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Re: Manhattan Kosher Restaurants Here is the review of Barnea Bistro you all have been waiting for  ;)

Location: I really like the location and it was easy to find street parking. It is located on E46th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue but much closer to third Avenue.

Decor: Restaurant is new and looks really nice. However it is a small place and most likely you will be sitting very close to your neighbor and when the restaurant was full it got really hot. It probably doesn't help that they have an open kitchen.

We had reservations and were seated after about 5 minutes.

They are very new and have a limited menu right now. When I asked the waiter if they had any specials, he told me I can assure you that everything on the menu is special!

I usually like to get at least 2 appetizers but there was only one that we would have liked and that was the Arancini-$28 It was very good and had some pulled beef on the side

Since we only got 1 appetizer and we were going to get a main that I might not have liked (more on that later) I decided to get the Beef Bolognese- $38 which is supposed to be a main dish as a second appetizer/ main back up. It was very good but really small for a main dish

Drinks: I got the Dark Skies- $17 which has: rum, lime, ginger lemongrass syrup, bitters, club soda it was ok

My wife got the : L'ananas- vodka, basil, pineapple, lemon without the Vodka and really loved it

For the main it seemed like the obvious choice was the Cote de Boeuf- $135 it is a steak for 2. I usually like leaner steaks and would have liked to go for the filet but my wife likes chewier steaks so I bit the bullet as otherwise she would have had to have steak for 2 for 1. It was really good (the parts that we were able to eat) but very fatty even for my wife's liking. It comes with mashed potatoes which honestly were not great.

We decided to go with 2 desserts:

La Pistache- $16 my wife said it was ok

Le Gianduja- $16 was very dry and bitter

Overall impression of this place is that they are trying too hard to be fancy. They put more stock into the presentation then the actual food. It might be because we are not sophisticated eaters but we most likely would not return here.

The service was great though if that matters to anyone. The food came out relatively quick as well.

The Chef went around talking to customers as well. I overheard him say that he used to work for Mike in Mikes Bistro and that is where he learnt a lot from

August 03, 2018, 11:42:24 AM