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Master Thread Of Trip Reports I figured I'd gather together some of the random trip reports and other useful threads on this board.
If anyone has any suggestions for how to better organize them I'm all ears!
Also if I missed any other useful threads from this board please post those as well.

Here is a link to the Trip Notes Tab where you can read numerous Trip Reports with helpful tips and pictures.

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Trip Reports:

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TLV-IST-HKG on the new Turkish Airlines 77W in First Trip Report by damaxer91

Trip Planning And Trip Report: Shanghai, Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong, Istanbul by chuchem

Trip with Train Through Southern Europe will be continued whenever...) by SuperFlyer

UMAN ROSH HASHANA Trip Report by Eli

July 13, 2010, 10:25:04 PM
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January 29, 2017, 02:03:05 AM
Re: Viva La Revolución! Time-traveling to Cuba with Something Fishy, whYME, and CITH
Some important notes:

- As with the last segment, this one is split it into two parts, with the second half coming tomorrow.

- Due to the amount of pictures, let your browser fully load before you begin.

- All the pictures are by me, except where indicated otherwise.

[Something Fishy] After a good night's sleep, we were out and about before sunrise to watch Havana wake up.

We headed down Paseo de Marti, the main boulevard that runs from the Capitol and the National Theater to the ocean, and is bisected by a pedestrian walkway:

Turning into a side street, we came across a commentary on the revolution graffitied on a wall:

The sky beginning to brighten:

Early to rise:

Photo by whYME:

Setting up shop, under the ever-watchful eye of Fidel:

Photo by whYME:

In Cuba, does Dora teach kids English?

After a some side-street wanderings, we wanted to head to the Malecon to watch sunrise, but we had gotten disoriented. We were back on Paseo de Marti, but we couldn't figure out if we needed to turn right or left (even though the ocean was very near, the boulevard curved on both ends so we couldn't see very far). A pair of security guards were nearby, so we stepped over to them.

Me, pointing first in one direction, then in the other: "Malecon?"
Guard 1, completely clueless: "Malecon??"
Me: "Malecon!"
Guard 2, looking around hopelessly: "Malecon?"
Me: "Si, Malecon!"

Again, only stares. It's as if these two had never heard of the most famous place in their town, and which is literally three streets away from them.

CITH finally takes out his phone and writes it down for them.

Guard 1: "AH! MaleCON, not MALecon!! Malecon, there!"

Imagine you stop a cop in the middle of Seventh Avenue and ask him which way to Teems Square, but he has no clue what you mean because you didn't say Times Square. Yes, that's the level of genius displayed by these two nincompoops.

Five minutes later, we were at the Malecon MaleCON.

Morro Castle in the pre-dawn light:

First light over Vedado:

And on Old Havana:

Photo by whYME:

The tide was low, so we watched both human and animal getting breakfast.


Great white egrets:

Humans. Photo by whYME:

Good catch:

Having some Photoshop fun with early morning traffic:

Havana in a nutshell, photo by whYME:

I remember taking this picture for a specific reason, but for the life of me I can't recall just what that reason was. Let's just assume it was something really profound, and keep it at that :D:

A recently collapsed building:

This crane was just backing in to begin the cleanup. Between the Cyrillic on the boom and the Lada taxi passing by, the whole scene had a very Soviet feel:

Early morning cleanup:

Pretty building, way past its prime:

This guy clearly missed the memo that he should be howling at the moon, not the sunrise:

Not everything has an explanation, sorry. Sometime you just need to accept things in life, such as this farm tractor pulling a... circus? Persian carpet display? A something, though the city:

Sunrise over, we crossed the MaleCON and went back to wandering random alleys.

For some uncanny reason, everyone and everything to come through this alley seemed to match the color scheme perfectly:

Except for this guy, which clashed horribly and made my OCD flare up:

Now that it was properly morning, I had one goal: find a new belt. My pants were still slipping and sliding after last night's wardrobe malfunction on the Malecon, and it was driving me crazy. It wasn't long and we found a couple of stalls selling trinkets to tourists, and lo, one had some belts. It was definitely used and had seen better days, but it fit me and had a working buckle. What more can one ask for?

[whYME] One thing that was very different here than other tourist trinket markets I've been to, it seems the things here were actually locally made, not just the same junk imported from China.

