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Re: Computer Troubleshooting/Help Master Thread
Hi. I have an Asus X554L with audio problems. Any help would be appreciated.

No audio from built-in speakers or any headphones that I plug in. Reinstalled audio drivers, didn't help. In the notification bar, it says 'No audio output device is installed'.

Any suggestions? TIA.
Maybe try these

November 04, 2018, 01:28:07 AM
Re: Computer Troubleshooting/Help Master Thread
Any software to download from Vimeo?
Not sure about software, but sites like and do a good job.

Note: Like with all free-online-services sites, use an ad blocker when going to it, and do not download suggested software (without knowing that the software is good/safe.)

November 04, 2018, 02:16:55 PM
Re: Computer Troubleshooting/Help Master Thread Well, did you follow the instructions (2 different tries) there all steps?
November 04, 2018, 02:23:09 PM
Re: Computer Troubleshooting/Help Master Thread
Is there any one piece of hardware that could be disconnected and could be causing both things to not work??
Yes certainly so (the built-in audio card/chip) but it is highly unlikely to just happen out of the blue.

November 04, 2018, 02:34:11 PM
Re: PSA: Don't swipe recklessly for others
Ruining your credit is serious, buying a house, car, what about if you start a business ?!

Personally I would be opposed to dating / marrying someone with bad credit .

There are a lot more serious things in life than one's credit. Yes, keeping a good credit score (and no outstanding debt) is an excellent thing, and the right thing, but there's more to life than that. I wish upon no-one the נסיונות that I've heard from friends and family, but when those happen, one has to forget about good credit, and do what's right for the נשמות involved.

There's life after bad credit, there's life after financial disaster. Other problems or issues could be much greater and life altering (or C"V ending - see silent killer thread). Or as a friend and neighbor once put it: Any problem that could be solved with money is not a real problem!

February 24, 2019, 03:04:34 PM
Re: Hertz Master Thread
What’s an example of a good car I can find in the pc lot?
Ferrari Enzo is a regular, on a good day you may get lucky and find a RR Ghost..

August 13, 2019, 04:53:01 PM
Re: Random airline-questions.
A relative of mine is flying AF YYZ-CDG-TLV with a 15-hr stopover in CDH and AF says on their website and by phone that they can't return a stroller for the stopover (even gate checked).

Any idea of how they can get their stroller back for their stopover? Thanks.
Is it an overnight stop?

August 20, 2019, 09:51:34 PM
Re: Random airline-questions.
Is it an overnight stop?
Tell them at the airport, That you really really need it, and they might check it to paris only, where you would pick it up at the baggage claim. It worked for me once, though it was 15 hours overnight. (there is a lot of walking till the baggage claim, be awre

option two: get travel stroller like yo-yo or GB pockit (much cheaper than yo-yo, but more basic)

August 21, 2019, 06:12:22 AM
Rapid City and its Environs (Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Custer State Park)
Note: All comments are appreciated and provide encouragement for these to be written.

What would you do? I had two days and a night for a quick getaway alone, roughly 40 hours. I was to leave Tuesday morning, and had to be back home the following day, Wednesday, before midnight.  It is mid-September. I live in the NYC area. National parks, easy hikes, and beautiful scenery are my thing. Two summers ago, I went to Acadia National Park for my quick trip; last summer, to Smoky Mountain National Park Both are readily accessible from NYC; the former a long drive, the latter a short flight. With these off my list, I was at a loss as to where to go for my trip this year. With only 40 hours, I pondered where best to maximize actual sightseeing and minimize cost. After briefly exploring the possibility of heading to Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia, I chose western South Dakota.

I took a flight from Newark to Rapid City SD; departed Tuesday morning at 7:30am, and after brief stopover in Chicago landed in Rapid City at 11:45am. United Airlines, 12,500 miles + $80.

Unfortunately, the only rental car available was an SUV through Hertz for $200 a day [… the week prior, I repeatedly checked Hotwire, Priceline, and Autoslash but no cheaper rates/cars ever appeared]. However, because my flight out of Rapid City the following day was scheduled for 1:30pm, I booked the car for only one day.

