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Can I please ask kindly to leave this thread on the topic, I am really looking to get input from other readers, if they see this stuff they get turned off from answering.


Additionally. Looks to me like its a clustered development with no possibility of adding a privet pool in the backyard, which makes it unpractical for your vacation needs in the summer. CMIIW

There are 40 ft lots and 50 ft lots, the 50 they say might be able to have pools.
The lots are deep 120.
I actually sent an email the builder inquiring about pool. Waiting to hear from them.

I really don't get this cheshbon - who knows what will be in 40 years from now. Hopefully mashiach tzidkeinu will be here by then and you won't think of vacationing in FL. You can easily buy and sell many times over in the course of 40 years

אחכה לו בכל יום שיבוא
So what the difference between making a calculations for 1 year or 40 years.
Now, I am not looking in to it as an investment,  I am looking to have something for my upcoming years עמו"ש, and if I am now almost 40, it makes sense to calculate till 80.
If I have bought already in Miami, or I live there, and scientists come put with a study that in 30 years from now Miami will be under water, I would leave it to hashem,  and not worry now. But since I don't have anything yet, so I believe I do have חיוב השתדלות to weigh my options on a normal level.
I am not a משפיע or any רוחניות authority, just a simple דעת בעל הבית.
I do believe that believing that South Florida can be under water is not a סתירה באמונת השם, after all the entire South Florida area was till approximately 100 years ago not habitated by Humans, the entire area was a swamp, so the sea can always reclaim it, ח"ו.

Hallandale Beach, Aventura Isles, Hollywood a few different areas there.

Or go more north and get a cheap and big place in Boynton Beach, depending on age that can be a great option, but likely poor for rental income.

Hi, can you please elaborate on this.
Do this communities have a full fledged Chabad house similar to the NMB chabad which has a separate nice comfortable mens mikvah.
I forgot to note in my earlier post 2 points.
1) Tampa has more and easier evacuation options ח"ו in case of a major hurricane, you are closer to mainland.
2) I spoke to one of the major house managers,  who I am doing business with already for more than six years.
When I was there the first time he was busy the whole time how you can buy for cheap, fix it over, and use for yourself and rent it out, making nice money. When I spoke to him last week, he told he can't advise me what to do, he didn't want to say anything how much you can make etc. He just told me that if i end up buying he will gladly help me out, and manage it. That was a sign for me that he also believes that NMB is at their peak, and the numbers is to high.
He told I can try to go the other side of the canal where you can still find for a little cheaper, but also wasn't pushy as he was when prices were like 350 with a pool.
Regarding other areas, I asked him about Hollywood, he knows me well, so he advised me that it's not my type or even similar.
Regarding Tampa, he didn't have any info about that. Hence it's a new product and in the early stages.

I hope this is the right forum, to vent all my ספיקות.
As I am looking already for quite sometime into the South Florida housing market, as an option to own a vacation house which should eventually cover itself through rentals over peak seasons. I found that North Miami Beach is out of the budget already.
Some background: I am Chasidish, with some strict values, for example i need a walking distance men mikva, especially for shabbos morning. Upto 1 hour walking should be good. I walked sometimes when I went on vacation, more than an hour per direction for טבילת עזרא.
Minyan I am ok with Chasidish, Chabad, Yeshivish/Sefard/Ashkenaz.
Food, I am not at the age anymore that I should have a must for real fancy restaurants. But I do need a supermarket with basic kosher food with heimeishe hechsheirim.
Since I live in Lakewood in a decent size house, I am not looking to go there Pesach/Succos. As of now I can't even go even I want, for many reasons.
So therefore i have no problem on counting on the rental income.
Over the Winter, in our current situation we won't go down more than once over the winter, kids are in school, young kids, etc.
Over the summer we are looking to spend there the Aug month, as we drove down over the last few years, and we really loved it. Yes in the hot weather, but the private pool and the quietness is very good.
I remember when some Chasidish people moved from NY to North Miami Beach about 15 years ago and houses were cheap. At that time approximately many chasidish people bought there for a vacation home, and they are really having a use of it now, and are able to rent it out for top money during season.
My question is, is there chances that Tampa might be in the same position? Some Chasidish people moving from NY, that will make it a nice size OOT Community with their local grocery etc.
I understand that I can't count on getting 400 a night during the whole winter, but how about 200 a night? Also for Pesach/Succos I believe I can count on 5000 each.
Now the pros and cons in my eyes for both options:
Miami PROs
Higher nightly rate and easier to rent out.
More kosher options which makes it cheaper for me when visiting.
Established, no risk, no worries not to have minyan, etc.
The Community is full fledged already and not dependent on vacationers.
They are in the middle of the stages to open chasidish schools. Hence I can see my kids live there when they marry.
TAMPA pros.
Cheaper upfront price, new construction.
Less exposure to Flooding, less risk even with global warming. (Remember I am planning to use it more in 40 years from now.)

Both options have cheap flight options.

Tampa Cons:
Risk if this will be working out, but I do believe if there will be 100 chasidish families that will guarantee it a mikva, kosher grocery.
As of now, there is no market for kosher villas there.

Here are some questions which I wonna have input from others who know answers.
How about the weather in the summer in Tampa, was never there, i was in Miami and it wasnt that bad as some are trying to portray it. In my eyes, על טעם וריח אין להתוכיח.

