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I agree with you it should be counted, but about the HT age, the post is being reused so the last time it was posted isn't always the same as the original HT. (In this case the last post was Aug 23rd)

Aug 23rd was on Newegg. Seems like Dan keeps different stores separately. For example AirPods Pro with same price today from staples, but the staples page has a different HT then the Newegg or Amazon page.

So for the Amazon deal page, I guess this does count as a HT, as the HT on the amazon page is more than 3 months old?

Does this count? The HT mentioned in the post is from a post over 3 months old.


Side note:
Now its $28 lower, first time under the $200 Mark. If it falls under $100, is it also just an update? At what point does a sale become significant for a new HT? This is a general question: If a new sale comes up, why is it just an update?

Deals/Deal Requests / Walgreens - Free 8x10 Enlargement
« on: August 23, 2020, 10:18:59 AM »
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dont count on anything until isreali goverment give you something in writing

Ok yeshivabuchor 😉

BREAKING: Some Seminaries, Yeshivas are sending out emails saying Israel is allowing bochurim and seminary girls study there for Elul, at around Aug. 25. Donít book a ticket yet until all kinks are ironed out..

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