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Up In The Air / Elal Matmid Promo BOS-TLV in Economy and Business
« on: September 10, 2015, 02:25:44 PM »
From Executive Acct

400 ea way in Economy (usually 800)
1750 in Business Class. (usually 2000)

starting the beginning of November.

So far I'm only seeing this only ex-NYC for travel starting now thru July 16th.

Although I do not see it published anywhere, there is an Elal Promo going on for Economy Redemptions between NYC-TLV thru july 18

for executive members 1300 instead of 1600 points
non executive members 1820 instead of 2000 points

but the biggie is that there is only 69.96 in fees

US Airways is showing available saver biz seats phl-tlv open wide for months mar, apr, may, june

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