop's on the next plane to Israel never to be heard from again. until the next one....
September 04, 2016, 04:49:04 PM
Re: BOGO Tuition Scam I'm waiting for some brand new ddf accounts to start popping up on this thread.
September 04, 2016, 05:09:43 PM
Re: What are you drinking?
Lol how can you tell it's nice when all you can see is half the steering wheel?
If half the emblem is a Cadillac, chances are the other half isn't a Chevy.

March 05, 2017, 07:07:17 PM
Re: Pesach Program in Greece Cancelled Just Now!

If the people who wrote this letter, in any way reflect the people running this program, this is not even a small surprise. If I had just shelled out $15k or whatever exorbitant amount they are charging, I'd expect them to put a bit more effort into the cancelation letter.

April 03, 2017, 05:24:30 PM
Re: Amex waiting 6-10 weeks to issue 50% rebate on Business Platinum bookings!
I told him that reports were saying that since April 11, the 50% rebate weren't posting as fast. So he asked me where I saw that. I sent him here, among other places.  He was like, "oh, I know DansDeals". He said he spoke to his supervisor and he said average turnaround is still 3 business days. But, then again, he doesn't work in that department.
that is a really smart thing to do! You really should be banned

April 26, 2017, 04:28:33 PM
Re: whatsapp down ?
as of 2 min ago.. ;)
Some of you really need to get a life.  :P

May 03, 2017, 06:28:17 PM
Re: The New DDMS! Now I can't fall asleep. Watching for bugs. [ yes, this is a blatant placeholder for likes]. Let's break a record for the most liked post :-)
July 04, 2017, 11:27:17 AM
Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem-Honesty Story In light of all the recent negative coverage of the frum community I thought its important to make an extra effort to make a kiddush Hashem- especially in all honesty related matters.

Sharing your Kiddush Hashem or honesty story is in itself a Kiddush Hashem- and you are encouraging others to do the same.

I will start with my little story which occurred this week:

I dropped my Keurig water container and some of the parts fell off. I couldn't figure out how to reassemble the parts so I called Keurig customer service and the rep said as a courtesy they will send me a new water reservoir for free. (Cost about $30 on amazon) She asked for my shipping address and I actually cringed a little when I specified Lakewood as my town.

She said it would take 7-10 business days to arrive but I wanted a coffee now :)  so when I hung up the phone I tried again and was able to figure out how to snap back the parts and my Keurig was back in service!

My initial thoughts were- great! I fixed it and I will also be getting a free backup in case it breaks again! Surely a huge company such as Keurig won't care, and at the time it was really broken- so totally legit!

But then I thought again about all that's going on and remembered cringing when I mentioned 08701. I said to myself even if legally and Al Pi Halacha I'm perfectly entitled to take the free water container, I will still make an extra effort to be 1000% honest and in addition though there's only the slimmest chance I will get the same rep, maybe somehow it will get noticed and I can make a Kiddush Hashem.

I called back to cancel the free part and lo and behold I got the same rep! She said I remember you and thanked me for reporting that I had fixed it myself- and yes, she did cancel the free part shipment- but I'm still very happy I took a small step toward impeccable honesty and making a kiddush Hashem.

I hope this will be one of many stories to come.

July 06, 2017, 06:14:44 PM
Re: Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem-Honesty Story Don't know if this counts, but...was on a trip to Wahington DC with a friend, and came across a wad of bills on the floor in a grocery store. $100 bills. 9 of them. I went to the counter and asked loudly if anyone had lost, or heard of someone losing a large sum of money. One women started shaking her head no, then patted her pockets and her eyes went wide in shock. She said, "Yes, I had a bunch of money here and it's gone!"

I asked her how much it was, and she thought for a minute and then said, "$900." Gave it to her, continued on my vacation.

July 06, 2017, 07:03:10 PM
Re: Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem-Honesty Story I went through a cash toll in NY a few years back, and got too much change back, maybe $20 or $30 extra, don't remember exactly. At the next toll, I gave it to the person in the tollbooth, and explained to her why. She said that this was the second time that month that "one of you guys" (while looking at my yarmulke) did something like this.
July 06, 2017, 08:53:14 PM