Brightly colored necklaces. Photo by whYME:

Bracelets. Photo by whYME:

Nothing goes to waste in Cuba... Have some old cutlery? Make weird bracelets for the tourists!

Another stall sold hats, where I bought a classic Fidel cap, a Che beret, and a seriously ridiculous-looking fedora, and wore all three since I needed my hands to operate the camera (priorities!).

Photo by whYME:

[whYME] In a way this trip was very different from any other I'd been with Something Fishy. In all the other trips, with the primary focus being landscapes, we pretty much came back with pictures of the same things. Other than differences in composition and such, things were pretty similar. Here in Cuba was another story altogether, as there were many many times when we standing right next to each other but got completely different pictures of completely different subjects. 

For example, after Something Fishy bought his Fidel hat and was busy giving his old cap to a local...

...I got one of my favorite pictures of the trip, a kid sitting nearby and pondering life:

Some lovely colors:

Another crumbling interior:

"Mural CDR #8". CDR is the Cuban secret police, Comités de Defensa de la Revolución. This mural depicts the heros of the revolution: Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, and Camilo Cienfuegos, along with the yacht Granma that brought the revolutionaries over from Mexico in 1956 to jump start the revolution:

Lovely colors and patinas on some buildings:

Photo by whYME:

A pharmacy:

Pineapples, anyone?

Back on Paseo de Marti, beautiful birds were up for sale:

Big changes are afoot, no doubt. A year earlier this would have been absolutely unthinkable:

We watched the traffic for a while:

Avocados for sale, photo by whYME:

Quite the random decal:

A local playground, in true Havana fashion, locked and deserted. Photo by whYME:

Photo by whYME:

After that it was off to a shop to stock up on more water, and back to the apartment for shachris and breakfast.

Duly fed and watered, we went back outside on a quest: find a taxi to take us to Vinales. As I've mentioned in the introduction, we were hoping to take a day trip to the beautiful Vinales Valley, around two hours from Havana. The plan was - hopefully - to arrive in the area a few hours before sunrise, shoot some astrophotography, sunrise, and early morning activity before heading back to Havana.

So the search was on for a driver who knew the way, was familiar with the valley, had an air-conditioned car (preferably a classic, of course), and was crazy enough to pick us up at 1 in the morning, all for a decent price. Shouldn't be too hard, eh?

We noticed a lovely-looking 1953 Dodge and hung around to take some pictures of it:

[Cat In The Hat] One of SF's many, yet unadvertised, talents is tripping over his own feet ;D. I managed to catch him in mid-air as he was getting up from shooting the back of the car:

As we were shooting, the car's owner walked over to shmooze and find out if we were looking for a taxi. Well whaddya know, we actually are:

"Si! To Vinales!"

Yes, of course, he knows Vinales. Let's go now!

In our terrible mixture of English and broken Spanish, we tried to impress on him that while we did want to go to Vinales, we want to leave at 1 AM, and we need to discuss a price first. After a lot of back and forth negotiations (which included getting into the car to test the air conditioning
[whYME] And that air condtioner was working great, it was like stepping into a freezer.), [Something Fishy] we had a deal: for 120 CUC, he'll pick us up at the apartment at 1 AM, drive and guide us in Vinales, and have us back home at 1 PM.

Or at least we thought that's what we arranged. We had no idea if we were all on the same page, and it wasn't helped by the fact that he clearly couldn't fathom why we'd want to go in the middle of the night.

So there we were, all standing around awkwardly, neither side being quite sure if they understood the other, when suddenly...

"?וואס טוט א איד און קובה"


This was last thing we expected to hear in Cuba, and with a flawless, hiemisha accent no less. We wheeled around to see an elderly Cuban, wearing a black yarmulka and a huge smile on his face.

"!נא? שלום עליכם"

It was like an angel had been sent from Heaven. Five seconds worth of translating from Yiddish to Spanish and the arrangements with the driver were concluded, and we sent him away to go take a long nap while we stayed to schmooze with our new friend, Lazer Shklar.

(I warned you about that hat ;D!)