I left Rapid City Regional Airport at about noon, heading to Badlands National Park.

On the way, one will notice that there are hundreds of signs for hundreds of miles along Interstate 90 advertising for Wall Drug, a tourist trap which one passes when heading to Badlands. I made a brief stop. Not much to see, but worth a ten-minute detour to satiate one’s curiosity about the advertisements.

Wall Drug:

I then continued to the eastern entrance of park and took the Badlands Loop State Scenic Byway (SD 240) through the park. A few miles in, one will notice the Badlands Ranch Store which has giant Prairie Dog statute. There is a prairie dog field adjacent to the store – a prairie dog is a glorified squirrel which digs holes. Great opportunity to take pictures of these critters.

Prairie Dogs:

The loop road [SD 240] has many scenic overlooks and there are basically no park restrictions with regard to where one can walk around. Heading from west to east, the first two scenic overlooks provide the best vistas, while one of the last, Yellow Mounds, is a great stop for the odd Yellow tinged mountains.

Badlands National Park:

Yellow Mounds:

After the three-hour loop drive and a brief hike, the loop road brings one back to Interstate 90, and I headed back west to Mount Rushmore. The drive from Badlands to Mount Rushmore take about an hour and a half. Noticeable is the change from the prairie terrain to the mountain range of the Black Hills.

There is currently construction in the visiting area of Mount Rushmore but the mountain is still quite visible from the viewing area. Not much else to do here but take pictures. I then left, heading west towards Crazy Horse Memorial.

Mount Rushmore:

Crazy Horse Memorial—far less famous than Mount Rushmore—is another mountain carving about a half hour drive from Mount Rushmore. It is an ongoing project; started in the 1940s and is far from completion. Still worth the visit. The visiting center has several exhibits which focus on Native American history [Crazy Horse was a Native American Warrior]. I stayed for the laser show at dusk, which was a bit underwhelming.

Crazy Horse Memorial

For the night, I stayed at the Quality Inn Near Mount Rushmore, which is located in Hill City, about 15 minutes from Crazy Horse Memorial. As always, I chose the cheapest hotel with a free breakfast (hotel breakfast are an easy way to load up on food for the day – fruit, cereals, etc.).

The next morning, I headed out at about 6:45am to Custer State Park. After a brief stop at the picturesque Sylvan Lake, I drove along the scenic Needles Highway. It is not as treacherous as it is described online – the tunnels and views of the granite pillars/towers are fantastic.

Sylvan Lake

Needles Highway:

I then headed west on US Hwy 16A, and drove through the entire Wildlife Loop Road of Custer State Park. There were hundreds of buffaloes, and even some burros (wild donkey). Very cool. After a brief stop at the State Game Lodge, I drove back north to Rapid City and arrived in “downtown” Rapid City at about 10:30am. [Wind Cave National Park is closed because the elevator is broken :( ].

Custer State Park – Wildlife Loop:

Went to Starbucks to get the obligatory “Been There” South Dakota Starbucks mug, and then walked around the street corners to check out the statutes of all the U.S. presidents which grace the street corners of Rapid City (“City of the Presidents”).

Rapid City

15-minute drive back to the airport, took the 1:30pm American Airlines flight back to Newark, with stop at DFW. 20,000 miles + $80. Home by 11:45pm.

September 19, 2019, 12:44:55 PM
Honestly, honestly do you feel smartphones have improved your quality of life? I don't want this to turn spiritual or political. I'm not interested in what your rabbi or priest said nor does it matter what the lady on the bus told you and no this is not another thread like this.

