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Also putting everyone on a ventilator if they coughed twice contributed.
Because they didnít want to overexert themselves To help them or because they genuinely believed that was the proper treatment? If the former, that would apply to Florida as well. If the latter, then indeed, increased medical knowledge should help with the death rate beĒh.

The former is what happened in NY, so hopefully its the same and things don't get too crazy.
According to many posters on DDF what actually killed many of the patients in NY/NJ was doctors and nurses being overwhelmed so let hope that doesnít happen in Florida as well.

Just Shmooze / Re: Where Are You Posting From Now?
« on: Yesterday at 03:38:40 PM »
You went via TEN and AL just to prove him wrong? ;)

am i right?

What are you doing in this thread anyway? @S209
You get kicked out of everywhere else?  :)
I am getting cancelled left and right  :(
Those who support his positions more times than not.
I donít support them I defend them

Highest COVID positivity rate in the world and jammed hospitals and you think that's safe right now?
I suppose if you have antibodies it might be.

I am not the one shooting my mouth off the polls are wrong. You Trumpsters are and won't back it up. Typical Kool-Aid drinking.
Who are you calling a Trumpster? I think Trump is an idiot

Polls are never 100%. They are the most accurate predictor we have. I love how everyone bashes polls but are chicken to bet against them.
We have a saying for that but no need to post it.
Who says people arenít betting? Youíre laying far worse odds than we can get online but there are billions of dollars being bet by both sides on the elections now.

Why do you spew that crap? The polls back up what I said. Where do you get the source for your crap?
The "I's" are the radical left? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.
Ah yes, the polls. Those trustworthy bastions of accurate voting predictions.

Just Shmooze / Re: Are we going too far?
« on: Yesterday at 02:38:03 PM »
I've lost track of the back and forth with this letter:

First NYT editor gets fired for publishing an OP-ed from a US Senator talking about federal laws pertaining to the National guard.

Next, we have a Harpers letter saying this is crazy, stop cancelling.

Then Harpers letter gets canceled?

Some signers walk back their signatures?
By the way, here is a little bit about one of the signatories of the Harper letter

Shame I could not "like" this twice - once for "the Times makes things up" and the second for punning that based on my post that this is "In the you can't make this up department"
There is a sooper seekrit way.. Iíll do it

Thank you appreciate the help

I mean what I said elsewhere, you clearly care a lot & have educated yourself about this. But donít lower yourself to a yelling match too often.
I donít want to take this thread OT as well so this will be my final post on this in this thread. Please feel free to PM me if youíd like an actual answer as to why I answer the way that I do sometimes. The answer might surprise you.

Iíve rarely if ever actually gotten upset over any post on DDF. I may be harsher in some replies, but as Iíve said, I can explain that via PM if youíd like. I also have met @avromie7, @CountValentine and some other posters I frequently debate on DDF and he and they are great people whoís opinions I respect and I have absolutely zero hard feelings towards any of them. Theyíre also quite intelligent with smart viewpoints and frequently make valid arguments and fair criticisms of my points. The debates are always about the content and never about the poster, at least as far as Iím concerned. Some overlap can seem to occur while arguments are being made but I have never harbored any ill will towards another DDF poster BH.

Hope that clears up any misunderstandings and I apologize if I have been unnecessarily harsh and some arguments have been perceived as personal attacks instead of intellectual debates. This goes for @ExGingi and @yaakov35 as well ;)

This will be my final post on this topic in this thread beĒh.

Not as accurate which way?
I was told if they detect a positive they would conduct a PCR swab to confirm as they do have some false positives but negatives are more accurate. Personally I tested negative twice there this past week and everyone else in the waiting room while I was there was negative as well so donít worry too much :)

Korea they attributed to dead cells. Flare-ups of symptoms within weeks is one thing. Symptoms and positive PCR tests months later is quite another.
Especially when household members (one in CH and one in Deal) test positive as well.


Prima facie it is just undiagnosed Covid, as Kazakhstan has a ~25% positivity rate

Are there any more reliable reports?
Have they been told about COVID yet?


.....put away the paintbrush, CV

Not to fearmonger, but any chance this is a mutation?
Stop fearmongering!!! >:( >:(

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