He was born in Poland, where the Nazis murdered his entire family in the Holocaust. He came to Cuba as a refugee right after the war, all alone in the world, and had stayed on for the last 75 years. He would like to come to New York, but doesn't think it'll ever happen. He did ask for my address and phone number, just in case... He was as religious as possible under the circumstances, and was very upset about the state of the local Jewish community, which far from being religious, is mostly not even Jewish at all due to intermarriage.

He took out his wallet and showed us a picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that he carries everywhere, and which he says reminds him that he'll see his family once again when Moshiach comes.

On that sad note he bid us goodbye, shook hands once more, and slowly walked off.

May 02, 2017, 10:58:49 AM
Please do not post Amazon or Walmart deals in this board. All Amazon deals should be posted in the Amazon deals board.

Thanks you!

May 03, 2017, 03:17:15 PM
Please (Make and) Post your Kiddush Hashem or Honesty Story In light of all the recent negative coverage of the frum community I thought its important to make an extra effort to make a kiddush Hashem- especially in all honesty related matters.

Sharing your Kiddush Hashem or honesty story is in itself a Kiddush Hashem- and you are encouraging others to do the same.

I will start with my little story which occurred this week:

I dropped my Keurig water container and some of the parts fell off. I couldn't figure out how to reassemble the parts so I called Keurig customer service and the rep said as a courtesy they will send me a new water reservoir for free. (Cost about $30 on amazon) She asked for my shipping address and I actually cringed a little when I specified Lakewood as my town.

She said it would take 7-10 business days to arrive but I wanted a coffee now :)  so when I hung up the phone I tried again and was able to figure out how to snap back the parts and my Keurig was back in service!

My initial thoughts were- great! I fixed it and I will also be getting a free backup in case it breaks again! Surely a huge company such as Keurig won't care, and at the time it was really broken- so totally legit!

But then I thought again about all that's going on and remembered cringing when I mentioned 08701. I said to myself even if legally and Al Pi Halacha I'm perfectly entitled to take the free water container, I will still make an extra effort to be 1000% honest and in addition though there's only the slimmest chance I will get the same rep, maybe somehow it will get noticed and I can make a Kiddush Hashem.

I called back to cancel the free part and lo and behold I got the same rep! She said I remember you and thanked me for reporting that I had fixed it myself- and yes, she did cancel the free part shipment- but I'm still very happy I took a small step toward impeccable honesty and making a kiddush Hashem.

I hope this will be one of many stories to come.

July 06, 2017, 06:14:44 PM
Re: Get $200+ of Skylanders Toys for less than $10 at Toys R’ Us!
Can you please pm me the name? Did he say you can place the order, no problem? Or did he say, technically, you can, except for Hayoshor V'hatov etc.

If I were you I wouldn't hold my breath for the PM. I'ts highly doubtful he called any Rov.

1. Earlier when the point was made that it was wrong Mr Joe. didn't mention that he called a rov and the rov said it was fine. Rather he chose to say that the only reason issues were raised was because people didn't get in on the deal. (yet he himself supposedly had issues and that's why he called a rov! hmmmm.....)
(He only mentioned he called a rov once i pointed out the massive outright theft and chillul hashem involved.)
2. Do you really think it's plausible that within the short period of time that this was live after the "deal" was posted, Mr. Joe called his rov right away on speed dial and got through automatically and asked if it was okay, before placing his order, or do you think it's more plausible that when he saw this deal he just went zooming to place orders?
3. Someone who takes advantage of these deals, where it's 100% pure theft, no 2 ways about it, is suspect for lying about calling his rov as well.
4. Lying on a public forum saying that he has rabbinic approval, to steal, no less, (because it's a glitch) only makes the chilllul hashem much bigger, when this will undoubtedly be picked up by the media.
5. One can argue that there is a big difference to taking advantage of a glitch such as Amazon pricing a product very cheaply versus our case of manipulating the Toys R Us website where you if you purchase a 99 cent item you can get a few thousand dollars of regular priced products for free. Big difference.

Cheers :)

August 24, 2017, 05:58:29 PM
Re: Pros and Cons of Different Banks I really like Schwab.

1. No fees maintenance fees regardless of account balance
2. Unlimited free checks
3. Unlimited ATM fee reimbursement
4. No foreign exchange fees
5. Account balance earns (low) interest
6. Deposits seem to clear faster than other banks - typically same day or next day

1. No way to readily deposit cash
2. Checking account requires a (free) brokerage account

I don't find the cons difficult to overcome at all. Pros 3 and 4 create a great alternative to currency conversion when you need cash abroad.

