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Re: The Funny/Strange Etc. Pictures/Videos TAKEN BY YOU Thread! So true
November 20, 2013, 05:44:13 PM
Re: National Free Day Coupons Master Thread 4 one two free days for sale -$55 each. $200 for all 4.
March 17, 2019, 09:27:37 AM
circling the globe I have been wanting to write a TR about my trip around the world in November, practically since i came back. Time constraints have prevented me from doing so, but since the corona-virus has gotten out of hand, and business is weak or nonexistent, i have some extra time for it.

if you are waiting to hear a report on first class travel, suites in 5 star hotels, and multi course meals in fancy restaurants, this TR is not for you. This trip was the peanut butter jelly sandwich, tuna cans, crackers, joe's motel type of trip. We went on a budget, and scheduled the night flights (in cattle class) in order to save $ and to maximize time at the destinations. We spent 1-3 days at each destination, i dont dare to claim that i covered all there was to do in each place, or even close to that. We were trying to get a taste of each place, and to experience the feel of what was for us very exotic destinations, things that we had grown up hearing about, but had never come close to seeing. Last but not least, we went to come back with cool pictures of faraway lands. in my parents generation thats quite an embarrassing thing to say, but today i dont think i am such a sore thumb.

the route was TLV-AMM-AUH-PEK-PVG-SYD-HNL-ANC-SEA-NYC-HEL-TLV. We landed back in TLV 15 days after we had left, but actually had a 16 day trip due to crossing the dateline and having 2 november 17's. it was all booked using AA miles, on an account with 350k that was unaccesible thru the online system because it was being audited by AA, and shortly after our trip commenced i got that email saying that my account was being shut down due to violations of T&C's, and that the remaining 0.5k miles were being confiscated. ;) all in all we got great value for my miles, especially considering the above mentioned account termination.

so after all the blabbering here we go....


TLV-AMM-AUH-PEK 25k AA miles per person

nov 10 had us in TLV for a flight to AMM on RJ @6pm, a 2 hour stop and a connection on RJ to AUH. We each had almost 35kg in our bags, and about 20kg in our hand luggage, (all the above mentioned tuna cans peanut butters and cold cuts etc.), and were praying with great fervor. turns out the israeli RJ desk agent was so blown away to see 2 white shirt black pants beard & tzitzis flying charedis going to UAE that he just sent us straight thru w/o issue, including tagging our bags straight to PEK w/o having to take them in AUH for the 20 hours we would be there.
we got to AUH at 1:30 am and went to the budget desk to get our car, we couldnt help noticing (oy vey) the local policewomen in the airport. police are the only arabs in the airport, all other workers are foreign labor. the budget desk agent and the one who gets the car were breaking their teeth in English to each other, being that they were from different countries.we headed out straight for dubai, where we slept at the aloft city centre deira (17.5k marriott points).
we got up, davened ate and headed out. we parked near the gold souk, and went into a store to buy some local attire. we then spent some time in the gold shops gawking at these larger than life gold necklaces, and seeing wealthy locals and their wives pulling out cash stuffed envelopes to pay for them. we actually tried on a 15kg gold necklace, and asked the dealer to put it aside till we come back with the cash עד אשר אבוא אל אדוני שעירה.... i had never experienced the feeling of window shopping before. we then took a few minutes to visit a local iranian spice shop, the mixture of strong smells were truly amazing. we then headed out to the burj khalifa tower, we didnt bother going inside but spent plenty of time marveling and taking pictures from the outside.
we then drove to abu dhabi to the Ferrari museum, most of the rides were closed but we had a grand time posing in a setup Bedouin tent as sheikhs, and trying to see which of the other tourists actually believed we were local sheikhs and which ones called the costumes. most thought we were locals.
we then headed towards the grand mosque in abu dhabi to catch mincha before shkia. it is truly an amazing sight to behold, my uncle wouldnt go in ("theyre on the other team") but i didnt care for his semantics, so i went in myself. in order to pass security u have to print out a ticket with a barcode. the machine asks u a million questions including what country u are from. of course i put in USA, but after i got my barcode i couldnt restrain the urge, so i printed out another one with citizenship marked as israeli and then quickly tossed the second one in the trash bin. when i got the the screening i heard a couple of the guards taking to each other about "israilia" , i couldnt make out any of the other words, but they kept on repeating "israilia" over and over. i hope they still arent waiting for the israeli guy to come....
we then headed for our hotel, the EY 9:20pm flight from AUH to PEK.
at the gate, they asked to see my visa to china. as u might know, to get a chinese visa for US citizens in the consulate in tel aviv u have to pay 550 shekels, israelis only pay 100 shekels, so i had my visa on my israeli passport. i was uncomfortable showing my israeli passport, so i tried telling him that "i have a visa... dont worry... just let me board..." it didnt work. with no other choice i showed it to him, after a long 5 minutes he gave me back my boarding passes, and quipped "i marked u down as visa w/o passport". i didnt know exactly what he meant, and i dont know if that is official policy or his own policy, but i didnt feel like waiting around to find out. we then boarded and went to sleep for the night.
to be continued....

