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Touristy Islands (Highest to lowest):

Thanks for that, so i went ahead and booked an airbnb for 2.5k for a week (o well..) at least i got my flights to there super cheap (transferred marriott to turkish, thx dan) and i booked a beetle convertible (hope i can pull off a full circle road to hana thing with it). Is there anything i should deff do? We also plan on seeing sunrise at Haleakala, should we do the sunrise with a tour group or on our own? Whale watching? Is there any good “jungle” like hike in maui too?

Im fine with a one bedroom since its just my wife and I, and im looking into Maui since we’d like to avoid touristy islands and since we heard that maui’s more jungle like/adventures

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Maui Master Thread
« on: January 05, 2020, 12:31:47 AM »
Hi guys so i have flights booked from ny to hnl feb 4 to 11, one week, yet looking into stays and cant wrap my head around the insane prices.. basic place is 2k.. any ideas? Thing is i am looking for a more remote jungle experience should i try a different island then? Any advice is appreciated

Hi guys so i have a weeks (maybe i can get a bit more time) time to vacation in the beginning of February and have two round trip tickets from NY TO HNL i got using turkish miles (thx dan) thing is im almost fainting looking at the rates of hotels and airbnb’s.. like 2 1/2 k minimum for a week stay at a “basic” air bnb.. any ideas? Should i just go to South America or Southeast Asia Instead? (did thailand already) any help would be greatly appreciated

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« on: November 21, 2019, 03:04:42 PM »
Marriott villas at Doral. Out of town a little but you're getting a whole nice apartment for your certificate. Right next to Trump International Doral.

Anyone know how this is possible i thought the certificate only works for places that are up to 35k a night.?

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