June 28, 2018, 02:15:14 PM
Something Fishy's Iceland Saga: Summer Edition Ah, Iceland. That tiny little country that is a shorter flight from New York than Los Angeles is, but that may as well be a world apart. An adventurer's and photographer's dream.

One of the most fascinating thing about Iceland to me is how different the country appears as the seasons change. Iceland in the winter and Iceland in the summer may as well be two completely different countries. The entirety of the landscape changes over from stark white to neon green, the sky goes from aurora to the midnight sun, and the waterfalls unfreeze and the animals come out.

Having had an absolutely epic trip to Iceland during the winter of 2015 (trip report here), I did another trip there in the summer of 2016, revisiting certain locations under their summer garb, and exploring a whole bunch of additional locations.

(Shameless plug here ;D: I'm running a third Iceland trip in May - see the details here if you're interested in another epic adventure.)

This trip was in July, which meant it never really got dark. We also had the full smorgasboard of Icelandic weather - hot, cold, pouring rain, and amazing sunsets - often within five minutes of each other.

March 03, 2019, 12:33:13 PM
Re: New Coin Deal
Hey guys quick question. So I ordered the famous 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof $1 American Silver Eagle PCGS PR69 FS FLag Label coin. I got lucky, but I already told PFS buyers club I would opt in. Is that legally binding? They already sent me a prepaid shipping label but I'm realizing I can make much more money without going through them. Thanks in advance for your input!
Remind me not to do any business with you.

November 16, 2019, 10:29:17 PM
Re: New Coin Deal Someone @'d me and wrote that I should "chime in". As you can imagine, I've been swamped over the last few days (Boruch Hashem for Shabbos!), and there's no way i am going to read the last 10-15 pages of this thread that I missed.
I did post the following on another site, so I figured I'd just copy and paste it here... Enjoy! (the middle piece is about some guy who claimed I stole his coin and never paid him.)

Guys, this is becoming increasingly pathetic.

Please – anyone that opted in to our deal – please stop looking for ways to rationalize a decision or a contemplation of a decision of backing out of the deal that you made.

If you’re okay with yourself to back-out and don’t care about commitments, terms and agreement, then that’s fine, but to start pulling at straws like this, it’s ridiculous.

If you have a moral compass and know what’s right, do what’s right. We all get it. Money makes people do strange things, but this is asinine.

Let’s go over that single individual’s case, and then move on to this deal…

That case – the weight of the package when dropped off at FedEx – the initial scan – showed that just a box was sent. An empty box. We had one email to the member notifying him that the box arrived empty and that he’s not getting paid. From his response (or lack thereof) It was obvious to us and to our attorney that that was the case – so we didn’t even bother to file a claim with FedEx.

We’ve had dozens of lost packages or missing content packages and we’ve filed claims on all of them ex-this one, and we’ve always paid out our members in full (including promised commissions).

We have thousands of satisfied members, thousands. This is one guy, that obviously tried to scam us, and we didn’t fall for it. end of story.

THIS DEAL – it’s simple. Our business model follow this typical path – We pre-sell our EXPECTED orders to a dealer or two – we made great connections (over 13 years doing this, and work with the largest in the business – names that were mentioned in this thread, name you all know).
we do this for EVERY DEAL WE RUN. the last time PFS didn’t pre-sell our expected orders was in October of 2015 (JFK C&C sets). We have done >20 deals since. This is a fact.

Now, typically we give ~60% of the premium the we receive (over mint cost) to our members, we have about 20% of opex, and are lucky/extremely happy if we net 20% of what the total premium is.

The price and premium we get ALWAYS has to do with the pre-sale “value” of the item.

CASE IN POINT – this is our 4th deal we ran this year. We did the Apollo coins at the start of the year, The Pride Sets in July, and we just did the Palladium coin a bit ago. ALL THREE OF THOSE DEALS we received a premium, shared it liberally with our members, and they ALL – each one of the three – declined in value RIGHT AWAY – neither sold out at the Mint, and buyers (including ourselves and our dealers) were able to buy as many as they wanted 24 hours later directly from the mint.

