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I know there's a million threads relevant threads, but I think this is time sensitive so hopefully someone can help...

We just booked an award flight on RJ from BKK-TLV , which essentially was supposed to land at 6AM, but because of the time change happening in Jordan on March 31, is now going to land at 7AM. The booked connecting flight out of AMM leaves at 735AM, which is not technically enough time to issue a ticket. American's website didn't have the times right on the website (still don't - took a screenshot). but the actually e-mail with the ticket info says arrival 7AM and departure 735AM. I already checked AA/RJ for later flights, but nothing for award booking... and if you go to RJ to purchase a flight , the iternary we booked is not even suggested, instead the flight out of amman at 10PM is suggested...

What should I do? I started looking at other OW options, but nothing else seems to result in not waiting a million hours at the airport... should I alert AA to this error? If i do maybe I will loose out on the possibility for AA to guarantee us to get home (which right now under regular circumstances .. there are not other flights... the 10PM AMM-TLV flight doesnt have award space)..

TIA for any advice/tips!!!!!

Can someone please help me figure out what my rights are?

I am booked on a flight using AA miles in J on RJ from KUL to TLV via AMM. We were emailed a couple days ago with a new itinerary, which is on ethiad airlines, leaving KUL 2hrs later but arriving back to TLV 14 hours later since we were originally supposed to take an early morning flight out of AMM to TLV which we won't be making anymore... now we will be laying over in Amman from 7AM until 9PM! We obviously have to get back home and to our jobs... do we have any rights??? Please help if you can. I tried to do a search but cant find anything about award flights.. TIA

Up In The Air / Singapore Airlines Award Ticketing (Suite Class)
« on: August 29, 2016, 02:35:05 AM »
(sorry for opening a new thread, but there were no open relevant threads)

I transfered enough citi TYP to krisflyer to be able to wailist the suite class flight we need from Tokyo to Singapore (IIRC its 52k for OW).

Really want to get on the flight (sometime end of October). Any tips from seasoned DDFs on how to get them to push it thru? About chances, etc? I understand this is not such a popular route (unlike NYC/FRA). Also, we have no status with krisflyer...


Up In The Air / Stuck in Istanbul - please advise!
« on: September 06, 2015, 02:39:00 PM »
We were denied boarding on our connecting flight from Malta to tel aviv. We are stuck in Istanbul. What are our rights? What should we be doing? We are at the transfer desk now trying to get on a new flight. Our first leg was delayed so they sold our seats.

Up In The Air / Fly business class in compagnie 1000$ RT nyc/london
« on: February 23, 2015, 07:15:20 AM »

Has anyone ever flown this airline? My parents usually buy cash flights to Israel/Europe and I'm thinking this could be an interesting option for them, since its a similar price tag. But I'm wondering if this business class isn't some joke or something. If its actually good, might be useful for those who don't/won't collect miles the same way we do ;)

Tech Talk / Do replacement items pay (double) tax in Israel?
« on: February 02, 2015, 04:22:40 PM »
I bought a GoPro in the US and I need to send it back from Israel since it is faulty (its still under warranty). I opened a case with GoPro and they are going to send me a replacement.

My question is, since they will send it back with a return slip (it's called an RMA) - indicating that its a replacement item will I still have to pay customs/VAT tax? I want a source... I called GoPro to ask and they told me that based on their experience in the past with people in Israel they were not charged VAT/taxes. But if course each country is different and I'd like a second creditable source to verify this.

Did you miss the sale to Iguazu Falls last week? If you did and you are in New York and Miami, you still can get on it.

Read more:

I just booked 70k round trip in business class with Turkish (TLV to Maldives). I have so many questions and can cancel/change for free only til midnight (Israel time) to figure out if I wanna keep the flight! Hoping you guys can help me out with some outstanding issues..

The trip is for 4 nights and I want MUUUUSTTT HAVVEE 8) an over water bungalow. I did my research and I came to the conclusion that me and my SO could use our 2x 2 free nights at the Hyatt. There are several issues: #1 510$ per person domestic flight to the remote island, and will need to shell out (at least?) another 350$ to the hotel per night to guarantee an over water bungalow. Its a ton of money!!! Are there any other options?! We have gold status with Hyatt ... So no diamond. Got points with IHG and starwoods, MR, UR and probably other currencies I don't remember...

I have already booked the flight TLV - MALE and back. Silly me!! I forgot I should at the very least add a stop over in Tel Aviv and get a free one way, somewhere else. Can I modify this into my reservation or do I need to cancel? I don't want to lose my tix.  Any other interesting Stop overs/Open Jaw ideas with this route greatly appreciated!! Never booked such a ticket before...

