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Deals/Deal Requests / Re: 1080P Dash Cam for $18
« on: Today at 11:39:04 AM »

It's buying B6 points for 1 cent each.

I know of a seminary that has delayed opening until after Sukkos

Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Re: Catskills Master Thread
« on: July 14, 2020, 06:51:51 PM »
where can I use WIC in the catskills?
Kosher Express on the 42

Does anyone know exactly where in NH Agudah is located this summer, and will they allow visitors in for minyanim?
Moultonborough, NH 03254


Why do you assume that?
Ask your Rav or people who know.

Uniformity brings with it certain benefits for sure but there is also a cost to individuals who want to be more machmir or more meikil but are beholden to the decisions of an opaque organization.

This new 'Hashgacha' will not help elevate the standard or provide a more Machmir option.

Do you use R' Forst's list btw?

did it have to lower it's standards to get more shuls on board?
Ask your Rav and do you remember or know what Kashrus in FR/5T was like before the Va'ad?

The vaad has a monopoly on all the hashgscha in the 5 towns. This isn't 1990 where one type of frum person lives there. The community has grown tremendously and its about time someone shakes things up a little bit. They don't run the community and let people another hashgacha, or be able to open their shul when some rabbanim are against it.
Did you know that the Va'ad is not one person, rather it's a large list of dozens of community Shuls and Rabbonim?


This goes back about 5 years. It was a chain under the OK and they would not certify without the Va'ad being on there first.

Just out of curiosity. He keeps referencing our community. Does he live in the 5 towns?
No, he lives in Marine Park, Brooklyn.

but seriously, isnt the head of the vaad R Eisen, who (though he may have great knowledge) is not a community rabbi?
Rabbi Eisen lives in Flatbush. He is a hired administrator of the FR/5T Va'ad Hakashrus.


can't compare. many smaller communities have a local vaad. in fact, the OU won't give a hechsher if there is a local vaad. you can argue that maybe we've outgrown it
Indeed. Like the OK ice cream shop on West Broadway.

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