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My St Moritz Switzerland kosher Grand Hotel Kempinski weekend.

Introduction: We had a bar mitzvah in London on Sunday night so we thought letís make a little trip out of it and go somewhere for the weekend. We went to Switzerland and then to London on Sunday. 

For a very long time we heard great things about the summer program in Kempinski hotel and we couldnít wait to try it. We went the first day of the 9 days. Itís the quietest time of the season. They are very expensive but we figured just for the weekend we will try it out and see what they have to offer for this price.

We booked them for three nights. The charge per night is $850. We were there from Thursday till Sunday morning.


Day of Travel

We booked Swiss Business class flight# LX19 from EWR to ZRH we left 9:55PM and arrived at 11:40AM.

The flight was great; it wasnít our first time with them. We had a few jewish families in business class with us, and the flight went very fast. Once we landed we had to wait for our suitcase over an hour due to technical issues.

Our flight

Our seat


By the time we got to the car rental was 1pm. It took about 10 minutes to get a car and we were on our way!

The way from the airport till our hotel in St. Moritz is 2 hours and 40 minutes. The weather was gorgeous, the views are beautiful. We made a stop to buy
some drinks, then stopped again to make some more pictures. We couldnít just take it all in at once.

Pictures on the way to the hotel






We got to our hotel about 4pm. When you check in you get some lemon mint water. The hotel is beautiful and the nicest in St. Moritz. They told us where and when davening is, where the meals are served and the timing. They also have their own little market with kosher food and every day you get $20.00 per person of spending money.  They had a few kind of snacks, chocolate, candies, cookies, drinks, ice cream.

At check-in they gave us this.


Hotel upstairs and room


Not the best room pictures but it was a big room

Since we were only there till Sunday and wanted to make the most of our stay we right away headed to the concierge and started planning our outing.
Whichever way you look outside the hotel, the view is indescribable. There is a lake 5 minutes from the hotel that has a walkway with these huge mountains all around it, it was stunning. The walk around the lake takes about an hour and 30 minutes. There are chairlifts all over.

As per the front desk we drove with our car about 10 minutes to a mountain thatís called Muottas Muragl. Once we got there we bought tickets to the funicular. That was a 10 minute ride up to the top of the mountain which is 8,050ft high. The views were stunning. You can take a hike, they have nice playgrounds and benches to sit and relax. We hiked relaxed and took in the view it was gorgeous. Then we went back to the hotel for our first supper of the weekend.

There were only about 10 couples for the weekend. It was quiet and empty and very relaxing.

We got back about 7:30. Supper was good but I didnít like the meat they made. So they offered to make something else and it was really good.  But again I was not impressed with their food compared to other hotels who charge much less.
For each meal they have a buffet of all kinds of salads, and they give a menu with that meal. They serve a full 6 coarse meal.

Pictures of the food. Hotel and the day.

Outside our hotel



Going up







The store upstairs .


Destination Guides And Trip Planning / Jiminy Peak
« on: August 20, 2020, 12:02:09 PM »
Hi anyone know if there is Minien there this Shabbes ?

Trip Reports / SAM28 DUBAI/ Uman / Budapest Kerestir TR.
« on: June 15, 2020, 03:36:13 PM »

Dubai TR 02/19
I dreamed about going to Dubai for four years. Twice I had tickets but always had to cancel and finally this time it happened and I went with my dear wife.


Part of going to Dubai was trying to get a flight with EK first class. I was looking to leave on Motze Shabbos or Sunday morning. But I could only find one available first class ticket, so I ended up booking business class for us.

Our EK flight we booked with Alaska points 82.5K each.

Flight # EK204 leaving JFK 10:40 am arriving DXB 8:10 am it was the A380

We checked in, there were no lines and headed straight to the lounge. Once we were there you board the aircraft from the lounge. It was a nice lounge and the service was great.

The A380 top floor they have first class and the rest is business class.

The flight was amazing. The service was great. The have a lounge with a bar in back of the top floor. They make you good drinks. It was a long flight, we couldnít sleep much because it was a day flight and when we landed in Dubai it was the next morning.

Check in in JFK



Flight for the day/night





The bar on the flight




Our kosher meal which I did not eat



When we arrived at DXB we had no issues. I did wear a cap but I still looked Jewish. We went through customs with no problems, and we had kosher milk and meat.
After getting out of customs I bought sim cards in the airport. I was told it isnít easy to find itís near the Dubai Bank.