I really hope you can help me clarify some issues before my deadline tonight ... you guys rule and would never be even dreaming of going to the Maldives without ya so I gotta say toda raba raba raba to all of DDF and esp. Dan  :) :) :) :)

Up In The Air / Israeli had HORRIBLE AF experience, no compensation!
« on: November 08, 2014, 03:22:05 PM »
I am trying to advise a fellow Israeli friend of mine who has no idea what to do. The following status was posted on Facebook (I did a rough Google Translate translation from Hebrew, forgive the choppiness). What is the best way to escalate this? Here is her status:

Dear friends please you share the shocking incident that happened to me with this horrific airline !!!
Air France flight delayed me, promised me a room to sleep in, made me wait representative at the airport three hours, they sent me to hang out in basements and underground passages at the airport in Paris and eventually slept on a bench. And now, they refuse to compensate !!!
There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in an airport, probably when you're alone in a foreign country with a small minority who hates you- France. So that's what happened to me, I was supposed to fly with Air France company in London, through Paris, to Israel. The flight from London was delayed for several hours so I missed the connection from Paris to Israel.
Hence, things started just went down hill from here. I arrived at the airport service counter of Air France, was a big commotion and waited a long time to queue. When my turn finally came, the representative said the next flight will be six in the morning and they could get me a room at the airport to sleep while I wait. He told me to wait on the sidelines and he will come to escort me to the hotel room. I waited twenty minutes, half an hour! I went to him and asked him what was going on, he said he will come soon. So I was nice and not Israeli and rude, so I waited a little longer, as long as half an hour and then an hour. And guess what? He still has not come! He said he was busy and gave me instructions on how to get there, I began to follow his instructions, and got to where he directed me, and it was kind of dark, but as soon as passengers stepped foot inside a speaker loud and shrill cries French called me a warning, I got scared and I panicked! I found cleaning the area, and I asked him where the area representative told me to go, and English lame He explained that area at all close! So I went back dear representative, and told him it was closed. Then he said, I'll wait. Again, half an hour, forty minutes, and he did not come. This is, I lost my patience, I got it already pissed and I told him I was not ready for this much abuse and take me to this place now.
Pissed face, he took the keys and led me through the huge underground designated area! How the hell did he think I'll be able to get there alone ?? So we got another counter and he told me wait here for a few minutes and I'll come. So I waited for half an hour, forty minutes, I was desperate, I found a representative and asked her where the guy who promised me a room? Very puzzled she answered not deserve any room, pushed me and said here's a blanket for the bench- go get some sleep there until morning. And the guy? True, not to be seen again !!!!
Desperate and crying, I went to the bench cold and slept there the few I have left two hours before my flight.
So not only delayed my return to Israel in six hours, then another tortured me at the airport, they sent me to places closed and dark, etc. I got ripped off !!!
I wrote a complaint to Air France, and Israeli representatives of AF, Ortal Sandrine, pushed me a hundred-dollar coupon and compensation !!! They argue that the damage to the plane in Paris was from a third party and therefore this is not their fault and these "exceptional circumstances" and therefore do not deserve compensation. Do you understand ??? Someone hit them on the plane, they received the insurance money, but the passengers ??? They get screwed! They slept on a bench stinking cold night in Paris and the nightmare will, and they do not compensate !!! I really look to them I will use the coupon in their miserable? I'll never flown with them more - alive! They moved here about European art and laws in Israel. Do not do that passenger and bangs! And fed up, tired of companies of this size, do not recognize their mistakes and think they can get away with it. Dear people, do not be tempted comfortable prices of Air France, they will not help you when there is a problem and they will ignore you if something unfortunate happens. Never fly with them !!!

Advice? Thanks!

Up In The Air / Changes to Delta award booking after Jan. 2015?
« on: October 24, 2014, 09:15:05 PM »
Since I've acrued some delta miles from the last apporama , I looked into award redemptions with delta from Israel:

25k/35k econ/biz roundtrip from Israel to europe seems great! I wonder if there's good availability and what the options are. However , I noticed the "booking before or after Jan. 2015" option. I did do a search to see if Dan talked about what's gonna happen after 01/2015 but the only thing I could find is the 250k transfer limit from the Amex. Any insights whether should wait / book travel now before too late?

Up In The Air / TLV-BKK biz El Al booked in Dec!
« on: October 04, 2014, 07:50:48 PM »
We are so excited!!!! Any tips appreciated.

Saw in a previous TR that there are 20 minute complimentary massages given in Dan lounge if you make reservation in advance. Will be doing that. Other pointers appreciated! Both to get the most out flying experience and places to go in Thailand. What is the hotel situation? Will have some redemption with Club Carlson, there is a nice looking property in Radisson Phuket. Also have the 2 (x2) free nights with Hyatt but want to save that one for Paris. Some Marriott points we got as well... Like around 100k. But just want to know what my options are to pay to stay in hotels...

BTW - the guy from AA told us that he couldn't access el al seating chart, but we'd like to sit next to each other. He said we were on same resveration, but I guess no guarantees for seating? Any tips on how to ensure we are sitting next to each other?

Is there any bank in Israel that would allow me to put dollars into it (yes I know practically all banks will do up to here). BUT ALSO allow me to pay off cc bills? i.e. add a foreign bank account as a payment source? Need to pay off the standard cc companies: chase, amex, barclays, us bank... I think that's all  8)

So miraculously I met the citi AA 10k limit in first billing cycle, my 100k miles posted (still no A/F - and it's been over 3 months!!! and I got the 200$ statement credit!)

When the A/F posts I'd like to cancel the card, but considering it's my first and only card with citi, i'd like to have another CC with them open, just so I can build credit history, and they won't slam me for opening , getting bonus and closing the citi AA 100k. I was thinking something along the lines of one of those ThankYou cards... (PS my Saba told me he has a good chunk of TY point he wanted to give me, but I believe my conclusion after looking into that was that I couldn't capture the TY points if I didn't have an account myself). Let me know!

TIA!  8)

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