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Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Today at 12:23:25 AM »
Yes, if you leave a $3 balance on Chase to report, then they will re-report when you pay that $3.  Unless you spend more money in the interim and make sure to wait until the charges post.

When I was actually doing the $2 trick, I've found it easier to just use some random card to buy a beer on once a month.  When the statement comes, pay it.  You'll always have a card reporting with $6 or $8 or whatever.  Close enough.

I worried more about the $2 trick when I had 700, 720, 750 credit.  Now at 830 or whatever I don't care.

Also what gets lost here is that the $2 trick is most effective on the FICO models used for mortgages.  If I was mortgage shopping/applying, you'd be darned sure I'd be using the $2 trick even if it wasn't necessary.
so basically, all non biz cards close with no balance except 1 non chase card for $3 or so

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 04:41:20 PM »
Don't worry about the order too much, just get 1 to $2-$3 and the rest to 0
ok, just personal cards, I dont have to worry about amex or chase biz, correct?

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 04:31:37 PM »
You want to get them all but one to zero ASAP. so the first ones pay till 0,then the last to class pay to $2-$3
Most are sock drawer cards with 0, which one is the last one? what is considered the last?

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 04:25:35 PM »
Why the card that closes the soonest?
so, it will hit the CBs the soonest, and therefore give the boost the soonest?

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 04:23:30 PM »
Oh no it doesn't
I know,  to summarize- to receive the largest boost quickly- make sure every card closes with 0 balance, except the card that closes soonest and let that close with $3 balance on it?

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 04:10:20 PM »

Neither. The show begins before the actual sunrise. Google the sunrise time for your dates and be there at least half an hour before.
google has the same sunrise time as netz on my zemanim  :D. ok, I will see what I can to do, thanks
anything else not to miss?

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 12:19:07 PM »
For the ultimate boost without new accounts (on a clean report ) is to have utilization at 0% with a $2-$3 balance on 1 card. Famously known as the "$2 trick".
Also try for CLI increases (especially for banks that don't pull) as often as they allow/you can get approved.
i have many cards  :), so just 1 card with $2-$3 closing balance on it and all other personal cards close with $0 balance on it?

That. Do you want to see what is often the most beautiful sunrise in America or not ;D? If yes, wake up early. You'll survive.

And sunset in the Tetons is weak, the sun falls behind the mountains in the late afternoon and there usually isn't much to see at sunset.
got it, ok, I assume sunrise is netz and not alos?, let me see about staying in jackson on sunday night  and then driving to yellowstone on monday

So do Grand Teton on Thursday.
For sunset? Thursday morning we will still be in yellowstone

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 10:50:48 AM »
pay off the high balance, let the statement close and your score will increase.
Also a car lease or a loan will help you have different types of debt and improve your score
I just paid the balance, anyway to boost my score before that cards next statement close? I don't have any other loans

Credit Cards / Re: credit score
« on: Yesterday at 02:58:55 AM »
whats the current thoughts on the best way to increase the mortgage FICO score, I have no missed payments or lates or anything, just this past month a closing statement of 14 k with a CL of 17k on 1 card (by mistake), everything else is low. amex is showing me 760, I would like to boost it up a little bit, just in case.  have a few cards close with $5 on them? anything else? TIA


Although I went to Schwabacher's Landing for sunrise (following @somthingsfishy directions ) and was beautiful as well.
I assume by sunrise you mean neitz, not alos?
my issue is that we are arriving sunday middle of the day and sleeping in yellowstone through wed night and thursday night in jackson and friday morning flight is 7:00AM

I will be flying into JAC on sunday in august, and have 4 complete days there, top hikes? top things to see? TIA

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