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General Discussion / Re: Dan's Tesla Thread
« on: Yesterday at 05:00:23 PM »
I don't think I mentioned what the problem with thier service is. I inferred that their production will lower and even out and everything will be more efficient.
The problem with service is more culture related than anything else.
Tesla is light years ahead of everyone else today, so they can get away with arrogant/shoddy service. But they won't be forever.

i dont get this. Any background info?

Just Shmooze / Re: Interesting Articles...
« on: Yesterday at 01:57:59 PM »
I've lost track, is CHI or COL the fake news site? Maybe Shmais should join the public spat too?

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Israel Travel Tips?
« on: Yesterday at 01:48:42 PM »
I did until someone mentioned the Centro :)
Or that @steve2  was posting!

Just Shmooze / Re: Amazon HQ2
« on: Yesterday at 01:18:02 PM »
I would imagine that was the case, but I don't believe that a timeline was publicized.
They would never sign a deal without a timeline. How would that be enforceable?

I'd suggest that we #AskRabbiSarsour

Just Shmooze / Re: Amazon HQ2
« on: Yesterday at 11:10:12 AM »
There's no reason they need to all be from the same business, quite the contrary, if they were all from different businesses it would create more competition which would be even better for the employees.
And less concentration and exposure to a single business.
Porque no los dos?

Just Shmooze / Re: Amazon HQ2
« on: Yesterday at 11:02:01 AM »
Does  it really make sense that Amazon backed out because of phony leftist politicians public harassment? They talk out of both sides of their mouth all the time. If it really was worth it for Amazon im pretty sure they would've stayed the course.
Why would you want to build in a place where the politicians will be out to get you when you could build in a place where they're welcoming you with open arms?

Smart move by Amazon. They likely would have been shafted with special taxes targeted at them as revenge so that the politicians could score more points.

Up In The Air / Re: JetBlue Family Accounts
« on: Yesterday at 10:12:55 AM »
Only in your dreams.

Just Shmooze / Re: Amazon HQ2
« on: Yesterday at 10:12:12 AM »
Amazon had to guarantee those jobs, or else the incentives wouldn't be given.


Just Shmooze / Re: Amazon HQ2
« on: February 14, 2019, 05:42:03 PM »
So you're saying that if NY cut taxes for everyone the way they did for the Amazon deal, then Amazon wouldn't have opened HQ2 in NY without a special deal?
Mi she'yesh lo manah, rotzeh masayim.

Just Shmooze / Re: Amazon HQ2
« on: February 14, 2019, 05:25:15 PM »
The reason amazon needs a "good deal" to move to NY is because NY is getting in the way of anyone who would create jobs, the solution to that is to get out of everyone's way, not just the big behemoth.
Nonsense. Amazon was going to get a deal no matter where it wound up and no matter what that state's policies. Because they're big, because they can, and because it's a worthy investment to land 25K 6 figure jobs.

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