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There is a new schnitzel place called Crunch Time on the corner of Chestnut and River and it is AMAZING. Genuinely the best schnitzel sandwich I’ve had in Lakewood. Their shtick is that you can order “half” sandwiches and while they’re more expensive than some other places I really think they have the best and freshest schnitzel in Lakewood.
Lol, I was there a few minutes before you posted. I got some sides. Truly delicious. Smallish menu, but person standing by the counter was super nice, and the food was very good and wholesome. I hope they make it. South side of Lakewood could definitely use more options.

The menu. There are a couple more options on the back of the menu.

And today the CDC just poured fuel onto the fire.

We need DDF politicians and DDF doctors.  ;D

they can make it harder, but not impossible

And I hate those sites that disable paste (like chase) or the context menu (like TLS)
Just disable javascript for TLS.


Nah, doesn't compare to real life. It's not quite David and Goliath but not too far off.

... and scary to see how many otherwise smart people buy into it.
Guess they have a different pshat in הנותן לשכוי בינה להבחין בין יום ובין לילה.

Location checks out!
He wants to be in Tampa.

So help me out, why is this the norm? why don't people challenge it. As an outsider, if a potential shidduch asked for my daughter's picture I'd ask for their son's picture too. Would that be something that would mark my daughter as undesirable for even my asking?
If you're keeping up with the hock, it is being challenged right now actually.

I assume that guys share pictures as well as girls - is that correct?
Is it just as likely that I guy would be turned down because of looks than a girl?
Not in Yeshivish circles. In Chassidish circles, if pictures are shared, which is the exception rather than the rule, it goes both ways.

For me to date someone meant I had to fly somewhere. Why would I do that without seeing a picture?
There are always exceptions to the rules.

On The Road / Re: Enterprise Master Thread
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On The Road / Re: Enterprise Master Thread
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Busted tire beyond repair. What do I do? Declined their insurance and Cc won’t cover because Geico’s paying from accident. I know I know..
File a claim with the town the road is in? It may take a while to get reimbursed.

It's a symptom of a broader problem, the focus on externals, but it's also a significant problem in its own right. It will take many people simultaneously taking a strong stand for the honor of our girls to stop this.
Ok, so get with the program. This is not done in certain circles for a reason. If everyone (85%+) agrees that this system is a disgrace, then just put a stop to it.

“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”
― Plato, The Republic
Too true.

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