I ordered an Uber. It was there in 2 minutes. Most of the Uber cars in Dubai are black Lexus. It was amazing how nice the Uber drivers are and itís so cheap there. They all speak English. I would not rent a car there it saves you time and money.

Our Uber


On our way to our hotel getting a glimpse of the Burj Khalifa


When we looked at hotels we didnít know which area we want to stay. In the end we booked Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah. Itís a beautiful hotel in a real nice area with the beach to relax. We paid with Hilton points.

I used 240K Hilton points for a 3-night stay.

The hotel, the view and the service were all amazing. If Iíd have more time to just sit and relax in the hotel I would but it wasnít an option.

Up In The Air / U.S. Passport Help
« on: May 18, 2020, 12:41:49 PM »
IS there any way to renew u passport this days . ? on they site it says it will take a few months . and they only are open if u prove to them its emergency ?

Tech Talk / HELP with the sound of my speaker of my laptop
« on: March 19, 2020, 05:40:59 PM »
I have a almost a new laptop a few weeks ago i put off my sound of the speaker and since then its not working only with had phones ? I tried everything they say u should do online . if someone can please help me with that ?

Austria Saalbach - Hinterglemm Alpen Karawanserai TR

Aug 13/18 part one 

   We wanted a vacation with kosher food and nice weather. We chose Austria and got a nice hotel with great food. We were debating between Switzerland and Austria but Austria weather was nicer.
   When we looked at the weather it showed rain everyday but in the seven days we were there it only rained the day we arrived.

We booked a one way with United points for 30k. We flew with Lufthansa. Flight left 9:50pm and we landed in MUC 10:20am.
We took along our 2 kids and could only find economy seats. The flight was good and fast. Once we landed I picked up my car with Avis. They gave me a nice BMW.
And now we are on our way to Alpen Karawanserai. The trip takes about 2 hours and  45 minutes. We made it in 2.5 hours. Itís a very long ride after a flight with no sleep. The kids slept most of the trip to the hotel. The views were amazing beautiful. The first half of the way there is no speed limit so I got to test my car how fast it can go.

Flight of the night

pictures of the way



As you see it was cloudy but still nice.
We arrived at out hotel about 2 pm. Since it was the last week they were open for the season the hotel was only half full. They gave me an upgraded room, a connecting room so the kids slept in a separate room.

After check in we wanted to lay down for a bit but the kids were too excited and only wanted to see everything already. So about 4:30 we went out for a walk and took in our surroundings. It was really nice. We were back for supper, which was everyday from 6-8.

Pictures of our walk near the hotel first day




The food was delicious, and enough. We ate and davened and made it an early night.

First night supper pictures





Menu for the day

For the kids



Credit Cards / Citi closed all of my accounts i need help ASAP
« on: November 22, 2019, 02:48:17 PM »
Hi not sure what happened I was trying to use one of my citi cards today and its not working I logged in and see they closed all of my accounts I have 4 accounts with theme for over 15 years a total credit of 115k never was I later on a payment and when I call them they say I need to send them a latter

is there anything I can do ? is it a waste of time with this letters  please let me know what can be done . and if I still have a chance to get a citi card with them or its like chase that u r done for life ?

they also closed my wife accounts and my father that we share the same address .

Trip Reports / Sam 28 Greece TR May 2018
« on: February 24, 2019, 05:39:41 PM »
Greece TR May 1 2018

We decide to go to Israel for Lag baomer from NYC.

On our way back we will stop in Santorini Greece for a few days.

Trip planning

2 weeks before our trip I was looking for some advice on Dan Deals but there was not much information on the Greece thread. So it was little hard doing my own homework.

First I had to decide in which area to stay and decided on Oia. Then to decide which hotel to choose in Oia, so many hotels came up and most of them had good reviews.

Finally I booked La Perla Villas. It had very good reviews, from the pictures I saw the hotel has beautiful views. Part of the amenities were that they have a big refrigerator so I can keep my kosher food in it.

I booked tickets from TLV to ATH to JTR.

There are not many flights from Tlv to JTR. You have  morning flights or you have to stay overnight in ATH.

Our flight was with Aegean Air it leaves 5:10 am with a stop in Ath and arrives 11:10 am total of 2 tickets were $280.00.

