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Don't seal the count yet. I've been away for a little and I'm planning on putting my match through soon... Marketing team just polishing up the entry to achieve maximum likes.

Another matcher PM’d me asking where to donate their pledge as well, so that might be in the works too.

You might be better off poking around on eBay...ebay has a 5% card I believe.
eBay is much riskier compared to buying from Apple directly.

A rep at Hertz told me that hertz registers a lot of their cars in Florida for this reason, either they buy them there or change the registration to there after the first year if they buy the car elsewhere.

This sounds like ships being registered in the Caribbean, companies incorporating in Delaware, and buying groups shipping to OR/DE.

General Discussion / Re: Visible cell phone service ($40 unlimited)
« on: May 07, 2021, 10:12:01 AM »
Broken Link

Seems to be OOS/dead in any case.

Just Shmooze / Re: Short Answers to Long Threads
« on: May 07, 2021, 10:08:14 AM »
This is the short answer?

The short answer is that the myriad of approaches to rationalizing tragedy are emotionally charged.

To be fair, what percentage of people are actually old, mature, and wise enough to get married (at what, 17-23 years old?) vs getting married before then because if you wait you'll only have the "leftovers?"

To some extent marriage (and parenting) is something you can really only understand through experience, which is why there’s a need for adults to facilitate the shidduch process on the first place.

From what I heard, it's great if you like quantity over quality.

A place could be a good value and still have both quality and reasonable portion sizes. Quantity isn’t everything, but it’s upsetting to pay 20 and get two little sprigs of broccolini that taste heavenly and temp you to spend another $20 for more.

I have asked him directly in the past.

From what I gathered, he does have proper insurance in place for the vehicles.

Insurance to rent the car out? Good on him, I wasn’t aware.

It's irrelevant if there's anything wrong with the suggestion. The reason she was suggested was because the suggester thought there was something wrong with both of them.

If I'm overweight, and I'm suggested someone where it is clear that the only reason they are being suggested is because they're also overweight, that's remarkably offensive. It doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the person who is being suggested. It means that you looked at me, and all you saw was a problem, and therefore you thought to match me up with someone else whose entirety you reduced to being a problem. Putting us both in the third class box and thinking that we're therefore compatible is insulting, even if neither of us belong in that box and possibly may incidentally be compatible.

It’s the class mentality that’s the problem, we need to stop thinking in those terms, and thinking that others are seeing us in those terms.

Take the OP, who’s only “fault” was that he was a so-called working bochur (because he had to pay off debts). The way I see it that’s a first rate guy who takes care of things. So if he was suggested someone who is atypical, it might be because he doesn’t fit the common narrative for a guy of his character (after all, he only went to work to pay off debts). So maybe she was suggested because she’s a good fit, in that she can see past that “flaw”.

The way I see it, there are no classes. Everyone (including the “top” boys and girls) has strengths and weaknesses, and they each have their match that complements that. All this class nonsense needs to go. Someone is a great match because they’re a good fit for their partner for life, not because of their frumkeit batting average. H*ck, if they’re not compatible then all of that
Frumkeit is wasted on that other person. Frumkeit here is a placeholder, replace it with any virtue, the analogy still fits.

anyone been?

Cool menu, quite a few typos.

Interesting concept with the free sides and salad bar. Sometimes DW and I will share one entree and an assortment of sides/apps/soup to share. Wouldn’t work at this place the way their menu is.

Anyone know what Bitton car rentals insurance is like? Like in terms of CDW will a amex cover me? What about liability?

Sorry if this was discussed. Couldn't find anything

Is he even a legit car rental that you’d have any coverage?

Others will be upset at you for sounding prejudiced, and they may even be right (although I'd love to know how many of them have dated people like that)

It’s the other way around, people are prejudiced because they haven’t bothered to date anyone “like that”, it would be an eye opener.

This is quickly turning into the Shidduch Crisis Master Thread, so I’ll tell you. Too much of the crisis is because marriage and relationships are so personal and each unique in their dynamic, yet when it comes to shidduchim the masses are all into one-size-fits-all cookie cutter rules, guidelines, and classifications. Every pot has its cover, and if we started looking at people as human beings instead of measuring them up like stats on a baseball card, we’d get a lot further.


I get rejected because I don't learn full time, as I had to go work to pay back what people stole from me and caused me to go into debt.  In 2013 - I was sent to a shadchan of a girls seminary - I met with her and she spoke with my references -- and the only thing she had to suggest was a divorced giores -- which is not the end of the world -- but the girl was black.

I find this terribly offensive.

General Discussion / Re: Space X Launch
« on: May 06, 2021, 07:13:20 PM »
I'd wait for better landing odds than 1/15

It’s called SN15 because SN1 through SN14 didn’t make it? That’s some reputation!

Are we supposed to donate our matches now?

If you haven’t yet. Donations have been made to cover all a matching pledges at this point.

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