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Did actually you read what I wrote? The Amazon cards have the benefit as of 4/25/20 based on documentation included with a replacement card. Those cards have no annual fee.

Payeco. You do realize you never mentioned it was the Amazon card you did the return on. For all we know you did the return on an everyday preferred card. We kind of assume you used the Amazon card because that is what you said you saw the new terms on it and then by your snarky response, but I am still not sure.

I was wondering the same thing the other poster asked about. I know I have both cards.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: IHG nights for sale
« on: January 19, 2020, 10:31:57 AM »
I have 4 capped nights expiring between 4/24/20 and 5/13/20, another on 7/25 and another on 10/15. Mostly separate accounts but two of them are on one.  $110 each.

Holding these for now. My son says he wants to use them.

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: IHG nights for sale
« on: January 04, 2020, 06:53:56 PM »
I have 4 capped nights expiring between 4/24/20 and 5/13/20, another on 7/25 and another on 10/15. Mostly separate accounts but two of them are on one.  $110 each.

Also, how are people still getting uncapped nights? The ones I have all look to be 40K which I can see from the details.

Was the cash earned prior to the purchase or in the purchase?

In my case I had asked Amex about the example of $200 item paid $40 with free points from Sears, and they said it wouldn't be covered.

You are asking about whether the points were earned prior or in the purchase. They didn't exist prior to the purchase, they are free points given to you in the purchase to apply to that purchase. So it is really more like a discount. They charge you $200 for an item and they give you $40 in free points to apply to the purchase. So the invoice shows $200 item, $40 paid with points and $160 with the Amex card.

I've used it for things purchased internationally. Never had an issue.

Great to know. I was wondering if it would work for things purchased on Ebay shipped from China, or even Aliexpress. Seems like it would work. When they say purchased in the US, ya, I purchased in the US from my computer. The company might have been in China.

I imagine Warranty coverage would be a different story, since it extends US Warranty. If item doesn't have a US Warranty, I imagine it wouldn't be covered for that.


FWIW, I called and asked, and after checking with supervisor, they told me it wouldn't be covered because it wasn't bought completely with Amex card. She did say, though, to go ahead and make a claim because you never know and it may be accepted, lol.

Do you have experience getting it covered when paying part of it with store points?

How about when a store gives back points on the receipt?

For example, something bought from Sears which gives SYWR, would they deduct the rewards? (they have some items with 100% back in points).
The T&C say "Product rebates, discounts or money received from lowest price comparison programs will be deducted from the original cost of the item". So that makes me think perhaps they would subtract it, particularly if it is shown on the receipt. I recently bought a grill for $300 and Sears gives $300 back in points, but split into 12 monthly payments that I may never see or have that much value.

How about when Sears throws in, for example $40 in free cash on purchase, and they show the item as $200 but then show $40 paid with this free cash, and $160 then charged to Amex. Would Amex give the $160 back or would they deny it because it wasn't completely bought with the Amex card?

Does any one know ebay items with condition - "New (other)" is eligible for return protection?

I notice the ebay sale details I send in to Amex don't even say if the item is new or not. So I am tempted to give it a try. I think it would work. Unless they take your info and look up the item on ebay some way. I have never sent the screen shot of the actual item, just the details from the sale, afterwards and they have always been approved.

Needs to be in like new condition
terms say
"To be eligible, an item must be in the original purchase condition (not visibly used, defective, or damaged in any way) and must be in working order"
Regarding an oven, if it is installed then it has had adjustments and such (i believe).  The above is vague , however, the exclusions state:Items not eligible for a refund are:
10. purchased used and/or altered items (including, but not limited to, purchases at auction sites
and second- hand stores);

Ah, that is clear. Should have searched for word "Used". Thanks for pointing it out. Still wonder if New(Other) would work, like for open box. I am thinking possibly not, so I haven't tried buying New(other) from ebay.

That's so weird. I'm practically 100% sure that it's only by new items like everyone else is saying, but I can't either find where they say that specifically. I also remember seeing clearly in the terms of a credit card that it said they don't cover used items. But it could be I'm mixing up AMEX with a different bank.

That was my impression as well. It may have been what a CSR said at some point, or perhaps what someone stated on this forum. It may in fact be the policy followed, but it is not in the T&C that I have found. Or perhaps terms have changed.

That language is what allows you to return an item after YOU used it

This contradicts what Noturbizniss said. I understood him to say that an item you use is not covered based on T&C.

"Terms also exclude used items
An oven installed is by definition used since it is out of box with adjustments and connections made.
Therefore, to attempt to return a stove it must be in box/not installed (by item 2)
ergo, item 1 applies to a brand new, uninstalled (i.e. in the box) oven"

According to the T&C's the item has to be new.

Where does it say that? The word "New" isn't even in the T&C.

The only thing close to it is the following:

" To be eligible, an item must be in the original purchase condition (not visibly used, defective, or damaged in any way) and must be in working order. "

The key point here, being, I would take the "not VISIBLY used". Its pretty clear the item can be used or they wouldn't have included the word "visibly". According to the T&C even a refurb would work if it isn't visibly used, but I have never tried to use it on a Refurb.

Ikr? What a novel idea.

Here is a novel idea. Finding out real life experience versus whatever a CSR or T&C happen to say. Have you never in your life found there to be a difference between CSR and what actually happens? If not, you must live a charmed life.

Regarding the item must be new. What have people found with Ebay New(Other), like open box or simply a seller who has it listed that way? Does Amex accept that, or does the New(Other) throw it into a category not accepted?

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: IHG nights for sale
« on: March 06, 2018, 10:10:26 AM »
I notice some hotels have the Additional guest option and others don't. For example in Miami, IC has the "Additional Guest" and "Special Request" options and Kimpton, Crowne Plaza, and Holiday Inn do not. Also doesn't matter if you are doing a cash or reward or free night stay. You can't add additional guest info to the cash stay either in the cases where it doesn't pop up.

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