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Re: London Master Thread
I'm flying from NYC to London tomorrow night and will be there for 1 week.  Is it better to get an Oyster card and refill it as needed or a weekly Travelcard?  I don't have any credit cards with Contactless payment so if I choose an Oyster card, I would have to pay a 5 activation fee.  And I'll need to buy it at the airport so that I can take the train to Golders Green where I'll be staying, so I'll be getting a "Visitor" Oyster card rather than a standard one (if I understand it correctly).

I suppose the most economical thing to do is buy an Oyster card for 15 (the minimum possible amount) and refill if I need to.  The weekly Travelcard starts at 41, depending on the zone.

Please help.  This is all quite confusing.
There is an option to have the fare "capped" so if you use more than a certain amount per week in pay-as-you-go, it capped. Golders Green is zone 3, so I think the max is around 41. The cap goes from Monday - Sunday (which fits perfectly for my schedule).

If you're starting and ending in the middle of the week, you can buy the 7 day pass for the same price, but you can only load a 7 day pass once you pay the 5  for the oyster card.

August 19, 2019, 08:06:04 AM