We came through – to every buyer – there were between $700 and $1987 in spend (depending on which deal) there were commissions paid out, FedEx labels sent, emails answered, boxes packed etc.

PFS NEVER went and negotiated with our members, hey, cancel your order, or let me pay you less since they’re worth less, or let me buy the coins ourselves so we can get our own credit card points. never.

ALL OF A SUDDEN there’s a deal the works in the favor our OUR DEALERS – (for us – and our members – this was a guaranteed deal and this should be like each and every other deal – where we had the guarantee and we had the risless profit…) but no, now PFS is the villain!! PFS is preying on people that had no clue while they knew this was going to explode!

FACT: PFS sold our entire quantity – even more than we’ll likely end up getting – PRIOR to the “value” increasing.

Realistically, there are two items here, there’s the silver eagle on Wednesday the 13th – that we all had a price and a fair value for, and we were all were SO EXCITED about getting paid $100 for spending 20 minutes at lunch break the next day.

And now the item dwarfed into something so much bigger, everyone wants in on the upside! I don’t get it, I really don’t. You can’t invest in a guaranteed Bank CD at 2% interest and then call the Banker and ask for the 20% that the S&P 500 returned!!! This is precisely what’s going on.

We clearly warned about it to…
“*There are 30,000 of these coins being minted, and we do not want to hold any extra inventory for ourselves. It truly is impossible to know if they’ll be a good investment / speculation and if they don’t sell out, the Mint will likely lift the household limits 24 hours after they go on sale.
*You must be approved before making the purchase. If you do not receive a confirmation email to purchase you will not be reimbursed.
*On the same note, since we want to fill our entire purchase order and are not accepting extra opt-ins, if you do want to partake in this deal, please make sure that you will be available to make the purchase at exactly 12PM ET.
*We cannot afford to be a backstop for people wanting to speculate afterward. Any unfilled quantity we have, could have went to someone else that may not have been approved for the offer because of your spot. If you opt in – you must be fully committed to fulfill the deal.”

Bottom line for all those who opted in and are reading this…
For those that would like to honor their commitment to PFS, so we in-turn can honor our commitments to our buyers… we have been bumping member’s payout up to $300 total. (I did one person’s to $337 as a unique case. I can’t do that across the board, sorry.) email us and we’ll raise yours to $300, no questions asked.

If you don’t want to honor the deal after reading this, please, grab your “courage” and email me stating that you read this and still don’t care, and i’ll close you out of the system. Again, no questions asked.

The back and forth in this thread and with some of the emails is straight out hurtful. People counting the money that I’m certainly making and how I’m the villain! PFS has helped THOUSANDS across the country earn hundreds and thousands of dollars, points, miles, all without risk, and in easy, simple, pleasant fashion on a robust platform and with great execution. We don’t need one comment of one unhappy member who is looking for an excuse to make a few extra dollars, changing that.

Over and out.
– Aron

November 17, 2019, 07:05:39 PM
Re: COVID-19 (Wuhan Novel Coronavirus) Pandemic Master Thread
FTR If I walk into a restaurant and the cook is wearing a "clinical mask" and surgeon gloves I'm walking right out and not looking back...

February 27, 2020, 01:53:13 PM
Re: Will there be Sleep Away Camp this summer? I think we need to ban Twitter screenshots. Too many fake ones going around.
Link to the Tweet or don't post IMHO.

June 08, 2020, 10:31:16 AM
Re: New Coin Deal

The rep got it done, BH!

November 05, 2020, 05:50:42 PM
Re: New Coin Deal

The rep got it done, BH!

the original email already got a confirmation email?

November 05, 2020, 05:52:32 PM
Re: US Mint Coins For Sale (Individuals only)
Selling 2 silver coins @ $450 each firm.

Selling 1 gold coin @$11k firm.

These coins were NOT committed to anyone yet.

Just a reminder, this is a 2 way street. Price is subject to change until there is a commitment to purchase. I am happy to give ddf references if requested.
Selling 1 Gold coin @ $12.5 firm.

November 08, 2020, 07:22:13 AM
Re: New Coin Deal A beautiful coin!

November 15, 2020, 09:36:57 PM