Many say that Miami metro is the main attraction the food. Since i am not a foodie guy, i can't real answer that. But I wonder why people don't go to Tampa/Sarasota/St. Petersburg areas for vacation, atleast on the same level as Cancun which also don't have many food options.

Now, I did spoke to the organizers, and they have no problem that some people should buy for vacation homes. I do believe it will only help them that some people should have vacation houses there. That will bring free advertising for their Community, all the home owners will have to advertise their houses for the heimeishe Community. It will also bring weekly new faces to the Community and more outside money into the local heimeishe economy.
Those visitors will also become ambassadors for the Community, back home in Tri State area.
Vacationers usually spend more money in Grocery for expensive items, that will make it more economically viable to bring it down those stuff.
Now if the demand would be more than supply, like for example Linden NJ,  I understand that it wouldn't be healthy to have outside investors to drive up prices. And I would never think of buying in such a climate, ואהבת לרעך כמוך and I am not even in the real estate industry to have a יצר הרע to do it.
Tampa is not that the case, they have a huge supply, about 700 houses in just that gated community. Plus many new communities are being build around that area.

Would you consider buying a vacation house in greater Tampa area, as an alternative to South Florida?

Do you think there is more chances that other areas in South Florida with low prices, should become more Chasidish friendly?
In my eyes is Hollywood the closest candidate to North Miami Beach in South Florida, but its also more expensive than Tampa, plus its older houses.
How about North Miami beach outskirts? Spoke to some house managers and they said I won't be able to rent it out as of now. Where are the younger chabad families moving as alternative to NMB?
Your input is appreciated.

Up In The Air / Re: Delta Skymiles
« on: December 07, 2020, 05:11:24 PM »
When you search in the DL App for award flights, it shows that you will earn miles & MQM on many AF/KLM award flights, however, is that real?? Anyone with any experience on it, I don't wonna call a representative ask about it.
I need to decide if I should book a DL flight or AF.
Thanks for anyone who can clarify it.
MODS: Sorry for reposting, trying to get an answer, I am sure it could be relevant for others, once answered feel free to erase the ones you feel unnecessary.

Up In The Air / Re: SkyTeam Award Search Tips
« on: December 07, 2020, 01:38:15 PM »
When you search in the DL App for award flights, it shows that you will earn miles & MQM on many AF/KLM award flights, however, is that real?? Anyone with any experience on it, I don't wonna call a representative ask about it.
I need to decide if I should book a DL flight or AF.
Thanks for anyone who can clarify it.

Up In The Air / Re: Unique Airports You've Flown Through
« on: November 22, 2020, 05:32:18 PM »
Scratched off
Hamburg HAM
LBC Hamburg Lubeck
ADB Izmir Turkey

Goods For Sale/Trade / Re: US Mint Coins For Sale (Individuals only)
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:20:15 PM »
Selling V75 Silver closed box, in Lakewood 525 OBO

Up In The Air / Re: Delta devalues partner awards ....
« on: October 29, 2020, 06:20:36 PM »
It's not just an oversight for just TLV, they didn't changed things for Latin America, Africa, Asia. It looks more as just for US-European routes.

Up In The Air / Re: Delta devalues partner awards ....
« on: October 29, 2020, 12:53:21 PM »
How does it makes sense that by the same partner it was only raised from US-European routes and not US-Middle east/African routes.
It's almost the same amount for a ticket to Europe as to TLV/Cairo, it used to be a difference of 12500 miles, now it's only 2500.

Up In The Air / Re: Delta devalues partner awards ....
« on: October 28, 2020, 09:58:20 AM »
 It seems they only did it for European routes, NYC-TLV I can still find partner award for 75000 RT, NYC-SOUTH AMERICA is still 50000 RT.
They did stop all specials a while back on Delta award, as they used to have to certain destinations, so maybe they increased partner award that it should be more in line with their awards.
The question is, which part is the mistake,  as it doesn't make sense to raise prices at this time, and since it's not across the board, so let's hope the increase is temporary.
Wishful thinking....

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Djerba
« on: April 19, 2020, 12:13:19 PM »
Hi. Would anyone here know, if the Hilula will take place this year? If yes, which date are they doing it? Monday night or Tuesday?
Thinking of grabbing the opportunity of visiting Tunis, as my plan to be in Meron for Lag Baomer was canceled.
I do see that there are some flights from European cities, like Paris, Dusseldorf.
I don't see here a master thread for Djerba / Tunisia.
Any relevant info regarding Tunisia would be appreciated

Up In The Air / Re: Is Royal Jordanian Safe?
« on: December 04, 2019, 03:56:10 PM »
Having visited Jordan last summer, I can't understand this all hysteria. My experience was that most Jordananians from the Petra area are nice people,  the same goes for people from Amman,  my driver knew very well that I am Jewish, although I wasn't dressed Chasidish while in Jordan.

This all inspections is in my eyes more for the protections of the tourist, the Jordan government has a lot of pressure from the Palestinians who live near the Israeli border. Therefore they try to avoid having obviously looking Jewish people going around and dancing, as this will only invite violence from the Palestinian immigrants.
After all, it's a a fact that some people are looking to harm Jewish people.

Now I do understand that ON THE BOOKS it looks like and it is discrimination, but after all,  I believe it's more for keeping calm in Jordan,  which is comprised of many tribes,  and some of them are ancestors fro Palestinians,  who harbor hate towards Jews/Israelis.

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