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Yes. If you want more detail you'll need to post your location.
Being that his location on his profile shows New York. The answer is yes like cgr replied, you can apply online or call in via an automated system.


Definitely eligible for all months that he was unemployed in between, although the PUA program only started in 02/02/20 so he's not eligible from December.

You can check that week in your payment history to see if it was processed with 4 effective days- personally I'd call up to make the change and apply the difference to a future week. No point getting into trouble over one week's payment.
You can't fix retroactively, but you can a) pay estimated withholding now to both NYS and IRS so you don't have to worry about spending the cash and not having it at year's end, and b) you can correct the issue going forward.

Amen!! Thank you for the kind words.

 Thanks for clarifying that, will definitely tell that to my sibling that he doesn't have to worry that the IRS is coming after him.
   I was unsure being that he worked back in December 2019 and then again in May 2020.

   We'll take a look at his payment history and see what it shows.

Yes I fixed that for the future weeks that the state and federal shall take their percentage.

   What's the easiest way to pay the estimated withholding that was unpaid?

 Thanks so much for clarifying.
 You are really very helpful.

You're thinking about FPUC.

Here are the definitions again:
Unemployment- unemployment for those with W2 wage history
PUA- pandemic unemployment for those with limited W2 history, self employment income, or a rescinded job offer
FPUC- $600 supplemental payments for those receiving a UI or PUA payment from 03/27-07/31 (dates vary by state)
PEUC- additional 13 weeks after exhausting unemployment
EB- additional weeks after exhausting PEUC. Exact numbers of weeks vary by state.

    Indeed seems I'm confusing myself with all the terms.

She should be eligible for PUA from Feb through June 30th.

 Do you mind explaining your reasoning behind that?

   Shouldn't it make sense that you have to be working in January and February to be able to claim in March?
    If one was out of a job for 3-4 months why all the sudden when you have the ability to file for unemployment are you allowed to file?

  The system does not make any sense.

 It seems the government is giving away free money.
Or rather returning your tax money.

Can I apply for PUA online?
It goes hand in hand, if you qualify for the UI you'll get the PUI.

 So however you're filing for the UI is how you'll get the PUI.


My son got this txt on his phone few days after he applied, is this spam?
No it's from the DOL.

Credit Cards / Re: Amex Offers Discussion Thread
« on: Today at 09:09:37 PM »
I bought a pen and a laptop and showed as two charges.  I didn't get any AMEX emails saying you used amex offers.
Call Amex and tell them it was one big purchase.

Reposting.. I think this is a better thread to post In.

A little bit more than a ride I need a power washer brought from Lakewood to Brooklyn sometime today.

 It's not crazy big, but a little machine.

 I can have someone drop it off anywhere in Lakewood.

 If you don't mind if you can PM or post back.

Thanks, it would be a huge help if someone can help me get it over back to Brooklyn.

General Discussion / Re: Ride share master thread.
« on: Today at 04:37:25 PM »
A little bit more than a ride I need a power washer brought from Lakewood to Brooklyn sometime today.

 I can have someone drop it off anywhere in Lakewood.

 If you don't mind if you can PM or post back.


If it's a PUA application (no W2 history) chances are you'll be required to call and give some information about the company you last did work for. You're approved when you can a) certify and b) you've been assigned a benefit rate.
Now with PUA, prerequisites have been waived so pretty much any employment with any $ amount is eligible.
To qualify for regular unemployment you need to have earned at least $2,600 in 2 out of 4 of the last 5 quarters.

Note that you must also have some kind of pay/hour cut to qualify so if you always work an hour a week for $50 you're now eligible for PUA, but you must either be working/earning less or not at all, to qualify. Working the same one hour for $50 does not make you "unemployed"- partially or otherwise.
So to give you a scenerio;
   One who worked last on the books in December 2019 making a few k ,and then once again on the books in May 2020 for  few k.

 Would they be qualified for UI for the months when the pandemic hit? Like March April and part of May?

 Or would I legally only be able to claim after May 15th let's say when he got paid again for that week/month(meaning he was working on the books again, or rather he got paid on the books.)

 Hence my question is there a prerequisite for one to collect unemployment.

   I had applied for him for UI and he got paid the benefits from March through July with a week in May when he worked which I didn't file for him (but weird enough they paid him for that week as well.
   I had back claimed it and filled out he worked, so not sure why they gave him for that week).

  And even more they didn't take off the taxes which I specifically said to take off 12.5% for New York.
   Didn't want to have to pay back the money for the taxes which wasn't taken off for.

 What's your take on this ?
  Thanks @cgr you were really amazing all along. Very helpful.

 I appreciate all your time that you spent helping out others. We all appreciate all your help!
   You should be blessed with many more happy and healthy years to be able to help others Amu"sh.

Open a consolation/support group with @myi  :) :) :)
what I'm going to do is try with two three family members social security and see if I can get through with theirs.

   Just curious if I had applied for unemployment, and they didn't ask me any questions regarding my work force about how much I make, where I worked and what did I do...

  Does that mean they approved you for the unemployment?
 To be more precise does that mean they did a background check and saw that you were eligible for it, or they believing you with what you had to say and being that you're filing for UI that would mean you didn't work and ...

  Is there a prerequisite to qualify for unemployment?
 Meaning is there any set amount of hours that one needs to be qualified to get unemployment insurance?

 did I have to work for six weeks before March in order for me to file for unemployment?

 In essence is there some requirements that are needed to allow me to file?

 Or can I say I worked for 1 hour and now I'm unemployed?


I've been trying for the last week to reach someone in NY for the unemployment.

 Anyone other numbers you guys used in the past to reach them?

Is the number I tried multiple times.

Great price thanks.

 I think I'll grab one this time around.

   We will pay out, but we didn't do anything!  ;)

  Unless it's cheaper going this route vs going through a court system and being sued?

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Targeted? Uber Eats 25% off
« on: Today at 05:17:25 AM »
X Targeted.

 Do you order from them on a daily basis?

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