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Internet Filters Internet Filters

I am surprised that there isn't already a topic on this forum about this, but it my opinion there shouldnt be a home in this country Jewish or otherwise that should have unfiltered internet in their house.  The accessibility of pornography and all other forms of trash that represent the lowest forms of human society is only a mouse click away and nobody should have to face such a test.

Below I will include list of the internet filters that I am familiar with: (if possible I can try to keep this list up-to-date if others add comments for ones that I missed)

1.  K9WebProtection - - Best FREE internet filter that I know of which is very customizable and easy to install, and pretty hard to bypass.

2.  OpenDNS - - Another FREE filter that works based on DNS filtering, however this filter is extremely easy to bypass, it is basically just doing the reverse of the installation.  In my opinion it is great as a second layer of protection but should not be relied upon as a first line of defense.

3.  Covenant Eyes - - A very popular internet monitoring tool which can either include just accountability reports which basically send a summary of all questionable websites visited to a third party but doesnt actually block anything, or also can provide actual website filtering as well.  There is a charge for this service however it varies because many places have "group" discounts with Covenant Eyes and therefor you can get a better annual rate.  (As a side note I had Covenant Eyes on my computer and it wreaked havoc, because it is often incompatible with many other programs.  It is possible that they have gotten better since I last tried it, but the program is designed to act like any other form of malware which embeds itself in the system to make sure it is difficult to bypass, but that could cause other unwanted issues.)

4.  Netnanny - -My personal favorite internet filter which provides a ton of customizable features, my favorite of which being that you can have different account logins within the same computer so that each one can have its own customized internet filtering settings.  Also Netnanny allows remote access so that if you install it on your computer and a friend has the password, and a site that is OK gets blocked for some reason, you can send a request to them to unblock it and they can do that remotely.  Netnanny also gives the ability to send emails whenever an attempt to go to a blocked site is made, to prevent someone from constantly "trying to test the limits" to find something that is not blocked.  Netnanny does charge a $39.99 per year for one computer license or $59.98 for 3 computers, which in my opinion is a VERY reasonable price to pay to protect yourself and your family from the dangers of the internet (This is the filter that I personally use on my computer)

I am sure that there are many other very good filters out there, but these are the ones that I have firsthand knowledge of, please feel free to post comments below and I can try to update this list.

Feel free to post your thoughts!

November 10, 2010, 11:22:18 PM
The Pros And Cons Of Where You Live As a so-called "out of towner" I'm always asked by LA/Miami/NYC guys why I would choose to live in CLE.  Especially with a job like mine that can be done from anywhere.
It's a valid question, and there are many pros and cons.

Frankly I wonder why so many Jews stay in NYC. I understand family is often a big part of where you live and many Jews got off the boat in NYC and simply haven't desired to venture any farther out, but is it really worth it?

-Beachwood, OH is the safest Jewish community I've ever seen.  You can sleep at night without every being awoken by sirens.
-Housing is very cheap.
-Parking is plentiful and traffic is nothing compared to most cities.  There's also cheap train service connecting the jewish community with downtown and the airport.
-In University Heights and Cleveland Heights you can get $4,250 (K-8)-$5,700 (9-12) per year vouchers to use for private schools regardless of your income level.
-Free busing for kids to the Jewish Schools.
-The streets are clean and everyone has their own garage.  There's no alternate side business and no parking meters.
-Taxes are moderate, much less than NYC and LA, though more than MIA.
-Stores have generous policies compared to the NYC area.
-People are generally quite friendly and willing to help you out/midwest attitude and slower paced.
-Kids seem to come out of schools like the Academy with their heads on straight, generally not nearly as corrupt as some that I've seen come out of  LA/Miami/NYC.
-Tons of young couples have moved to CLE in recent years due to very low cost of living, high-paying medical field jobs, and for Case Western's dental, law, business, and medical school.
-There is a rejuvenated downtown core with multiple sports teams, a plethora of museums, water activities, beaches, comedy clubs, broadway shows, a smoke-free casino, etc.  Other nearby activities include the NFL, Rock and Roll, and inventors hall of fames, an emerald necklace of hiking trails and national parks, and the world's greatest roller coaster park.
-Many major cities (Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, Toronto, etc) are within driving distance.
-Every 4 years your vote really means something.

-Lots of snow in the winter, especially in the jewish community.  Nobody moves to CLE for the weather, though in in spring and summer it's typically very nice and less humid than the east coast.
-The kosher restaurant scene is fairly dismal (2 pizza shops, 3 meat restaurants, and a bagel shop), though it's better than many other "out-of-town" places.  It has been hard-hit over the past 5 years (2 pizza shops and 3 meat restaurants have closed)
-Houses are artificially higher in the blocks closest to shul than the rest of the city, a problem that was exacerbated by the building of 4 giant shuls all next-door to each other.  Still prices are much lower than in almost every other jewish community but it can be frustrating to see such cheap housing just outside of walking distance.

So, pros and cons of where you live? 
What makes you stay where you are instead of trying something new?

November 05, 2012, 10:26:20 PM
Hat repair in Lakewood? Any reccomdations to get my hat cleaned and reshaped?
May 25, 2018, 11:32:11 AM