I want you to take a moment (or more) and truly look deep down and think if your overall life is better now that smartphones have taken over. I'm focusing on the "smart" part, I don't think anyone would argue that cellphones as they were once known are a problem and, yes, life did improve when mobile phones came to be. (The person that yaps away on their phone while on a crowded bus or in a quiet waiting room is the problem, not the phone)

Smart. The fact that it destroys your dinner table? (I know, I know, you put it on vibrate) The fact that you can text and drive and miraculously come out alive? (I know, I know, your sooo good at it) The fact that you have "whatsapp chats" of every shape and size stealing the last few free minutes that mom and dad have for their kids and/or for each other? (I know, I know, if you don't reply someone else will) The fact that you can sit aimlessly just...scrolling. Simply scrolling. Scrolling up. Scrolling down. Scrolling sideways. Just scrolling... (I know, I know, it's the 2019 version of 'reading the paper') 

Washing machines as we know them enabled one to no longer have to trek down to the river and wash the clothes, life improved tremendously, and an enormous amount of time was now freed up. That was in the early 1900s, today, about 100 years later they haven't changed that much. They might be smaller or have more buttons, but they still just wash whatever you decide to put in them. You still push the button(s) and walk away.

Smartphones came along about 15 years ago and since then they have changed countless times in size, shape, and features.  It still functions as a phone – connecting people from one end of the earth to the other in real time wirelessly – but that is sooo old school. Now this “phone” counts your steps. It deposits your checks. It records... everything. It buys your groceries. It wakes you up. It lets you see grandma on the other coast. It lets you know when grandpa came home. It lets you raise the heating from your car and lets you lower the AC while you wait to deplane. It calls your cab, orders your lunch, tracks your stocks, and tracks your inventory. It watches your front door and locks your back door. It opens the garage and closes your trunk. It pays the babysitter and invoices the client.  It turns your lights on and turns your microwave off. It connects you with your friend from elementary school and ensures you never hear from the weird guy at the bus stop. It directs you around traffic and navigates you through those back alleys. It lets you know who won the game and gets you the best seats to the next one. It is your calculator, your watch, your timer, your camera, your camcorder, your music player, your compass, your dictionary, your thesaurus, your encyclopedia, your map, your scorekeeper, your calendar, and even your money and passport.
BUT, is it your friend? Does the smartphone for all it has to offer give you more ‘time’ or does it just give you more timewasting activities?

You just saved 30 minutes by depositing a check on your phone rather then in the bank and in theory that should give you 30 more minutes to play with your kids, right? To eat a meal at a table rather then an “energy” bar on the go. To spend time with your spouse / mom / dad / a friend in need. Or did it give you time to get 30 more likes on Instagram? Which then led you to boasting about it on facebook, which led you to update your whatsapp status, which led your bff to update their snapchat status while your favorite chef just posted a new recipe which OMG I just have to check, which leads you back to Instagram but your suddenly stopped at the sound of a new email letting you know that your local dept store is giving away free tote bags to the first 500 people so you rush to post that on the neighborhood “free stuff” chat and then you see a whole slew of new messages that came in during the last 2 minutes. It’s a vicious cycle that repeats again, and again, and again. 

Sadly, your spouse / mom / dad / friends/ kids fall farther and farther away. It’s scary to think what the next 15 years or so will bring.

Oh, you’ll tell me it’s so much easier to study now that I have all my notes in my pocket. Or that your exercising so much more now that you can see how many steps you’ve taken. Or that you (and/or your kids) don’t have to wait for the bus in the cold anymore because your bus chat lets you know when the bus started. Or you can now get into a toasty warm car in the winter or a freezing cold one in the summer thanks to your cars app. Or you can have your cake and eat it too just by lifting no more then a few fingers (not hands, not feet, just fingers) thanks to doordash/uber eats/seamless/grub hub.

There’s no denying your life has a lot more conveniences now but that’s just it, it’s a convenience. Do all these extra perks outweigh the mounting burdens you are creating by imploding into whatever device is occupying your precious hands?

I think it’s time to finally put our smartphone into our dumb washing machine push the button and walk away. Walk away feeling refreshed without even having to wait for the washing cycle to complete. Walk away to the bank with that check you need to deposit and, on the way, say hello to that neighbor you used to see when you waited for the bus because you didn’t know when it was coming.

Life is great, the world is a beautiful place, why confine it all into a 6 inch screen?

(Note: I specifically avoided any spiritual/religious points, please don’t overrun this with them. And please, please, please don’t be that guy - “if you don’t have smartphone how are you going to post this” )

September 24, 2019, 03:30:45 PM