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Up In The Air / Re: Booking El Al with Qantas - master thread
« on: September 24, 2019, 12:54:32 PM »
i know but doesnít hurt to try

3 got bulkhead because the bulkhead seats 3. not 8

Up In The Air / Re: Booking El Al with Qantas - master thread
« on: September 23, 2019, 07:37:09 PM »
i guess thatís Iíll have to do if no way around

Do 1 + infant

And 8 in another reservation.

Infant requires you to input everyone's DOB and passports in order to be ticketed. So it's better to put infant with 1 person than with 8

Up In The Air / Re: LY26 Diverted To Halifax
« on: September 19, 2019, 10:40:47 AM »

Sick passenger on the plane

Took off a few hours later and headed to TLV

Up In The Air / LY26 Diverted To Halifax
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:18:34 AM »
LY 26 was diverted to Halifax

Decent upgrade offer is only from Z class and down ($989)

Looks like there are 7 seats available in Business, so you'll need to wait until it opens up in Z or P class which might only be 2 hours before the flight

Up In The Air / Re: Booking El Al with Qantas - master thread
« on: August 05, 2019, 12:44:40 PM »
QF phone reps no longer seeing LY space between NYC - TLV. Heard multiple reports from the past 12-24 hrs. If anyone has been successful via SMS or phone from NYC, please report. Didn't check other LY routes either. Anyone booked LY with QF in the past 24 hours? (Any route)

I wanted to book P class for tonight on LY 1/27 with 63K QF miles.

Called and texted multiple times (took hours...), they only saw the day flight avail (LY7). They did not see anything on the midnight flights, even though it was clearly showing on Matmid site as avail. So so frustrating

Up In The Air / Re: hAAte
« on: July 16, 2019, 02:32:50 PM »
Maybe put a profanity warning?


Bow Lake is directly on the road, Peyto is a pull-out plus a 5-10 minute short walk to the lake, but is the most beautiful sight on the road - do not miss! But they're not full-day activities; you spend 10-20 minutes taking pics at each and then move on. I didn't do the drive out onto the glacier because I thought it was too commercialized, and I had done actually walking on glaciers in Alaska.

I got great views overlooking the glacier (and the buses driving onto it) from a hike in the area, but I believe you can also see it just from the parking area where you sign up for the buses. Depending on what time it is when you get there, you can decide if you have time to continue before turning around. Another vote for the Gypsy app - I almost never pay $ for apps, but it was wonderful and greatly enhanced the experience!

Cool - thanks!

Got it!

So I guess I'll do the Glaciers and enjoy the drive.. and stop by one of the lakes on the way..

Thanks for all your help, will report back after the trip!

I may be in the minority, but Banff township was by far my least favorite area in the Canadian Rockies, and I also found Johnston Canyon (not Johnson) extremely crowded and overrated, but I'm also a fairly hard-core hiker.

Day 2 is a wonderful day and I wouldn't combine it with day 3 unless you're not planning to do any hikes at all. It should not take you anywhere near 80 minutes to get from LL to ML, but the earlier you go, the less traffic you'll have (narrow mountain roads with 1 lane in each direction).

1A largely parallels TCH, but is considered more scenic with better chance of wildlife sightings, but also a little slower than TCH. I didn't boat, so no help there. There are some beautiful waterfalls along the Icefields Parkway past Columbia Icefield that you may be able to get to if you get an early start. Do not waste your time or $ on the Skywalk. Absolute must-sees are Peyto Lake and Bow Lake.

You may also wish to go to Yoho NP in the area for Emerald Lake and Takakkaw Falls - all far better than Banff IMO.

Thanks so much for the info! So maybe I should skip the Glacier adventure since its wasting a full day and do one of the other lakes instead? Or can should I combine the Glaciers with something else?

Bump, any thoughts?

Hello - we are going to Banff (Fairmont) & I've got some questions!

Based on reading everyone's reports and highlights, this is what I came up with (I have 3 full days there):

Day 1
-Banff area
-Johnson Canyon hike

Day 2
-Lake Louise
-Moraine Lake

Day 3
-Colombia Icefield Glacier

Questions are:
1) Is it worth it to treck to the Glaciers and kill a day? Can I combine day 2 & 3?
2) On google maps, it shows that from Lake Louise to Moraine is a 80 min drive (15 KM!), does this make sense?
3) From Banff to Johnson Canyon, we can either drive with hwy 1A or with Trans Canada hwy, which one is nicer, more scenic?
4) Which lake is to nicest to boat? Moraine looks the best to me..
5) Finally, did I miss anything here?

Thanks in advance for your input!

Up In The Air / Re: EL AL
« on: May 17, 2019, 07:30:46 AM »
LY we go again...1845 arrival

Shows 3:31 PM for me

on DDMS where Dan explains the whole plan b instructions, he shows a booking and writes that next to your  fare class united economy (xn) it should say "in or i class requested" i made a booking and on my confirmation page i have it separated flight to ewr and then under the booking there is another box it says waitlisted and it shows business i class, now my question can someone confirm that i set it up good?


Sounds good

Did they deduct the miles required for a business flight?

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