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Credit Cards / Disputing closed old cc on Credit Report
« on: January 27, 2020, 11:03:48 PM »
Anyone have insight into how disputes work? I have a 7 year old closed cc still reporting on my credit report. The issue is that it was closed by the grantor for non use.

I applied for a card and they are using that old closed card against me.

If I dispute the card on my report will the bank try to fight to keep it on my report? It is a closed card in good standing with just that note. A negative account would fall off at 7 years. A good account falls off after 10 years. So would they not bother trying to prove that it should be on my report?

Or is it not how it works.

Ricoh is a great brand, high quality etc, this is a great item and great price for the features, same type of machine by brother or HP is much more,

SP C261SFNw Color Laser Multifunction Printer
Part # 408235

B&H and Adorama has is for $179  tax NY & NJ

Amazon 3rd party seller has for $166.80 but tax to many states

Focus Camera on Ebay has it for $164.99 tax NY & NJ - Plus there is 10% ebay bucks today (not sure if targeted or not)

Why I bought this:
Color Laser under $200
Duplex Scan and Print - this is very convenient, it scans both sides of sheet and you can print double sides if needed but I hardly see a need for that.
Mobile Printing
Scan Copy Fax
Large Paper Tray

Based on Amazon reviews people are happy with it, its not for a high paced tons of printing environment, but for a house it seems perfect.

HP and Brother machines with similar features are much more money, also the toner on this is much cheaper that HP which has gotten extremely expensive recently on amazon.

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Tech Talk / New Verizon NVMO -Invite code
« on: May 10, 2018, 09:42:16 PM »

$40 per month unlimited everything.

Officially invite only by other members but if you Google "visible invite code" they have paid Google ads with a code in the link, if u click, it will autofill a code..

Not necessarily the best plan but if you want "early access" then here you have it

Up In The Air / Free 100 Jetblue Points - Jetblue badges
« on: July 25, 2017, 03:42:37 PM »

You get 100 points once you sign up, its nothing crazy but if you have a pooled account and each get it it can help towards one award.


Make sure to clip the $15 coupon

Sells everywhere else for $75 and up

This is a great toothbrush, if you do not use an electric toothbrush then it is time to upgrade. Once you brush with these you can never go back to the regular brushes, your mouth will never feel as clean as it does with the electric oral-b brushing.

Replacement heads are approx $6 if bough in a multi pack

This uses wireless charging, something the iphone still cannot do


$34.99 plus tax ($2-3)

I bought a few shipped directly to my inlaws.

Tax to many states, so may not be worth for some

$589.99 this is the lowest it ever went down to

Limit of 5 per account

HT pls


$10 for $25

Need to spend $50 to use this voucher (or at least that is what it seems). has sales from time to time for $4 but i do not think it is valid now.

There is another deal for mozart which is for $4 but I believe there is still a groupon on mozart, not sure which is cheaper.


Great price, amazon goes for approx $390

During checkout make sure you see the ebay bucks you will be earning, if not be sure to sign up, it is free money

Deals/Deal Requests / PayPal Select Offers
« on: July 21, 2014, 11:41:53 AM »
If you spend alot with paypal go and check your email attached to your paypal account (in gmail it will be in promotions tab), paypal sent out invitations to "PayPal Select", there are some good offers in there, for example right now there is:
$10 off $50 @ target when you pay with paypal
$20 of $100 @ wayfair when you pay with paypal
$25 off $250 @ overstock when you pay with paypal

Just Shmooze / MLM Scam Discussions (cont from DD Main site)
« on: June 27, 2014, 01:12:47 PM »
I wanted to continue discussing Dan's post on MLM and CC scams. It is a waste to discuss in the comments being that it will soon not be on the front page. So please lets continue discussions here.

My two cents:

The reason why many of the Frum people fall for / love MLM is because of it's get rich quick feeling.

Many frum people are looking for extra income, (as discussed in other threads regarding the cost of living for frum families) MLM's offer the dream of not doing much work but bringing in alot of income, which is the dream. Most people I know doing MLM's are female, and they do not have alot of other options for side income, they are not going to run a small side amazon business, and they are not going to be handymen. So unless they can find a well paying tutoring or writing job there are not much other options for decent income.

So for anyone that is thinking MLM's, I only know one person that is actually making money with a MLM and they are busting their female version of beitzim, she may as well just get a regular sales job and make more money. There is no real money in MLM period. A person needs to make money in something sustainable per the rules of capitalism via Warren Buffet and others.

For those who need side income here are some suggestions, they will not make you rich but can bring in 1-4k a month.

Graphic Design - there are many orgs offering courses
Photography - $600 in equipment to start. youtube, fstoppers, and facebook groups will be your guides.
Shadchan - There is a major lack in dedicated shadchanim.
Grant writing - there are easy courses out there. for starters you can call many non profits and work on their DHS grants - you make 1k each
Mileage brokering - very small margins but if you know some large or medium spenders who do not sell points yet, you can broker their points to other larger brokers who hang out here or just reach out to anyone advertising, they will buy from you in bulk at decent rates.

There are many other like this, find what you like doing and trying making money out of it. Remember nothing is easy. Somethings are just easier.


$40 to Spend on Food and Drink $20
One Appetizer, Two Entrees, and Two Drinks $31
Two Appetizers, Four Entrees, and Four Drinks $59

Hechesher: Kosher Miami

Sushi, Pizza, Pasta

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