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Post info No. of Likes - plea to Dan I purchased a $200 Ikea gift back in January 2017 as a result of the special deal Dan had with Cardcash:

Unfortunately when I received the card I didn't check the balance as there is no online facility. I later found out Ikea gift cards are notorious to track the balances of because they don't have an online website and you have to call in and someone emails you the balance 24 hours until recently where they now can check over the phone.

Anyway I came to use the card recently in June 2017 (outside the 45 days) and found the balance zero. After investigating the card with Ikea it turned out that the card was purchased and then the purchaser did a chargeback on their credit card. According to Ikea this occurred back in Dec 2016 before I purchased it according. I've tried to reach out to Cardcash via the special email address but there has been no response.

I realize that I am outside the 45 day guarantee policy but feel Cardcash has acted dishonestly by not checking the balance of the card before sending it to me or perhaps knowing it was empty beforehand. I would expect them to check all gift cards have credit before shipping them. I've been an avid follower on this site and while I don't expect to get all or any of the money back I would suggest DanDeals consider reviewing their relationship with Cardcash. While the goal of this website is to save money I never would have thought to lose money. I think any gift card recommendations should be from reputable vendors because of the challenges of tracking balances.

June 28, 2017, 01:08:20 PM
Re: A word of caution regarding

I have had great experiences with Card cash

Had a similar situation and was refunded

Why the need to smear a company because of them not extending they're warranty as a courtesy

I'm no big guy on the forums but this is your first thread along with your 14 posts, a word of caution regarding you!

1) "Smear" is false accusations, that isn't the case here.
2) noone is asking them to extend the warranty, but if it's true that many cards have problems after the warranty that definitely is a very good reason to stay away. Just because my fridge has a one year warranty doesn't mean it's expected to break then.

June 28, 2017, 02:13:49 PM
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