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Which kosher hotel? There are now 3 kosher hotels in Davos during the summer season.
We stayed at the Cresta Hotel
Yes, that's the hotel I was referring to. Only one I called so far to see if they're open when we're going (March/April).

I'd only be joining for minyanim (not meals, as we have a baby and there's no eruv). I think I'll call them and check that they're fine with it.


Air Canada 15% off code

15% off base fare.
Valid on o/w or r/t departing from Canada.
Must be AC-operated flights.
Works for up to 9 passengers.
For travel between Jan 8, 2019 and Apr 30, 2019.
Valid for all fare classes.
PM for more info and full T&C's.

Giving this away for free to any DDF member who can make use of it, as I haven't found a buyer and it expires in a few days. Travel must be booked by Dec 17 (11:59 PM in city of departure). PM me for the code.

Credit Cards / Re: New amex Hilton offer 150k
« on: Yesterday at 05:33:01 PM »
Just approved. Need to do airline credit by 12/31?
Yes. I've heard that travel charges must post by 12/31, but I'd give it a few days extra as reimbursement can take time to show up after charges post. (Mine took 2 days, but I've heard of longer.)

Did you get a temporary card # or a statement credit?

On The Road / Re: Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem
« on: Yesterday at 05:20:29 PM »
Cheapest way to use revenue for the WAJ? Booked Friday, Sat and Sunday  nights on Amex free weekend night certs, just need to checkin for a Thursday night and don't feel like spending 95k HH, which is being reserved for a future BOB trip.

Would a Be My Guest Cert work? Or do those only work at Hilton branded hotels? Someone had one for sale for $275 a while ago one:

Credit Cards / Re: New amex Hilton offer 150k
« on: Yesterday at 05:08:08 PM »

resort credits are also cardmember year.

Right, although I haven't heard of a good way to take advantage of that credit if you're not staying at a resort. (Please share if you have!)

Just Shmooze / Re: Smoke detector ticks man off about Menorah fire
« on: Yesterday at 04:19:25 PM »
He's on a cruise, leave him alone.

Credit Cards / Re: New amex Hilton offer 150k
« on: Yesterday at 04:12:22 PM »
Just pointing out anyone who applies now can get 750 in airline credits, 500 in resorts, and 2 free nights for $450. Besides the SUB.
I assume 750 and 2 free nights includes keeping the card into year 2 and then cancelling within 30 days? Does anyone have any DP's about clawbacks?

Has anyone stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn Davos for shabbos?

Do the kosher hotels let people not staying there participate in their minyanim? (I totally understand if they don't; as per the thread about kosher cruise minyanim.)

Looking for someone to drive a car from BP to Lakewood. PM me
Get someone to hang a sign in BMG.

Thank you. Did the charge show as gift card?

AFAIK-- you can "not" use GC  to pay tax on AA-- if anyone has been successful please post
I stand corrected. For some reason I had thought it was possible, but I just checked and you're right.

Credit Cards / Re: New amex Hilton offer 150k
« on: Yesterday at 01:57:57 PM »
Random DP: A friend and I both got instant approval on the Hilton Aspire card. We clicked to get the card number instantly and got a message that their system isnít working and we will get a 60 dollar credit instead.
Cool. I donít remember seeing that when I got approved for it. Probably closed page without checking.

Saw a post on m2m a while back saying that someone got $315 on that page:

Taxes/fees on an AA award ticket do not count?
Nope, according to multiple reports on the FT thread about this. But if you can wait 72 hours, I guess you can buy AA gift cards for whatever amount you need for taxes/fees and then use the GC to pay the taxes/fees, no?

Deals/Deal Requests / 6 Month of NY Times Digital for free
« on: Yesterday at 08:37:27 AM »
You can cancel right after signup so you don't get charged after free trial.

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