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Re: Internet Filters
Anybody with info regarding netfree filter? (on what devices will it work? is it recommended?)

I'm on Netfree (in Israel) and it's absolutely the winning option. It trumps the other options available in Israel both from a technological and frum standpoint. It's mainly a ISP side technology, but it's also possible to use it worldwide by connecting via there VPN servers. They have VPN servers in a few countries including the US.
They have developed a software that can force all connections through their VPN. It is at the moment the software is Windows only however.
They are a non-profit. The customer support is absolutely amazing. It's the only filter I know of that sends all images for a realtime check by humans!. I have almost never seen an inappropriate picture pass through.

March 14, 2019, 01:42:27 PM
Re: Internet Filters
Sorry for my language but this post stinks!

Besides the point that you are berating other good solutions, although according to you they are not as good. Such a long post promoting a service coming from a first-time poster, and then claiming that you are just a happy user is somewhat ridiculous.

Besides the point that you do not address, that from what I can see this doesn't have any real deep-system client that prevents using the internet completely unfiltered. In which case - I'm not sure it is the case, but judging from the guides they have - it is a total joke for anyone (which is everyone) that has admin access to the PC or has a tiny bit of tech knowledge!
Not agreeing or denying anything, but NetFree is indeed a very good filter. They have a program on Windows that will block  the entire Internet connection if you're not connected to their server... The only way to bypass NetFree was with SSH tunneling, which didn't always work, and they required to register it with them... I don't think any of the US filters come close to them, and yes it might have some downsides to.

April 30, 2019, 04:19:44 AM
Re: Internet Filters
I was still able to install k9 with an existing license... so far it works.
Good. But keep in mind that since they have officially released an uninstaller for it (without need for the password) it is an even easier thing to just remove quickly now.

June 14, 2019, 10:19:01 AM
Re: Data Recovery - Any Questions? To all who ask me where I got this R-STUDIO, (received 4 PM so far ;D)
Here is the link:
Proceed at your own risk, if someone can manage to figure out if it safe I would be very grateful.

November 27, 2019, 06:50:24 PM