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There have been people who got PCR results for the wrong person, they may have gotten someone elses results.

Much less likely to happen if the antibody tests were part of clinical trial data (not sure whether thatís the case here or not). I would assume theyíre much more careful with that.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Uber Eats Promos Master Thread
« on: Today at 06:35:13 PM »
I just got and email+in-app notification NEWYEAR15 after it didnít work for me the last few times it was mentioned. $15 off $20

Ordered one at $17, only 1
Unit arrived.

Not surprised, considering the price.

Or antibodies were a false positive.

On a quantitative test? Does that make any sense?

After 23 days there is a 60% drop


This is nice, quick, and transparent data analysis. Canít wait to see the data in a month, when weíll have more clarity on 2nd dose results.

Update: She got the placebo. So much for that. Still interesting that she somehow tested for high antibodies mid-trial after receiving the placebo and not getting sick until much later.

So sheís a confirmed case of reinfection with high antibodies (with the first infection presumably with little or no symptoms). I guess her antibodies faded and/or she was infected with another strain. Things we donít have enough data on.

Uncommon, but it does happen.

Politics / Re: 2022 Races
« on: Yesterday at 02:02:17 PM »
Whatís the point in discussing this now? Isnít that like trying to predict the weather in 2022?

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: UK COVID Mutation
« on: Yesterday at 01:55:11 PM »

How are they isolating the UK variant? Did they decode x amount of PCR positives in their 60s until they had 1000 of the UK variant, and then compared that to those that were decoded and found to not be UK variant?

ETA: What does ďexpected to dieĒ mean? If they arenít comparing actual deaths then how do they determine whether death is ďexpectedĒ?

Is it possible that higher viral load for UK variant just means faster progression of the disease, and thatís whatís being observed here?

COVID-19 Discussion Board / Re: UK COVID Mutation
« on: Yesterday at 01:53:18 PM »
IOW they're seeing a 30-40% increase in fatalities. Among 60 years that just means a death rate of 1.4% compared to 1%, which is not substantial. The question is if it applies to 80 year olds where a 40% death rate increase would mean a huge increase in deaths.

40% increase coupled with increased transmission/spread is certainly significant.

We should have a running counter of all the unborn babies being killed in the US.

If the data was available and you were a major media outlet with an agenda you could certainly have that.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: DR: Hot Chocolate Maker / Frother
« on: Yesterday at 01:32:11 PM »
Just noticed that it's a "free gift" for $180 donation to the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation auction

They must've gotten some old stock somewhere. Amazon stopped selling it almost 4 years ago and since then the 3rd party price skyrocketed:

Tech Talk / Re: Old Tech Or New Tech, Choose One.
« on: Yesterday at 01:26:31 PM »
Right, the same way Apple makes a convenient charging cord to accommodate human beings who already have charging cords.

C'mon man, it's not a regular charging cord, it's a Lightingģ cord!

Apple, the Apple logo, Lightning, cr@pple, and other brand names and marketing BS are property of Apple Inc. and may only be used with express written permission of Apple Inc.

Correct, and although Scratch allows you to apply for Forgiveness now, they display this message:

A new law was recently enacted that includes changes to the PPP forgiveness application. You may benefit from waiting to submit your application so you can take advantage of the upcoming updates, which are not available in todayís forgiveness application:

New categories of expenses will be eligible for forgiveness, including certain operational costs (such as business software), certain supplier costs, COVID-19 worker protection costs (such as personal protective equipment or changes to your business space for safety), and property damage costs not covered by insurance. Read more about newly forgivable expenses here.
The forgiveness application will be simplified for loans of $150,000 and under.
Borrowers will be able to change their covered period to end any day thatís between 8 and 24 weeks after their loan disbursement date.

If you would like to take advantage of these changes, we recommend you wait to submit your forgiveness application until the updated application is released in February 2021. Youíll receive a notification over email when this application is available.

If you donít expect the above changes to affect your forgiveness amount, itís okay to go ahead and submit your forgiveness application now.

Remember that your PPP loan will not enter repayment until 10 months after the end of your covered period. You can apply for forgiveness at any point before the maturity date of your loan.

I guess I didn't realize they still haven't implemented the simplified version. But that makes sense, Planning, compliance, and IT all need to work together to implement it and make sure all their bases are covered. Then it goes to QA/testing, eventually some executive has to sign off on it.

Tech Talk / Re: Old Tech Or New Tech, Choose One.
« on: Yesterday at 01:17:30 PM »
An iSD?

He means some proprietary cr@pple SD card thatís not compatible with anything but iXxxxx/Apple devices.


Same data as this:

Or another study confirming the same numbers?

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