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A delay to after midnight will be a problem, worth taking a backup test...

Israel requires 72 hours.
To leave the country? The CDC says specifically three days not 72 hours. Instead of leaving Monday morning he's now leaving Monday night. Took his PCR on Friday.

You received an email about which flight?  One showing as cancelled or showing as zero availability in all classes?
I got a notice that the flight was cancelled with no options for rebooking.

Does Elal accept PCR done more than 72 hours, but still three days?

Not showing cancelled in my reservation yet! Is United automatically rebooking?
Cancelled and not rebooked.

Are the United morning flights cancelled as well?
My flight was cancelled and I have a medical appt that I must get back for
Try to get on Elal via a TA.

Wasn't United on the 9th an approved emergency flight?

Tomorrow’s United morning flight (UA85) was just cancelled.
Not showing cancelled in my reservation yet! Is United automatically rebooking?

nothing yet. gonna head soon to airport
Going to try and stand-by? Or did you get a seat? Hatzlacha Raba!

PCR now required for outbound as well, unless you have a green passport:

Not sure when this came out but United sent out emails about this a week in advance of tomorrow's flight.

@m65 Can you keep us updated please?

its crazier than ever b4
Yup! My son's on the AM flight and he has a boarding pass!! And I booked through Chase, so I haven't tried anything yet...

Do you think United just wants to mess with this route as revenge? Why in the world would they issue boarding passes for cancelled flights and not let the passengers work out alternate arrangements?!

travel agents cant touch my flight which was booked on

1809-344-363 i dont know how to reach the israeli desk from the usa
Anyone know how I can dial this number from the US?

Maybe try to get a supervisor in the US?

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