I booked a car on Priceline with Avis. Total cost for 3 days was $140.00

I ordered food from Chabad of Athens. It wasnít cheap but was worth it. They shipped it with a ferry and our hotel concierge picked it up at the dock and delivered to our room. When we arrived to the hotel all the food was there. Every single dish breakfast and dinner was delicious.

My coming home flight I used  200k Alaska points, flew with Emirates business class that  leaves 5:20 pm from Ath.

Since we were in Israel we emailed the hotel we were meant to stay if they can send someone pick up our food from the port. They emailed back what kind of food r u bringing, you canít bring any food to our hotel as you will not have where to keep it.
We emailed back and forth about the issue, I sent them pictures where it says on their website large refrigerator in the room. But to no avail. They will not allow us to bring in food and they made us cancel our reservation. To make a long story short we had nowhere to stay and had to start looking for a place all over again.

It was not easy as most places were booked or way too expensive. I finally found a nice place called Hyperion Oia Suites, we had the best time there, the view was amazing and the hotel was beautiful.


We woke up at 2:00 am after sleeping just 2 hours to go the airport to catch our 5:10 am flight to Athens. When we arrived to TLV airport the lines to security before check in were very long. After waiting about 30 minutes in line I realized that my hand luggage is not mine. I guess when we came out of the rental shuttle our suitcases got mixed up and someone took mine. I had my tefillin in there and my laptop and lots of food for our trip. Help! What do we do now? So I went to security and told them what happened. They told me to open that suitcase and see if I find the name of the passenger. Luckily there was some medication in the suitcase (and some dirty laundry). The security operator paged this persons name on the loudspeakers to come to security.

This older couple shows up and says they already checked in their luggage and since itís a short flight for them they checked in the hand luggage too. His flight was 6:20 am. The fun begins. Security did not let him check his hand luggage or remove our suitcase from the checked bags for security purposes. The only thing we can do is make both of us miss our flights. Once the flight leaves they will return that persons luggage and our hand luggage.

We begged and begged. Then finally they said ok they will let the guy check his hand luggage they will remove our luggage but we can only get it back once that flight leaves. That means we are missing our flight.

So we miss our flight and wait patiently for security to bring us our hand luggage. I did not want to book another flight before I have my luggage. It was too risky. At 7am I got my hand luggage. We were so tired and couldnít think straight what to do next.

Lesson learnt always double check your luggage at all times!

04/30/18 7:00 AM

We have our luggage and what do we do. There were no normal tickets out of Israel to Athens. We were ready to cancel our trip but no refund for food hotel and car and plane to come home it wasnít worth it.   We saw a ticket but it was too close to check in we couldnít book it online so we went to the ticket desk. We booked a flight with Pegasus air from Israel to Turkey from Turkey to Athens and from Athens to Santorini. Instead of Arriving 10 am we arrived 11pm.

We flew with Pegasus Airlines paid for the total of the new tickets $380.00

The plane left at 10:35 Am TLV to SAW.  Our stop over there was 4 hours. From there we flew to Athens with a stop of 1 hour. Once we arrived to Ath we ran to the gate to Santorini. It was the last flight of the day so we had to make it. Flight was 7:50pm with Olympic air. 

Overall it was a long day. The flights were ok. The service was great.  Hashem wanted us to be there a day later so we take it with open hands.

Our flight that day

Arriving in ATH nice views

Arriving in JTR small airport u can see the airport from the sky

The plane ride from Ath to Jtr only took 30 minutes. Itís a small airport. We got our luggage and we were out 15 minutes later. When you come out there is a counter for car rental. There was no line I had the keys in 10 minutes. 

When I picked up the car he asked if I have an international license, I said no he said its ok I can rent you a car but if you get stopped by a police you will get a 1000 euro fine. The entire time in  Greece I didnít see any police.

It was 9:15pm by the time we left the airport. The way to our hotel in Oia took 30 minutes. Itís a beautiful scenic route but at night its pitch dark. The roads are very curvy so you have to drive very slow.

Once I got closer to the hotel, they told me where I have to park and the concierge was waiting for me there to take my luggage. From parking to the hotel is a 5 minute walk.

