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Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Israel Hotels Master Thread
« on: February 18, 2020, 08:57:16 AM »
I am traveling to Israel for the first time in August with my wife.

Based on the info from this site, we booked 3 nights at Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem at $365.  Thank you.

Now, I need to book 2 nights in Galilee area (8/23-8/25) and 3 nights in Tel Aviv (8/25-8/28).  Ideally in a comparable hotel in the $400 +/- range.

Can you give me recommendations where to stay in TLV and Galilee?

Thanks in advance.

I run small private tours to Israel and Europe. I like the Intercontinental IHG hotel in Tel Aviv. It's not cheap but the location is awesome. Tel Aviv has many hotels so you'll find something you like there I'm sure. Gallilee is a bit harder since there are not many western chain hotels. In fact, I usually have my groups stay in Haifa and we commute to the Galilee area for tourist sites.  I did see a recent review on a new hotel in that area that i have yet to use but might be worth checking out.

I've used GV all over the world for many years (10+)and have found that it really only works well on wifi on land. It will work on cruise ships, etc. but not awesome. I've also had to purchase credits to use it in some locations. The credits are cheap but just an extra step. I've never had to buy a sim card to use it, just through the installed apps. I use it for my home landline (VIOP) with an Obidai box (2 lines actually). Saying all that so you don't think I'm just spouting off. I run small private tours to Israel and Europe and have migrated over to Google Fi from Verizon and At&t. The service is awesome in the USA and it just works seamlessly in Israel and elsewhere. It is also much cheaper than many cell phone plans and even better if you use is family style with a large group. My wife and I use it for business and are heavy data, text and voice users so we have the unlimited plan and pay about $135 a month for two phones. Also, the Google Fi Pixel Android phones work really well also.

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