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Re: Airbus vs Boeing
True, but the question is, what do you fly when you're using a fight simulator.
F-22 8)

July 02, 2015, 10:34:38 PM
Sam 28 Cancun TR FEB 2017 Cancun TR FEB 2017

Me and my wife decided to go to Cancun for a long weekend. I checked online tickets with Ba points about 3 weeks before. The only thing available was in business for 25k per way. So I went ahead and booked that.

2 days before we were set to travel our babysitter canceled on us. We had no choice but to take along our toddler. I wanted to book a ticket for her in business but there was nothing available only in economy. I couldnít book economy because she canít travel alone at the age of two.

So I called up BA spent more than an hour on the phone till they finally booked me the ticket.

I had a friend with his wife on the same flight and they were booked in economy class so my plan was we will change seats in the airport.

I arrive to the airport to check in and they tell me we canít let you on to the flight, why we booked separately, we asked to change seats with my friend they didnít let so we asked for economy seats for us they kept saying they cannot do it. After holding is up for an hour at AA check in counter they gave us 3 economy seats. They gave us a very hard time and it was very upsetting they didnít let my friend take our seat.

Our flight was February 22 with American Airlines. The flight was great service was ok, we landed 7:30pm.

At the airport when we walked through customs we got the green light, but we look like Jews they still made us open one of our suitcases. We had luck because the one they asked for was the one without food. Other suitcase was full of food, dairy,  etc.

We had ordered a driver; he took us to our hotel for $20.00 usd.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, since Iím a platinum member I got upgraded to a beautiful ocean front room with a balcony. Their service was fantastic! Our baby got a big crib with a cute bag full of toys and lotions for the baby.

The reason we stayed at the Ritz was because the Hyatt was sold out.

We loved every second at the Ritz and wished we couldíve stayed longer. But I couldnít stay there for Shabbos. I wanted to be walking distance to Chabad as we ate there. So for Shabbos we stayed at Intercontinental President hotel. We got a nice suite ocean front no balcony. This hotel is about a 12-minute walk to Chabad.

So on the first night we sat on our porch enjoyed the weather, strolled around the hotel which was amazing and went to bed.

Some picture of the hotel and our room.

Nice welcome note on the bed with slippers

Welcome gift not kosher

Our porch

The pool from our room view


View from the other side of my room

View from the hallway

 Daughter enjoying the pool



June 27, 2018, 04:10:49 PM
Re: Amex Platinum Master Thread
For the same price im assuming
Yes. They just put the points back, and Charge your card again. I did it many times.

January 11, 2019, 12:21:15 PM
Re: NYC Hotels Master Thread
I have a free night from ($500 Value) and i'm looking to spend a night in the city, which 5 star hotel is the best? i don't mind adding on a bit if its worth it.
i heard great things about the baccarat

January 17, 2019, 03:32:09 PM
Re: South Florida Master Thread
can you add Shabbat Meals?
Shabbos Meals in Bal Harbour/Surfside
  • Kosher Kingdom Takeout (15 drive)
  • KosherLand Takeout (free hotplate)
  • Esti Englander - Pickup in NMB (305) 502-4611
  • Backyard BBQ Friday Night Meal Service
  • Kosh Friday Night Meal Service
  • For Shabbat day people usually eat in the SHUL

Shabbos Friendly Hotels in Bal Harbour/Surfside
  • Residence Inn Surfside

January 29, 2019, 02:13:43 PM
Re: Credit score down 55 due to Barclay missed payment!
Was the score drop a FICO score? Does your credit report have the late payment?
Start with Barclays.  See if you can call corporate or write a 'good will letter' asking them to remove the late payment from the credit bureaus.
I'm paying a guy $350 to take care of it, hopefully the Goodwill letter that he sends will work, Barclays are mamzerim

February 01, 2019, 02:47:37 PM
Re: Amazon HQ2
They actually do, by making a conducive business environment.
This argument is silliness. Yes, your state should have a competitive tax environment. But lowering rates to lure in a big fish isn't bad policy any more than offering a quantity discount on your product is bad policy. Bigger clients get bigger discounts, especially when they are openly shopping around.

Is that unfair to small business? Perhaps, but that small business isn't going to bring in tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue in one fell swoop.

February 14, 2019, 04:42:35 PM
Re: Desert Family Adventures, by PBaruch (January 2019)
Wow amazing trip report, really beautiful and the Picts are amamzing real talent.

BTW Iím no rav but I doubt your aloud to tell a non Jew to do a Malacha for you, by putting the Cholent back on the flame.

Ugh, I wish these comments didn't go in TR's.

That said the goy probably wanted some hot chulent himself...

February 17, 2019, 07:53:55 PM
Frigidaire 8,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner - $57.36
February 19, 2019, 12:35:42 PM
Re: Real Life Israeli "Catch Me If You Can" Con Artist

Hayut grew up in the predominantly ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak in central Israel and as a child studied in a Talmud Torah elementary school near his home. His father, Yohanan Hayut, is the chief rabbi of El Al.

Like father like son?

Someone had to say it...

February 19, 2019, 12:51:09 PM