The guy was extremely nice and helpful. He showed us everything. He kept on asking if we need anything. He gave us his personal cell number so we can call him with any information we want.
We got to our suite, the look of it was amazing. Like in a cave. A huge box with all our food was there waiting for us. The private Jacuzzi overlooking the water was very tempting. Se we quickly warmed up some food and relaxed in the Jacuzzi and called it a night.

We were very happy and relaxed that we finally made it to Greece.

Our Food in the box waiting for us 

Credit Cards / Barclays shutting u down
« on: November 28, 2018, 01:35:49 PM »
A friend of mine got shout down all of his Barclays card he was swiping allot and paid in full each months for the last 5 years . they are saying because of the history of usage . is there anything he can do  about it ?

they also shout down his wife  account on the same address .

Trip Reports / Sam 28 Cancun TR FEB 2017
« on: June 27, 2018, 04:10:49 PM »
Cancun TR FEB 2017

Me and my wife decided to go to Cancun for a long weekend. I checked online tickets with Ba points about 3 weeks before. The only thing available was in business for 25k per way. So I went ahead and booked that.

2 days before we were set to travel our babysitter canceled on us. We had no choice but to take along our toddler. I wanted to book a ticket for her in business but there was nothing available only in economy. I couldnít book economy because she canít travel alone at the age of two.

So I called up BA spent more than an hour on the phone till they finally booked me the ticket.

I had a friend with his wife on the same flight and they were booked in economy class so my plan was we will change seats in the airport.

I arrive to the airport to check in and they tell me we canít let you on to the flight, why we booked separately, we asked to change seats with my friend they didnít let so we asked for economy seats for us they kept saying they cannot do it. After holding is up for an hour at AA check in counter they gave us 3 economy seats. They gave us a very hard time and it was very upsetting they didnít let my friend take our seat.

Our flight was February 22 with American Airlines. The flight was great service was ok, we landed 7:30pm.

At the airport when we walked through customs we got the green light, but we look like Jews they still made us open one of our suitcases. We had luck because the one they asked for was the one without food. Other suitcase was full of food, dairy,  etc.

We had ordered a driver; he took us to our hotel for $20.00 usd.

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, since Iím a platinum member I got upgraded to a beautiful ocean front room with a balcony. Their service was fantastic! Our baby got a big crib with a cute bag full of toys and lotions for the baby.

The reason we stayed at the Ritz was because the Hyatt was sold out.

We loved every second at the Ritz and wished we couldíve stayed longer. But I couldnít stay there for Shabbos. I wanted to be walking distance to Chabad as we ate there. So for Shabbos we stayed at Intercontinental President hotel. We got a nice suite ocean front no balcony. This hotel is about a 12-minute walk to Chabad.

So on the first night we sat on our porch enjoyed the weather, strolled around the hotel which was amazing and went to bed.

Some picture of the hotel and our room.

Nice welcome note on the bed with slippers

Welcome gift not kosher

Our porch

The pool from our room view


View from the other side of my room

View from the hallway

 Daughter enjoying the pool



Trip Reports / Sam 28 Vancouver / LA / palm springs TR Aug 2016
« on: June 08, 2017, 11:09:34 AM »
Vancouver / LA /palm springs TR Aug 2016

I was looking for first class tickets for me my wife and 2 kids age 2 and 9 but was only able to find business class tickets. About 1 week before traveling I booked 4 tickets on BA web site with Cathay Pacific. Cost of ticket was 37,500k BA miles and $5.00 for each ticket. 

AUG 21 DAY 1

We arrived to JFK 2 hours before our flight. Check in was fast, there was almost no line by security. We went into the BA lounge; it was not bad at all. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:45 but it was delayed till 10:30. We finally boarded our Cathay Pacific business class, the service was great Our seats were great too.  We managed to sleep a little but the flight went fast. I did not eat the kosher meal but it looked pretty decent. We landed at 1:10am!

I was supposed to pick up a car by Avis but for some reason it took a while for the airplane to bring our car seat. When I got to the Avis counter it was closed, was told by someone I missed them with 2 minutes.

Pictures of the plane


Big one in here seat


Food I did not eat

Since we did not have a car we had no choice but to take a cab to our hotel. The way took 25 minutes and they charged $30.00 CAN flat rate.

We arrived at our hotel at 2:30am. Check in was quick. I couldnít fall asleep since we were still on NYC time but the kids slept and it was a great start for our vacation.
We stayed in Westin Grand Vancouver, since they were the only one available with points. We got upgraded to a one bedroom corner suite with a balcony. The view was very nice but the room was small but it worked out because we had two rooms. They gave us a big refrigerator and they gave great service.   

