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My wife's Southwest miles expired in Feb 2019.  A buddy gave me his receipt from an Alamo car rental in September 2018.  I contacted Alamo and they happily added my southwest number to the reservation.  However, 2 weeks later still no miles reinstated.  Concerned if I call southwest they will realize the names do not match, though I probably have nothing to lose at this point.  Does this no longer work for Southwest?  Any recommendations?

I obtained another National receipt but when I called to have my southwest number added, was told that the rental already earned Emerald Club points and thus was ineligible to earn Southwest points.  Is that correct?

I just tried this with National today but they told me they could not add my Southwest number to the reservation because the system did not allow it.  I think it is because I used autoslash/priceline to make the reservation. 

Should I HUCA? 
If not doable, then I need a Budget or National receipt prior to 2/23/19 to reinstate Southwest miles.  Happy to pay you for it- let me know what you want.


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