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Outbreak of COVID Cases in 5 Towns, Due to a Camp Exposure From PA

The following is an urgent letter from Dr. Glatt:

The Commissioner of Health of Nassau County just called me and asked for our assistance regarding 8 cases of newly diagnosed COVID-19 in our community in campers returning from Camp Shoresh in Pennsylvania. In addition, many other campers there had symptoms and were not tested for COVID-19. The PA DOH is already involved as well.

Based on significant concerns that the Governor and the NY State DOH have regarding this exposure, they have asked, and I fully agree, that all campers returning from that camp self quarantine immediately. All family members exposed to those campers likewise should be quarantined pending further evaluation.

As I mentioned, the Governor himself is aware and has expressed great concern about this exposure and the potential this might have regarding delaying school openings.

It is critical that we do everything possible to abort this potential outbreak before it spreads further and potentially impacts school opening.

These campers and all exposed family members should not be attending shul or any community events, and should be quarantined in their houses. Medical advice and COVID-19 testing should be sought as appropriate.

Please spread this information to your congregations.

Thank you, may Hashem help us stem this potential serious outbreak.

Good Shabbos,

Aaron Glatt

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Thursday with the director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research, Prof. Shmuel Shapira, to congratulate him on the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus and the beginning of human trials for the vaccine during the Jewish High Holidays.

"I am happy to hear about the progress and I would like to congratulate you on that. Continue on this path, at the maximum speed that you think it scientifically can be done," Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister instructed to advance the work of the headquarters to examine the establishment of a plant to produce the vaccine in Israel. "I have directed the opening of a facility to develop a vaccine here in Israel out of great faith in our people and in our capabilities as a country," he said.

Prof. Shmuel Shapira told the prime minister: "Six months ago, you sent us on a journey to bring vaccines and antibodies to the State of Israel. We have fulfilled that task, and are fulfilling it to the best of our ability. We have in our hands an excellent vaccine. This is the first bottle of the vaccine - we have had a vaccine since last Thursday."

Prime Minister Netanyahu directed that the process be continued ahead of the completion of the trials and the production of the vaccine so that Israel will have safe and effective vaccines for all residents of Israel by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The IIBR’s rate of progress until now has been in keeping with the timetables determined at the outset by the National Security Council (NSC), the Defense Ministry and the Health Ministry.

Netanyahu also instructed that action be taken toward defining an outline to allow other countries to purchase vaccine options from Israel. The financing thus obtained will be able to assist in the establishment of production capabilities and processes.

IIBR activity to develop a vaccine began immediately with the State of Israel’s preparations to deal with the coronavirus. The Prime Minister set for the IIBR the goal of developing a vaccine or of becoming involved in efforts to develop one. Accordingly, a detailed plan was prepared, resources were allocated and efforts were made by IIBR research teams, with the assistance of the NSC, the Defense Ministry and the Health Ministry. Diplomatic steps were also taken to support some of the actions necessary to secure approval for the vaccine, in order to allow for strict regulation of the experiments carried out by the IIBR.

Maybe I didn't read it well enough, but I don't see that discussed in that article.


Research suggests coronavirus reinfection is unlikely
But despite the anecdotal reports from doctors about patients becoming reinfected with the coronavirus, researchers say there's no evidence supporting the notion that people can become reinfected with the virus within a short time period.

"I haven't heard of a case where it's been truly unambiguously demonstrated," said Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

For instance, South Korea's Center for Disease Control and Prevention in one study confirmed that, among 285 cases of people who again tested positive for the coronavirus two months after receiving their initial positive test results (including some who were experiencing Covid-19 symptoms two months after their initial diagnoses), none of the patients' new samples contained enough virus particles to allow researchers to grow the virus from the samples in a lab. Researchers said those results indicated that the patients weren't actively infected with the virus, and the diagnostic tests likely had detected dead virus particles that remained in their bodies or generated false-positive positive results.

Further, the researchers noted that none of the patients who re-tested positive for the coronavirus transmitted the pathogen to others.

"It was pretty solid epidemiological and virological evidence that reinfection was not happening, at least in those people," Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, said.

Would it being a "flare up" be better or worse? Seeing flare ups can mean that people who recovered are suddenly contagious again without warning.

The articles I have seen about dormant cases flaring up say that the person is not contagious.

People say it's photoshopped and was never written. A parent of the Baal simcha was niftar from covid. Like a lot of the lashon hara on the internet, it's fake.

I truly hope that you are right that it was photoshopped and that no one would ask people to attend without a mask.

The copy that was sent to me by whatspp had the names of the chosson & kallah and their families, but I removed them because I felt that it would be loshon hara to publicly identify them.

But if you are correct then I am very glad that I did remove the names.

I labeled you? I said people who truly feel that there is a threat at a wedding should not be going. Very simple.
« Last Edit: Today at 03:54:52 PM by yaakov35 »

After you edit your original post to only say "people who truly feel that there is a threat at a wedding should not be going" then you won't have labeled me.

Your a real class act. Spoken like a true liberal. Be nasty and hateful for the sake of inclusion. Your personal attacks need to stop.

If you truly feel that way then don't go. I really don't get your point. I think people who think like that is precisely why they don't want at their Simcha ;)

So when he labels you its a personal attack, but its OK for you to label me?

That's nuts. Besides, how is it offensive to the baalei simcha if someone wants to wear a mask?

So my AC and I went to a different wedding yesterday that was supposed to be outdoors but had to be moved indoors due to the storm.

At the chuppah everyone was wearing a mask, other than the chosson and kallah and their immediate families. Even the mesader kiddushin wore a mask.

And the seats at the chuppah were spaced.

I'm not sure what the problem is?..

The problem is you are asking people to violate NY law as well potentially put their lives in danger, all in the name of "respecting the simcha."


So, here is the flip side from Monsey. I have redacted the names of the chosson and kallah and their families, but I can't believe that anyone would have the audacity to ask people to "respect" the simcha by not wearing a mask

See wiki for one case.

I have heard about a few, including the one that Dr Deitrech reported via Youtube a few weeks back.

I am looking for info from anyone who CvS did have it twice and can report on symptoms both the 1st and 2nd time.

Interesting, because I was told that plasma is easier to give and affects you less than giving blood because they give you your blood back

Not for him. We went to Maimonides on a Sunday in May around 10 AM. Took him for pizza right after and then on the drive home he said that he was tired and he wound up sleeping a big chunk of the afternoon. BH he is 18 and an athlete and in decent shape, so I decided as a 50 year old to just do the whole blood route.

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