Hotel cost was 12k spg per night we stayed there for 4 night the total cost was 46k spg .

Aug 22 day 2

We woke up bright and early on NYC time. The weather was absolutely beautiful. I davened and ate a good breakfast that we bought along on our balcony it was so nice. I was searching for a car in the area but none were available or for $120 a day. So I went to the airport by train for $2.75. The way took about 25 minutes. I got my car went back to hotel to pick up my family.

We couldnít decide what to do cuz we were all tired and wanted to take it easy.

We went to Stanley Park, rented bikes and biked the path. The views were amazing, itís really stunning there. We spent there about 4 hours. Then the little one got tired so I dropped off my wife and the little one to the hotel and me and my 9 year old went to Canada Place. The view up there is breathtaking.  We did fly over Canada, itís a must to do, itís interesting and fun. The whole thing took about 45 minutes and  And we called it a day!

Pictures of Stanley park

U can take this round the park for a 1 hour tour we did not do it .

Pictures of Fly over Canada

At 7 oíclock we went to eat at Maple Grill. It was very very busy but they got us a table in 5 minutes. The food was good but nothing special. The price is ok, it took very long for waiter to take our order and then ages till we got our food. They have a few parking spots behind the restaurant or you have to park on the street and pay a meter.

Pictures of food

Soup for kid


We made early night, we were all exhausted but wow what a great day.
Since it was out daughterís birthday they sent us up some stuff it was not kosher but it was nice of them.

Picture of birthday chocolate


To be continued

Trip Reports / Sam28 Switzerland TR
« on: August 01, 2016, 11:12:03 AM »
Trip planning London / Switzerland /Crans Montana

Itís my first trip report so please donít judge, I know itís a bit too long .

I want to go to Hawaii for a long time but could not find the flight that I was looking for to open up. So we decide it to go to London and then to Switzerland for 1 week

2 weeks before our trip I started to look for 2 tickets business class NYC TO LON could not find anything only with a stop we were supposed to leave on FEB 21st arriving to London on the 22nd.

The reason we went to London is because we had a bar mitzvah on Monday night so we figured we will make a quick visit to my parents who live there.

So on motze shabbos my only option to find business class was with Lufthansa miles. I found 2 ticked JFK to LHR with a stop for 2 hours in FRA

Then I booked ticket with Avois from BA from London to GVA for 4000 points per way.


52k Lufthansa x 2 and $455 in taxes

Then I found with AA miles for my way back on MARCH 01 ZRH - NYC with a stop in London for 50k AA each.

London to GVA 8k Avios and $60.00 for 2


So we drove to JFK 3 hours before the flight the lines were fast. We had some time to kill so we went to the lounge. It was nice in there, we had a drink and it was time to board. The flight went fast, but I donít like Lufthansa business, it wonít be my first choice. We had a quick stop over for about 2 hours. I took a shower, davened and it was time to board again.

Our plane out of JFK to FRA

Lufthansa lounge JFK

Some more pictures of our plane

Place for the feet I think its narrow .

We arrived in LHR about 11:00 am, I was out of the airport about 11:45.  We took the underground from the airport to Manor house station.  The way takes about  60 min, then u take a 253 bus for 5 more minutes and I was by my mother house .

Day 1

In London I took a nap for a while and then got ready for the bar mitzvah .

Day 2 London

Did nothing in London just spent time with family and got some food for my trip to Switzerland the next day.

Day 3 Feb 24

Woke up at 8 in the morning, ordered a taxi to take us to the airport. Taxi came 9:30. We made a stop by the bakery, bought some fresh sandwich and drinks and off to the airport. The way to the airport took 55 minutes so we got there about 11.

Taxi costs £42.

Our flight was leaving 1:55. We got to kill some time in the airport till it was time to board. The flight was almost empty and we got there under 2 hours. Once in the airport I was out in about 10 minutes.

Some picture of the BA flight from LHR to GVA

As per dansdeals I went to buy a sim card in the airport. You have to go to the post office in the airport.  They donít take credit cards only the Swiss money, so I went back to change money and bought the sim.

