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there are a few websites that you can order thru them one is (i will update iyh when i remember more)
I believe they closed down awhile ago.

General Discussion / Re: Forrest Fenn Treasure Found
« on: June 09, 2020, 12:29:17 AM »
Anyone here was planning on looking for it? Ever took a trip to find it? I was planning on doing it together with a trip to Yellowstone one day...

If you're not familiar with the story:

The announcement that it was found:
We have no real proof it was ever buried, nor that it was ever found...


2) There are 4000 schools in Israel. 90 schools isn't a huge number.

2. It's still 2.25% which obviously isn't huge, but isn't meaningless

Isn't the number all educational institutions? Even gan age.
In which case there are 25000, which is 0.5%.

So I am leaving my Shlichus in Thailand in June together with my family after 5 years here (I.e. HAVE TO FLY IN 2020) SO I would call this Sizzling :-) ... Almost Shabbos here and don't have time to do research. If people can chime in and give me some tips and clarification. Business class was not originally an option. so, was Beirut the cheapest in Y or does it have to be specifically that. Didn't understand the post... Also, offhand anyone want to chime in on the Mileage earnings if I go bushiness. Unfortunately, Baggage allowance is only 20 Pounds more than economy. Not enough of an excuse to pay that much more for a family of  5...

Sorry if kinda choppy, just trying to wrap my head around this...
Not specifically Beirut, was just an example. But in your case it would be the opposite assuming you are leaving Thailand and not going to Thailand. And if you are going to America, then Beirut wouldn't even work at all. If you wanted to go to JFK, your original destination would have to be on this map.

Does all booked travel need to be on QR? If I book a flight directly through QR, but the first leg is on a partner, would they still allow me to switch the second leg which is on QR to another destination?

General Discussion / Re: Corporate Contact Info
« on: May 14, 2020, 05:05:43 AM »
Anyone have any email address for

I have a teenage relative born in Israel and grew up there, but never got citizenship. She went to the US this year and now canít get back home.
Can't get back, meaning she actually tried and got denied?


+ 1,000

Can't believe how the majority here are at the OP's throat, challenging him with regard to law & halachah, practically implying that he's the one wronging the tenants, & if he deals with this clientele he should suck it up. 

Fact is, these tenants are taking advantage of him, regardless which "class" they're part of.  Seems like most posters here are fine looking away at that, but when it comes to the landlord the law & halacha are quickly invoked.

FWIW, I'm a tenant, & I'd never dream of doing something like this. And no, I don't have the perfect landlord, far from it.  Still, my sense of menchlichkeit & decency dictate my actions, not "well the landlord deserves xxxx".

Stealing is stealing, regardless who the tenant is or whether the landlord has it coming to him. Period.

I didn't see anyone here say it's fine for the tenants to mess over and steal from landlord.
He came in here with a bunch of false accusations and generalizations, and with a few made up laws and statements, proceeded to tell us how he would illegally deal with his alleged situation.

If the tenant would have posted something like that, it may have gotten the same reaction.

Well my lawyer says otherwise.
You or your lawyer are lying straight through your teeth. (Can also be both, that's not rules out)


It's the fact that 50% of honeymooners not abiding by lease terms and playing games that bothers me.

"86% of all statistics posted on the internet are nonsense"
                          ---Abraham Lincoln.

What does local law say about garnishing possessions of tenants that stop paying?
I imagine there's plenty of case law on this.
I looked into it a few years ago. I don't remember specifics but it involves sending a few properly worded legal letters, and then after a certain period of time filing an eviction claim. Can take a few months sometimes.
If the Baal Dirah or sneaky broker/manager  takes a single thing out or does as much as change the lock, he can face a bigger lawsuit and fine than all the money he shortchanged his tenants for that entire rental period.
Obviously each case is different.

There's a huge attitute problem amongst the young couples in Israel.

Most them are young kids, freshly married spoiled brats from well to do homes.

Israel to them is a "Camp". They sign $2,000-$3,000 leases while having 0 income (daddy pays).

They don't understand what a utility bill is, they can't wrap their immature heads around the concepts of Vaad Baayit or Arnona.

They treat it like a game. Which landlord can they screw next. I started vetting more and more but noticed that even the uber-rich don't care.

To them it's not an apartment, it's a honeymoon suite. Well if I can play games with Hotels I'm entitles to same here too, no?

There is a yid whose name is well know in the world, a level wealth on the richlist, probably the wealthiest chareidi family on earth (not American. Way wealthier than Scheiner Rechnitz etc).

His grandkids take apartments in Jerusalem by flashing the brand name. Tachlis, the rents do not get paid and you can't talk to any Dayan because no-one can go against these guys.

I think this might belong in the wedding thread, but sending off kids to Israel needs to way regulated past Corona.

/end rant

I'd love to respond to each of your ridiculous posts, but the time and patience is simply not there.
Your generalizations are very off. Here's another few widely accepted generalizations with significantly more truth to try on for size. 1)There isn't one single honest apt broker in this country. 2)Apt managers/brokers are greedy rats with the single goal of fleeching whatever they can from the "wealthy campers daddies" 3)There isn't one single honest apt broker in this country.

And the reason why you go through these hardships should be blindingly obvious to you. The only ones that pay your obscene prices are those are "honeymooners" because they are the only ones that can afford your artificially inflated rent. Don't try saying you can't get contracts signed, you can't take them to BD, they can't figure out bills, you can't get headchecks..... You knowingly and willingly overlook this issues and risks because Uncle Benjamin is all you can see when you're in this business. The vast majority of every other community in Jerusalem manage just fine. All of a sudden when your toupee hits the fan, you're the victim? Run an honest business and you wouldn't be as bitter.
The crowd you refer to is most certainly a miniscule portion of the Americans living in Israel, come out of your shell and look out of your bubble. Just remember a a moldy apple will keep on attracting worms. So to a moldy apple the world is full of creepy crawlies.

Now that we have this subtle rebuttal out of the way, I see no reason why they wouldn't have to pay rent. I was told the names of a couple Rabbanim who said people didn't have to pay, but when contacting said Rabbanim I was told otherwise. And as much as I'm aware any Chosen Mishpat BD that was asked so far in Jerusalem said they likely have to pay.

Do I have to write "/end rant"? Because I'm most certainly not done.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Where can I get it? (Israel edition)
« on: April 20, 2020, 12:29:48 PM »
not online, but the fruit store by the menorah shul delivers if their open
Can order over WhatsApp.

Deals/Deal Requests / Re: Where can I get it? (Israel edition)
« on: January 15, 2020, 05:28:11 AM »
Why dies there seem to be no dark brown sugar in any of the stores in Jerusalem.
Has anyone seen it recently?
Been like that for awhile. You can get dominoes in some stores.

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