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The article itself says that's twisting what happened - assuming you go into the article without preconceived notions. The problem is that this, and a thousand articles exactly like it, give everyone a preconceived notion.

Regarding crowd awareness - they may understand that's what she's for, but I too have my own doubts as to whether they fully understand the advantages of such a system.
He doesn't get it. He is unable to look at anything from this WH without preconceived notions. He is incapable of understanding.

So you are saying her comment had nothing to do with the crowd being 100% black? If you feel that way then that is fine.
Why would I assume otherwise?

I said the comment is racist. Impugning the intelligence of black individuals is racist.

I have no idea if she said that or not. I am not arguing that. I am pointing out that a comment like that is racist. You for some reason want to argue if she made that comment and the context she used it in.
Where are you getting it from that it had anything to do with intelligence at all?

You don't do it against a whole race. I am sure you see the distinction.
Where did she say it about a whole race? She said it about a group of students who booed her. Why are you blindly accepting the book's interpretation?
The only reason i can think to do so is to confirm some preconceived notion of devos as a bad person.

some preconceived notion of devos as a bad person.
Who would possibly have that?

From the article: "Meaning, all those black students were too stupid to understand her agenda," Manigault Newman said, explaining that she had told the education secretary: “They get it. They get it, and they aren’t happy about you or your goals.”

To use your Judaism example. You can explain all you want why women should shave their head and I will heckle you but that doesn't mean I don't have the capacity to understand what you are saying. I have the capacity and that is why I would say you are a nutcase!  :)

Disclaimer: I have no idea if you are in the head shaving camp.
The meaning is her interpretation and not necessarily wat was meant. As I wrote before, I use such wording very regularly in ways having nothing to do with intelligence. To that you responded that doing such things constantly is different. I can hear that, but we have no evidence that DeVos has done so. This is guilt by association.

Why is it a big deal WH individuals make racist comments against blacks?
You said the only thing racist would be saying these types of thing regularly?

Not in public that I know of.
So then why is this a big deal?

I don't accept Judaism but I can understand the things you explain.
What is so hard to understand that constantly referering to blacks as dumb, stupid, low IQ and other terms insulting their intellegence is racist in nature?
Does DeVos constantly do that?

Based on race?
No but it is to describe something they ideologically cannot accept and has nothing to do with their intelligence.

Some of the people o say it about are extremely smart

If you are saying they don't want to understand that is different than saying they don't have the capacity to understand. Again we both have no idea what was said. All I am pointing out when you said you didn't see anything racist in the article, saying "black students didn’t have the capacity to understand her agenda" is racist. Translation: they are stupid.
I use language of incapable of understanding to describe people who a concept is against their constitution all the time.

Nope! its not meat
Source? Definitely not the SA which says that gevina needs one seal.

Blantons is kosher. Delicious bourbon.

Anyone know if this is a kosher bottle?

Seems it had it's own barrel which would avoid יין נסך problems.

What difference does it make if it was one barrel used for wine or two?

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