I stayed in Crans Montana the kosher hotel called  Mirabeau Hotel
So I went to the place in the airport to buy a train ticket. I bought the one for 7 days as I was told it comes out the cheapest and it costed me 363 CHF.

Once I got the ticket I went down stairs to take the train to Sierre/Siders. The way took almost 2 hours then you change trains for 1 more hour and got out by Crans. Then you walk for 6 min and take the funicular. (Iíll show a picture so u should know what it looks like.) It goes straight up about 9k feet, it takes 20 minutes. From there I was about a 3 minute walk to my hotel.

Picture of train in the airport and the way to my hotel in Crans.

This is how the train ticket looks

Train ride


Inside look

Finally we arrive to our hotel in Crans Montana. Itís called Mirabeau hotel and its kosher.  It was really nice there, the food was amazing the service was great too. The hotel wasnít that full when we arrived so they let us look at all style rooms they had and to choose which one we wanted. The reason we went there was because we were looking for a place with food, and the other option we had was Levin. That wasnít our price range and got alot of bad reviews. So we chose Mirabeau.

We arrived about 7:30pm, checked in and got served a delicious hot meal!
Here are some pictures of the hotel and the room. It looks old but it was fresh clean and smelled good. Itís not the typical Hilton but it was very nice.


24 hours coffee room with cake

Dining room

First night supper

We ate a good supper and we went for a nice walk. Called it an early night the first night.

Day 2 in Switzerland

We woke up at 7 in the morning and it was so cloudy that u could not see 20 ft in front of u. Here is a picture of the first morning. We had a beautiful view from our room but could not see it at all.

Breakfast first day

A choice of cereal

First thing in the morning there was a minyan in the hotel at 7: 15 we finished 8. It was fast
since most people go skiing in the morning they were rushing. They give breakfast till 10:30 each morning. The breakfast was good the pictures above are not the best, but the service is excellent.

Since I looked on the forecast and saw that the next few days wonít be nice, weather, they said heavy clouds no sun only Friday and Saturday. We decided we have to check out Zermatt even if itís not so clear and sunny.

The way from Crans till Zermatt takes 2 hours and 30 min. The view was beautiful even with all the clouds. It could have been much nicer but I am not in charge of the weather.
Once we got there outside the train station you cross the street and you can buy tickets to go up one of the mountains.

 I chose to buy ticket for the highest one itís called the Matterhorn. The way up to the top takes almost 1 hour. Even with the weather we had the view was amazing!  The train to the top makes a few stops where skiers get a chance to get off and start skiing. When almost on the top you change chair lift to one with no seats for about 7 min and it takes you to the top.

On top of the mountain they have The Glacier Tunnel where everything in there is made out of ice. Iíll show you pictures. You are over 13k feet above the ground so you get lightheaded and it can get hard the breath. BH we had a nice experience there.

Way to Zermatt

We walked 3 minutes to the funicular to go down, it take about 15 minutes. Once youíre down you walk about 5 minutes to the trains to Zermatt.

View on the way it was very cloudy

Once u get to Zermatt there are no cars only this kind of taxis. I bought a ticket to go up the mountain, took a taxi to the chair lift. Itís about 2 miles, some walk.

See how bad the weather was what a shame

People skiing all over if u look good


Almost on top of the mountain

On the top of the mountain they have something called the Matterhorn Glacier ice cave. Thereís lots of stuff made out of ice. You go in like a tunnel and walk steps on ice and see many ice sculptures. You have to walk very very slowly and not rush hardly talk because itís very hard to breath up there. Itís a very nice place to visit.

Some picture of the ice cave.

This is the walkway

That night we came home very exhausted, we had a great warm meal, took a nice walk and called it a night!


3RD day in Switzerland was Friday

We woke up early again about 7, the weather was much nicer we had some kind of view. I daven and went down to breakfast. Since it was Friday we stayed local.
In Crans there are 3 big mountains to ski and enjoy the view. We chose to go up on one of them. We took the bus outside our hotel. All the buses there are no charge. The ride on the bus was 5 minutes then we walked for 3 more minutes and went up with the chair lift. We enjoyed watching the nice view, we watched the skiing up there for almost 2 hours and came back down.

Weather when we woke up from the window of my room it got even better later.


