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Winner winner for my doctor relative. 8)

Glad your you're showing off your ignorance in a way everyone can see it.

Read my last post for explanation.
Say what you will about R' Billet. Everyone else in the YIW and the 5towns already has for decades. But to refuse to call a past president of the RCA and member of the OU board a rabbi after growing the YIW into one of, if not the largest Modern Orthodox congregation in the world is just plain wrong. If he is calling out rabbis who are maskim porch minyanim, I am sure it is done in consultation with his colleague Rabbi (Dr.) Glatt out of a deep concern for saving lives. I'm grateful for your opinion since it encapsulates what the Young Israel communities were afraid of when the Vaads merged in 2000:

I just wish there was a forum we could review from 1848 when, l'havdil, a 39 year old R' Yisroel Salanter ztzl ate from the bimah in Vilna on Yom Kippur. I can't imagine there was anything close to unanimity that he was correct, or even in his ability to make that decision on behalf of the community. Completely OT but there's a great 18 page article written by a frum pediatrician on the subject:

Back to Bingo! GG charges a lot and is making a killing but OTOH shopping there is a pleasure and their owner gives a massive amount of tzedaka so it's ok :) Now we're all caught up.

Did anyone actually got approved & received funds from PPP? and if yes from which bank?
These guys did! And through Chase.
I applied nearly 2 weeks ago (Sunday 4/5) for a small medical practice through BoA, followed all their instructions to a T and received 0. I know, world's smallest violin. I would say that Congress should pass more but based on the first round I can't imagine the result will be any different.

BD"E: Mrs. Mindella Lamm Z"L, wife of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm of YU

Can we deal with this shtus after the pikuach nefesh business is finished? Shuls closed. Pesach programs canceled. People dying. Markets crashing. Yidden being blamed for the spread of a pandemic in the population capital of the western world. Not excusing any behavior from Meir Kay and I know we are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time but priorities?

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: UBEREATS $5 off your next 2 pick up orders
« on: March 11, 2020, 01:13:20 PM »
5 off 20 PICK UP ORDER in NYC:


HT: @nesanels7

Says targeted, but I wasnt and it worked.
+2 for mine and DW's accounts. Not targeted. Worked anyway.

Great tasting coffee. The brand had been in continuous operation since 1859.

+1  the exact timing is obviously unknown...I believe that those who purchased AMR before the bankruptcy, didn't get AAL stocks at the regular conversion.
It wasn't 1:1 but in the long run it worked out

Even before the coronavirus, airlines and transports in general performed pretty poorly with no amazing dividends to cushion the blow. I just looked up AAL, UAL, DAL, SAVE, ALGT, LUV, CEA and the XTN Transports ETF. The cruise stocks NCL and CCL are no different. They've all been trading sideways since 2015. Contrast that with the SPY or NOBL and there's no comparison.

The biggest irony is that if people would have bought AMR when this was posted and held they would have made a killing. Unbelievable return. I found multiple articles talking about it but this is the only one not behind a paywall:

Not the Fridge/Freezer but the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, 1 lb. box is going for $0.82

Credit Cards / Re: Marriott Rewards Card
« on: March 02, 2020, 11:55:33 AM »
What is more worthwhile: to refer my wife and get 20k on my account and 3 35k certs on hers, or have her sign up straight and get 100k pts?
 (the referral offer is 3 nights of up to 35k each and the reg. offer is just a straight 100k)
If you don't have any specific plans in mind, the 100k. If you search for places you could use the certificate and find something you like, then the referral. Keep in mind many properties go up in 2 days and Cat 5 properties could charge 'peak' pricing of 40k meaning you can't use your certificate those nights. You can't just add another 5k in points.

How much??? That's the most important part  ;D
$43.01 about half of which was expiring on 3/1 and the rest on 3/15. I wasn't pushy. I didn't ask for a supervisor. I just tried to be friendly. Sounds very YMMV.

Try calling.
Calling worked on the first try. I went through the Amazon 'Call Me' link. She initially came back and said she couldn't do anything and then after 10 minutes on hold she said she could issue a gift card for the full amount. Incredible. Stick with Dan and you can't go wrong  ;D

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