March 12, 2020, 05:23:10 PM
Re: Covid-19 and Shalom Bayis I can think of a few good reasons to push off marriage...
1. Learning to live with someone new is hard. There are a lot of habits to get used to. When the couple is working or in kollel, there's a buffer, some alone time, that allows for the adjustments to take place without being "in your face" 24/7.
2. Halachically, difficulties of dealing with niddah. That's always interesting to navigate in any new marriage, let alone one where you're stuck in the same house together with little to no breaks.
3. Financially. Lots of people out of work, or families not in as good of a position to help the new couple as they otherwise would be. Setting up a new house and putting all those stresses on a new couple can doom them before their marriage has a chance.

April 27, 2020, 02:34:02 PM
Re: Covid-19 and Shalom Bayis Very rosy thread here. B”h I would put myself in the unchanged to better category. I have what I would consider to be a really good marriage but looking way back to Shana Rishona something like this would’ve been a serious threat to my marriage at that point. It’s only because we had our space and time for ourselves that we were able to work things out during what for most people is a very rocky time. Many other couples I know of have the same dynamic, and it is well known that it is a trying time for most. Then there are a huge amount of people out there who are suffering from mental illness and this situation makes what was barely tolerable into a simply horrible situation for the other spouse, especially for those with severe personality disorders. Just ask any of the helplines and crisis organizations. Let us not forget that there are thousands who are suffering to various degrees from this.
April 28, 2020, 10:26:09 AM
Re: What are MEN in the USA that usually go to the Mikvah daily doing? !
May 03, 2020, 04:39:43 PM
Re: What Are You Eating?
Arby's 2 for 6. Not as good as the others week 5 for 10.
Your by a Shalom zachor on a tues afternoon??

May 05, 2020, 03:40:57 PM
Re: Is there a second wave?
By being overly cautious they haven’t learned anything from their mistakes. They’re just making the mistake in the opposite direction, instead of using facts to make a rational decision.
Not neccaesarily. A fact based lesson to learn is to realize that there is still much that we don't know about this virus and that we should err on the side of caution.

May 11, 2020, 10:44:20 AM
Re: Hatzalah-Thon - Live Stream Concert & Campaign Avremel shows how he is still the king. Nobody has performed with that kind of energy without a crowd.
Great production.

May 12, 2020, 12:03:55 AM
Re: Live Antarctica Trip Report
Any chance of finishing the TR? I'm in suspense - did we ever make it back, or did we get diverted to the Falklands again to refuel?
Weren't you on the trip?

Ami had the full scoop when we were attacked on the way back by the Bolivian Navy but we valiantly fought them off and sunk their destroyer by correctly calling out A2 and B2.

It even had Fishy's amazing drone pics of the battle!

May 14, 2020, 10:50:47 AM