On the way up the glass of the cable car window is scratch so not such good pictures

Enjoying the view


Once we came down it was about 2 oíclock and Shabbos was 6 pm. We wanted to go sledging so we walked about 20 min till the park. Once we got there it was about 15 more min to walk in the snow.  We spent there about an hour and were told we can take the bus home.  We waited about an  hour for the bus but it did not come. We tried getting a taxi, but there was no taxi in the area. It was getting really late so we started walking up a hill for about 20 minutes till we found a store and I asked him if they will call me a cab. That person didnít know any English but he finally understood and called a car. After waiting over 15 minutes for the car we saw the bus coming, so we took the bus and finally got home about half hour later.


This is how we walked to the sledding.

We finally made it back to the hotel went a block away to buy some drinks for Shabbos, took a shower and it was time to daven.

This was out table for Shabbos

View from our room when Shabbos began

Overall Shabbos was very nice and relaxing. The food was fantastic.  The hotel wasnít full that week, about 20 families. That part I liked.

On motze Shabbos they gave a big Melave Malka, the food again was excellent.

Choice of fresh bread pizza

So my original ticket I bought with AA miles 50k was with a stop in London. On motze shabbos I checked the flight again and saw that 2 direct tickets from ZRH to JFK in business class opened up so I called them up and made the change. It was booked for March 1 in the morning.

Sunday Day 6

Sunday morning it was so cloudy and foggy, I couldnít see anything in front of my eyes. So we decided not to rush to go out. We took the bus to one of the mountains. We walked for a long time in the clouds and came back to the hotel, napped, rested some more, ate some more, it was a boring day but I couldnít change the weather.

Some pictures of Day 6

Clouds again

U canít even see the mountain

Supper Sunday night

So Monday, our last day in Crans, we hoped for a better weather but we woke up and saw it got much worse. We did not do anything that day, decided to leave early to Zurich and sleep over in the airport hotel .

So we left about 12:30. The way took about 3 hours. The train ride was nice. We booked a hotel by the airport since our flight was at 10 am. Once we checked in to our hotel we took the train to Zurich, the jewish area. We went to eat by olive garden. It was very hard to find and then they donít let you in so easily. They have a guard that asks lots of questions, they ask to see the passports. I took a picture outside of the restaurant and the guard told us to erase it. The food was great, small portions.

Picture of morning weather

Our walk in the clouds

Our way to Zurich

Nice empty train

In front of the Olive garden restaurant


On March 1 we woke up 7:30am, took the hotel shuttle to the airport.  Our flight was AA065 leaving 10:35. We had some time to spend in the lounge, nothing special, will show pictures.

No line to check in

Our plane for the day


This is the lounge AA use for business class


When I got onto the flight I was disappointed. It was an old AA flight with no entertainment system. I was like shocked for the first 5 minutes till they came over and told us once in the air they will give out tablets.  They did but mine wasnít working properly they kept on changing it.  Their service sucked. The seats were old and uncomfortable. The food didnít look so bad but I didnít taste it.

Our plane, food on the plane and the tablet

Place for the leg was good

No videos only tablets

First meal

Tablets they gave out

Lie flat bad

Second meal

Arriving back home

Overall it was a very nice vacation. I hope my TR help out some people. Itís only my first so be cool.

Up In The Air / Nice story with AA
« on: July 01, 2015, 07:29:32 AM »
I just wont to share something what I had with AA . a few month back I booked 3 tickets business class with AA points flying   us airways Phl to LHR 2 weeks  before flying I called them up to add a infant I gave them all the info of the baby when it came to the price he told me it will be $700 that's about 10 % of the ticket . I did not know that this is the right price so I told them don't book it yet .

2 days before my flight was 10 days ago I called them to add the baby again  I wanted to give them my credit card info . they told me you baby is added already  .

so I was littlie nervous when I got to the airport but no one said a word and I got the baby for no charge at all .

Up In The Air / Need help with adding a booking for a baby
« on: June 19, 2015, 11:22:38 AM »
Sorry for the new thread but I am not sure where to ask it .

I have a business class ticket with AA flying from PHL to LHR next week I have to add my 1 year old baby they charge me 10% of the fare it comes out to $700 one way . is there any way around it . what do I do ?

Up In The Air / not sure where to ask this ?
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:28:34 AM »
i have a flight from KRK to FRA lading in TERMINAL: 1 at 12 20 and need to catch a plane in terminal b 1 30 I am flying first with LUFTHANSA is it to tight or I will make it ?

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